My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 277

Second, Tuanzi’s previous solo song, the name is "free-and-dream", the op of the animated Tiara Tears, and the group of soy sauce girls before the Qingyinhui in the wa2 animation sang this song. The works of the Leaf Society should contain private goods.Originally, I only used it because of this coincidence, but looking at the lyrics, I felt that it was unexpectedly in line with the current state of the dumpling (of course I have not watched the animation).

Finally, Rina’s appearance, I remember it was mentioned in the book review section when I was ambushing, but if it can shock most people, it would be best-after all, this baggage has been covered for so long and it is quite tiring to pour out of.

At the end, don’t say I use the lyrics


Chapter 45: Straight

No one will fail to realize what the name Rina Ogata means, and no one will ignore the meaning of singing with Rina Ogata. Although her popularity is not as terrible as her peak ten years ago, it is impossible. What is controversial is that her appearance has directly declared that other shows are disappearing like a child's play.Tomorrow's Zongwu High Cultural Festival can also properly make the headlines of a paper entertainment version.

Thinking back to the nervous and excited look of her sister at home, she should have cooperated with Ogata Rina at least a few times. It's really hard for her to keep this secret for so long.As for the amount of resources Yukoshita Yono has spent to invite Rina Ogata to appear, this is no longer something we need to pay attention to.All we know is that Yukoshita Yono has created a miracle, and this miracle is about to pave the way for Yuihama Yui's next bridge building.

The question is, why did she do this?Is the cultural festival organized purely for my sister more successful, or there are other more profound reasons, I cannot judge.

However, I think, under the snow with a pale face, I may have come to a conclusion.

"Miss Ogata, she is so dazzling!" Yukoshita gently dropped such a sentence, stood up, and walked towards the backstage of the stage. She was obviously preparing to ask Miss Yono for an explanation, but , What can she change?

I understand what Xuexia means.This may be the most successful cultural festival in the history of Zou Wu Gao. The orderly arrangement lasting three days, the higher average performance of the show, the manipulator behind all of this is Yukino under the snow—— Regardless of the facts, at least everyone knows that she is the executive chairman of the cultural festival this time.

However, Ogata Rina’s appearance makes all this seem unimportant. In other words, Sotake Taka’s cultural festival can be dull and chaotic, but they have invited Rina Ogata. Based on this, all The problem can be covered up.But in the same way, all the merits have been concealed.

The miracle created by Miss Yono will be cited as a legend for a long time, but no one will mention the efforts of Yukino under Xuexia.

Even if they have the initiative on all issues, the secret rivalry between this pair of sisters, as soon as they confront each other, one party cannot be defeated.

However, it is obviously not just Xuexia that was defeated. The next light music club will be another ambitious victim.Although I don't care about the feelings of the other two people, I don't know what Senior Xiao Muzhen thinks. No matter what, the collective she has been in is now facing an unprecedented huge crisis.

The tune of "sound-of-destiny" rang. I watched Yui sister, who seemed a little cautious on the stage. Unlike the posture that showed her charm completely, she returned to the queen normally. The role of the maid around, but I know that now, even if Yuihama Yui is just playing a maid, she can still enjoy more attention.It won’t take long before she will become famous as the legendary character who sang with Rina Ogata.

To be honest, Yui Yui like this makes me feel a bit too dazzling.

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I did not listen to the specific singing outside, but walked into the backstage of the stage with Xuexia.Countless professionals we don't know are trying their best to make Zou Wugao's simple lights give out the best results, and the real master here can only look at them at a loss.Occasionally, a few bold classmates are talking to professionals, trying to imitate and learn, but more people just stand in place with awkward expressions, looking at the snow that has just arrived.

And the chairman who has not let them down, at this time, can only lower his head in silence.What's the use of protest?Is it to stop Rina Ogata's performance, or to organize professionals to dominate the backstage?Are you even complaining about the negative impact that this performance may have on Zou Wu Gao?All the protests could not stand.

In the corner, I saw the trio of the Light Music Club.The performance costumes of the three are a little abrupt in the background.Faced with this unexpected situation, the expressions of the three were different.Senior Xiao Muzhen, in a pure white dress, put his hands together in a leisurely manner, closed his eyes and hummed a tune that I couldn't hear. It seemed that he was not affected by the current frenetic scene.The opposite of her, Dongma Kazuya in a pure black costume, with a cold face as usual, for her genius, no matter what opponent she is, there is not much difference, right?The only expression that seemed a bit too rich was Kitahara Haruki. Although he looked calm as he flicked the guitar strings with both hands, his iron-green expression and eyes constantly looking out still showed his anxiety.

In the face of the absolute strength gap, all the hard work and strategic advantages are just phantoms. Maybe he is the only one in the trio who really cares about the comparison with the outside band?

"Sorry, my sister's band did a good job of confidentiality before, and it may cause you a little trouble next." Xuexia approached the three people from the Light Music Club and apologized softly.She was not on the right track with Kitahara, but now she feels a little bit of sympathy with Kitahara Chunxi.

"No, it's nothing. For us, as long as we have the opportunity to perform on stage, this is still the opportunity that the chairman gives us." Kitahara Haruki replied sincerely, which was the only answer he could make.

"Actually, it's not completely unprepared, right?" I don't know if it was my illusion, the corner of the corner of Senior Xiao Mu's eyes glanced at me and said, "To be honest, for me, the most regrettable thing now is not that the performance is affected. There is no way to see Miss Rina’s performance. I will also sing "white-album" next. It would be best if I could sing like her in a chorus!"

"This is not something I can decide!" Yukoshita smiled bitterly and shook her head. I can't imagine the blow she is now suffering. It is a cultural sacrifice to continue to work hard for a destined failure, even if it is perfectionism Under the snow of the audience, it is also uncomfortable, right?

Dongma and Sa did not speak, but if she had to make a judgment, I felt that she would not feel well. After all, she appeared here to help Senior Kitahara, and her mood should be consistent with that of Kitahara.

"However, it is not appropriate to insist on singing "sound-of-destiny" now, right?" Kitahara raised his eyebrows and looked at the guitar in his hand with a headache, "I haven't practiced other songs, either. It would be great if I could follow Xiao Mu's advice at that time!"

"With your ability, it's too late to practice a new song when Xiao Muyan proposes to change the song." Dongma and Sa bluntly interrupted.

"It depends on the level of effort. If you practice hard for several nights, besides, Xiao Muzhen is also kind—"

"—Oh, then why didn't you accept Xiao Muyan's kindness?"

"Okay, okay, everyone, don't make any noise. For me, singing "sound-of-destiny" doesn't really matter, but if Kitahara-san must insist on--"

"Impossible? If it's a different piece of music, it can still be fooled, but if it's the same piece, the difference between professional and amateur will come out-uh, I definitely don't mean that you can sing badly, just , Do you know what I mean?" Kitahara Haruki was a little discouraged, but he calmly stated his analysis.

"It's not that Xiao Muzhen can sing badly, but that his guitar doesn't reach that level, right?" Touma Kazuya sneered dissatisfiedly from the side.

"Well, Dongma, you can understand it this way." Beiyuan's retreat made Dongma and Sa become at a loss. In the end, she turned her head and stopped talking.

"Anyway, the performance time for you will not change anyway. You are the last program. After the performance, there will be a vote for Miss Chief Wu Gao and the lucky draw for this year’s cultural festival. How long will it take to see yourself? The arrangement is fixed." Xuexia drew a pause in the dispute between the three people in the Light Music Club.

And the singing on the stage seemed to have stopped.

"I'm on the court!" Kitahara Chunxi patted her hand, trying to arouse other people's emotions, but his move didn't seem to get other people's response.

Dongma and Sa lightly snorted, quietly following behind him.

And Senior Xiao Muzhen, when passing by me, said softly: "Heya, don't you think that the performance should be watched in the audience to enjoy the most?"

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The Light Music Club has performed at the highest level. Even if viewed from the perspective of a critical critic, the performance of the Light Music Club is beyond doubt.The perfect combination of singer, guitar, and piano, including the impromptu saxophone performance of Dongma and Yau, the perfect interpretation of "white-album", and the original song called "The Undeliverable Love", regardless of the lyrics For the specific content, the composition of Dongma and Yarn is perfect enough.

However, it is only the highest level.

The highest standards of students are still not comparable to professional standards.What's more, let the students who have just enjoyed the auditory and visual feast brought by Ogata Rina accept this kind of expressive and stage gap.

Therefore, although the audience still gave applause, neither the momentum nor the enthusiasm of the whole scene can be compared with when I left, let alone the craziness after Ogata Rina's performance.

Even, I feel that Haruki Kitahara and Touma Kazuza on the stage have already shown some expressions of failure.So, what does Senior Xiao Muzhen think about?

Senior Xiao Muzhen on the stage clenched the microphone, she had already introduced the members of the band.Everyone's eyes were watching her, watching her who was completely crushed in popularity for the first time since entering the school, and what she would do next.

"Start with a slow song, and then an original song in the middle. I think if I think about this arrangement someday, I will definitely think we are going crazy. But maybe the effect is not bad?" This is what I am familiar with. Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai, she did not admit defeat at this time.Because of her remarks, the audience also showed some kind smiles.

After all, they are just incomparable with Rina Ogata, they have done a good job.I think everyone thinks so.

As for Senior Xiao Muzhen, he seemed to have continued according to their thoughts.

"I wanted to sing "sound-of-destiny" once, but I think I must not be able to surpass Ms. Rina, so although it is a pity, I still don't sing." The senior blinked and showed a mischievous smile. .

Dongma and Kitahara on both sides of her also responded with apologetic smiles to everyone in the audience.

"However, I thought, maybe, for me, this is also an opportunity?" But soon, the words of Senior Xiao Mu Xiao stopped their smiles.

This is an unexpected speech, and it is the same for everyone.

"To be honest, I really never thought that I would stand here and sing today. I would still be nervous when standing on the stage. It is different from singing alone. Fortunately, I now have two companions supporting me. ." Senior Xiao Muzhen glanced at both sides of himself.

Kitahara Haruki and Touma Kazuza nodded hard, and they seemed to be able to do so now.

"--But, I think there should be another person who can support me standing here. Well, saying that he supports me standing here may be my wishful thinking. His true thoughts probably do not want me to stand here. Right?"

I subconsciously wanted to stand up, but forced myself to sit down.

What are you talking about, Senior Xiao Muzhen?

"However, what is the purpose of my standing on this stage, I think he should know it now."