My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 276


And you and I have to find a way to start


(Go) Realize all the freedom and dreams engraved in the heart

The moon is cloudy and sunny


(Go) Realize all freedom and dreams across time

We must be trusted partners before we were born


(Go) Realize all freedom and dreams with you


Will there be no dawn after night?


(Go) Realize all freedom and dreams across time

Like two people spread their wings and fly together

I haven't heard this song before and don't know the name of this song.However, when my sister's clear voice rang, I could feel the strong feelings she contained in this song.Although the lyrics may represent a story with another background.However, the strong hope for the future and the feeling of hard work to realize the dream are in common.

"Now, it's my turn to protect you!" The words my sister said before the cultural festival began to resurface in my mind.

Yuihama Yui is detaching from me, breaking through the cocoon into a bamboo, and creating her unique light.

So, Yui sister, to what extent your miracle can last, let me take a look!

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At the end of the song, the audience seemed to be silent for a while, and then thunderous applause broke out.The students in the front row were exchanging information about the female lead singer on stage.I believe that it will not be long before Yuihama Yui's name will make a lot of waves in the hearts of Sou Takega.

And the sister on the stage, after taking a deep breath, spoke.

"Actually, when I was singing, I was a little nervous."

Indeed, this is the familiar Yubi Yui's style, a little cautious and a little cute.After the excellent performance just now, what Yui sister said just made people feel that the image of that very goddess has become a little closer to the people.

Therefore, it was a good smile in return for this passage.

"Is this the truth?" My sister stroked her hair embarrassedly, "Actually, before I took the stage, I noticed these arrangements on the stage. I can have such arrangements on the stage of the school festival. I was thinking that if I accidentally made a mistake, it would waste the efforts of all the other members of the band!"

My sister turned her head, smiled at the other band members, and responded to her with rhythmic drum beats and bass.

"Then, let me introduce our band members!"

"The next song, I remember it was "sound-of-destiny", right?" Yukoshita under the stage asked seriously looking at the freely retractable Yui sister on the stage.

"Yes, it overlaps with the songs of the next light music club. Both sides are not willing to compromise in this regard."

"Judging from Yubihama's current performance, Ogisaki-san would be a little dangerous, right?"

"Some trouble, but it's just a little trouble." I shook my head and denied Xuexia's judgment.

Only those who have seen senior singing can truly realize the strength of senior-Yui sister has worked very hard, but if it is only the level of the song just now, she has not enough to do.

Laggards cannot catch up if they only reach the same level as the leader.What must be done must create real miracles.

However, if miracles can be created simply, then they are not miracles, right?

"Of course, for the song just now, I think I can barely meet this requirement, right?" Yui sister on the stage still actively introduced.

"Is it enough? But, I really think it's not enough!"

The audience in the audience looked at Yui with a little puzzled, and did not understand what she meant by constantly showing weakness.

"Do you really want to admit that you can't sing well?"

"But is it enough?"

"Close to the professional level, right?"

The discussion rang one after another.

That's right, the performance of my sister just now is close to the professional level. I can't imagine that there will be an existence that can simply surpass her performance on this stage of cultural festival.

No, wait a minute-professional?

The stage is too luxurious to set a background for a popular singer.

——The next song, I remember it is "sound-of-destiny", right?

I don't believe in this possibility.

However, Yui Hama Yui on the stage used his own practical actions to make things that I thought impossible became reality.

"So, I think, let someone who can truly be worthy of this stage appear on the stage! In fact, today, our special guest is—"

Yukino Yukino next to me "slapped" the program schedule in his hand to the ground.Even she can't hide her current consternation.

Not only her, the expression on my face should be the same as hers now.

"——Please, Miss Ogata Rina!"

The silence under the stage is an incredible, staring pocket-like silence.

However, the subsequent screams and cheers that might overturn the entire stadium almost swallowed everyone present.

If there is a miracle, then, tonight, the factors that create miracles have gathered.

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First of all, Happy New Year comes from the author Jun who has all gone out to play but can only stay alone in the dormitory.