My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 275

"Heh." Xuexia shook his head non-committal, without giving a clear response.

"By the way, it seems that the Light Music Club did not go to the rehearsal yesterday, and I also received a phone call that made people feel a little troubled."


"Senior Dongma and Sa, they are really prominent!" Yukoshita said in a slightly mocking tone-although she was from a very good family, she seemed to have no persuasiveness when she said this sentence.

"Uh, say these things in front of civilians like us—"

"Sorry, I don't have any intention of taunting you." Xuexia quickly apologized.

"Ah, it's not like that, it's just a bit awkward."

"Well, I understand." Xuexia nodded, and did not continue to speak.

As a result, the atmosphere fell into a long-term embarrassment.

"It's almost time? Yui sister is going to play?"

"There is another show, right? By the way, Sugiura-san is sitting in the front row."


"In addition, the classmates just behind the scenes told me that the three people from the Light Music Club just arrived."


Yukoshita said a few seemingly insignificant but profound news.

"So, Yubihama?" Her head turned to me again, her eyes hidden in the darkness seemed a little gloomy.

"what happened?"

"As you said, there should be no problems next, right?"

"What we can do is done."

I don't know why, when I gave Xuexia Xueno the answer, I didn't have the confidence that I had when I faced her sister yesterday.

Of course, we have indeed done our best.

Almost at the moment Yuihama Yui appeared on the stage, I seemed to understand the intention of the requirement of "all the stage arrangements and lighting arrangements be responsible for all the stage arrangements and lighting arrangements" requested by Yukoshita Yono.

This is definitely not a simple stage arrangement that students can rely on on their own.

The background is so luxurious that it can’t be overstated for a popular singer. The temporary sprayers and pyrotechnics suddenly appeared in front of the stage, plus the very bright background wall, supplemented by flickering but just right lighting. The older sister in bright red costumes slowly appeared in the center of the stage.

"This is really big!"

I looked at Xuexia next to me, she just bit her lip tightly and said nothing.

If there are enough people today to give people an opportunity to turn from an ugly duckling to a white swan, then this beautiful stage dress provides such an opportunity for those who can stand on this stage. .

What's more, Yuihama Yui is not an ugly duckling. From the beginning, she is just a Cinderella who hides her edge and optical fibers.

Until my sister spoke, I was even worried about whether she would suffer stage fright because of the current situation, but the facts proved that my worries about her were totally unreasonable.

Yuihama Yui can always create miracles that belong to her when she is not optimistic.

Find the end of the world and follow

Deep despair melts a little bit

The unbearable is hatred


Flowing full of feelings


No longer afraid of filthy things


Without thinking, now I have to find a way to start


Realize all freedom and dreams with you


Will there be no dawn after night?


Realize all freedom and dreams across time

Like two people spread their wings and fly together

Once to see

If you find the thing that disappeared


The answer is to leave it immediately

Instead of using indescribable language

(Not as good as) Simple is better


No longer afraid of filthy things