My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 278

There was a huge commotion in the audience.There are many interpretations of what Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai wants to say now.

My legs were like lead. I saw Senior Xiao Muzhen's eyes look for something under the stage, searching for something, but I couldn't help but retract my head.

Anyone who should understand will understand what she wants to say.People who can't understand may not be important to her.

"If he can hear my current singing, I think I will be very happy. Of course, I think he can hear it."

I'm really good at hitting straight shots in unexpected places, Senior Xiao Mu Shu.

If so, can I misunderstand it?

What I said just now, to my father, to my teacher, probably all right?Ordinary people would understand this?I'm an average person, Senior Xiao Muzhen.

"So, next, please allow my willfulness. The next song, without any accompaniment, is my cappella." Senior Xiao Muzhen took a step forward with the microphone, and then turned around and headed towards Senior Kitahara and Dongma Hesha gently bent over, showing an apologetic expression.

"Next, is a song that Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai wants to sing."

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By the way, I’m wondering if anyone can guess the song Yukna sings, just look for it in Yonezawa Maru’s Yukna live album, um


Chapter 46:

When I first saw that child-when he could be called "the child", she just looked curiously at his back running on the court. He was serious, but it was also terrible. She was just Only interested in him, maturity that does not match his age will always attract people.

When talking to him for the first time-even though he may not even know that the first conversation between the two was at that time, she deeply understood his ostentatious and presumptuous side. Of course, there was another side that didn’t understand girls. The immature and naive side of the mood.She just felt amused that she would meet that person again by coincidence.

However, because of the trivial agreement, she had expectations. The first time she watched the broadcast of a football match in her life was in that situation.Of course, she also knew the result of the game that had a profound impact on many people.

So, unfortunately, the two should not be able to meet again.

Until the first official meeting of the two, in fact, that was the third impression of Yubihama Kazuya Ogizuna Yukina.What thought did you talk to him at first?Xuecai felt that it should just be a response to the Christmas promise.If the other party did not remember this agreement, but you continue to talk about it because of this agreement, it will be very interesting.

However, until the end, she did not tell the matter. There were many reasons. At first, she felt that after she had said that, maybe the two of them had no room for communication. After that, she discovered that she had once The spirited child I met seemed to have undergone some great changes.

Xuecai knew that it was the impact of that game. Even if it was not all, it should at least have a big impact. She didn't know how much the unreliable conversation on Christmas Eve had an impact on the peace, but, at least, she should bear it. Responsible——Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai felt that perhaps, this absurd idea in that moment of her own was the origin of everything.

She plays the role of her sister well-she is already familiar with this. She doesn't hate this role. Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai has always been a very considerate person. After the incident in middle school, she has a better grasp of interpersonal relationships. It has reached a level of innocence.

However, the relationship with Yubihama Kazuya has not always been a problem that can be solved by relying on the grasp of interpersonal relationships.She approached him with curiosity and a sense of mission as a savior, but she was still unable to find a position for herself, whether she was a reliable predecessor, a close friend, or even her sister’s substitute, she took it perfectly. The task of each role, but it is precisely because there are too many roles to play that she can't grasp the relationship with Kazuya.

Xiaomuzhen Xuecai is the flower of Gaoling. This sentence is both correct and incorrect. When a person approaches her in a normal way, she can accurately judge the other's intentions and position herself well, which makes She always keeps a proper distance from people like the flower of kaolin.However, when she chooses to approach someone proactively, no matter what the reason, when Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai's secret is gradually revealed, her response measures are really not clever.

Xuecai actually didn't know when she would dislike carrying her sister's heavy burden.Perhaps, the opportunity was to see and tangled between principles and helping Xiaochun, but she felt that perhaps her true thoughts would be earlier.Every sound of "predecessor" Yubihama Kazuya made was like a wall to her, stopping the relationship between the two of them.

——If you find this position right from the beginning, then of course it’s okay, but you know too much, classmate Yubihama Kazuya!Even if you want to leave, want to control, and want to readjust, it is no longer possible.

Because the memories of two people have become part of me-and memories are impossible to forget.

Of course, she also wants to help Kazuna, but this is not because of the care of the seniors for the younger generations, nor is it because the owed person is worried about the rescued, but very simply, Xiaomu Yu Xuena wants to help Yubihama That's it.

——But, in the same way, what she hopes to get is only the other's understanding, so sometimes, she who knows too much about He can see through the meaninglessness of the other's persistence at a glance.

Therefore, even if the peace is wrong, she just continues to refuse with her own awkward posture, without giving any possible solutions.

Therefore, although she would feel heartache looking at him in confusion, she still wanted to stop her help willfully.

If everything is the same as his sister telling his younger brother what to do, she knows that the kind of shackles carried by the relationship between the two will only continue to entangle and tighten.

In the dialogue as always, I use the predecessor and the younger generation that I am accustomed to, but I have always adopted an awkward approach in the method, watching the other party go further and further on a wrong path, but I can only express it by suggestion She felt sad, but Xuecai had her own persistence.

"I believe what the predecessors said, and I believe that the predecessors want to make Xiaohe understand, and want Xiaohe to understand-but this is not enough!" Not long ago, during that heated argument, Yui was That's what I told Xuecai.

That's right, it's not enough. As an older sister, as an older sister who has always been relied on, it is enough to express it more clearly.Yui thinks so, as long as he tells and there is a problem, then he will naturally accept and change.I didn't tell him clearly that this was his dereliction of duty-but it was only his dereliction of duty as a sister.

Of course she can know Yui's efforts, and of course her dissatisfaction with herself, but the two thinking lines are different from the beginning.

She can more or less perceive Kitahara Haruki’s thoughts, and she can more or less perceive the unbalanced triangle relationship in the light music club. She can even perceive the awkward alliance relationship between Touma Kassa and Yubihama Kazuya. One point, she felt excited, and Yubihama, who had closed her feelings for a long time, might not be able to correctly judge the truth of the feeling called "jealousy", but girls are always more sensitive.

If she can, she can wait forever, and if she only switches carefully, she can wait.

Xuecai is a very patient person. If the harmony is also wrong, she can give guidance. However, she has no time. After graduation, there is no such relationship between seniors and younger generations. When she cannot see him When you change, your own waiting becomes meaningless.

What's more, there are other hard-working opponents too!

When Sugiura Koharu is struggling with a childish rampage, she can think of herself in high school and encourage her, when a color feather is gradually smoothing out the rift between her and Kazuya in a roundabout way , She can also give and help like a predecessor, and she can even see the current state of Yukino Yukoshita clearly.However, she will be scared after all. Xuecai knows where her self-confidence comes from. Her self-confidence comes from the tacit understanding and understanding with Heye. She created this image.However, when she is gradually letting the other person have an idea that he doesn't understand him, where is her advantage?

If you want to ask for understanding, you will be alienated. If you don't, you will not be able to break through the barriers.Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai has never been an excellent strategist, she is more adept at cocooning herself than she thought.

Before she knew it, she had entered the same starting line as the others.

Therefore, when Sugiura Koharu was at a loss because of the changes in Yukino under Yukino, she gave her a final answer.Work hard to express your thoughts, that's fine, work hard to be yourself, that's fine.

"Respect your true thoughts." This sentence is applicable no matter what the situation is.

Xuecai remembered that this sentence was what Haruhiri Kitahara said in order to persuade herself to join the light music enthusiast. Xuecai knew what Beiyuan was thinking, but this sentence itself was not wrong.

After her proposal to change the song was rejected, Yukina did not continue to fight, but continued to prepare silently-she almost stubbornly believed in Yuihama Yui's judgment, because she knew that, in a sense, Yuihama Yui Yi has similarities with himself.

But this is only the performance of handing over one's own future to fate.

——But, obviously, this time the Goddess of Destiny favored herself.She gave herself a chance to perform.

What will happen next? As a school idol, her remarks will have much impact on her, and how much impact will it have on her mischief general Wu Gao's three consecutive hegemonies, she will not care about it-in the final analysis , The goal of triple hegemony, and now his goal is not the same?

As for the possible waves, leave it to him?Xuecai was a little happy, but also a little malicious thinking.

However, if you have to give a judgement, the current straight ball is not a good choice, she also knows this.The current Yubihama Kazuya is not the time to accept other people's feelings.However, this is his best opportunity to break the barrier.

When I don't want to face you as a sister, I hope you can stop forcing yourself to regard me as your senior or sister.

Maybe you will doubt the appearance of the real Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai, then, the current Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai is the real Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai.

"--But, I think there should be another person who can support me standing here. Well, saying that he supports me standing here may be my wishful thinking. His true thoughts probably do not want me to stand here. Right?"

——Can't find him, sure enough, as expected!

"However, what is the purpose of my standing on this stage, I think he should know it now."

——But, you know it, right?

"If he can hear my current singing, I think I will be very happy. Of course, I think he can hear it."

Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai sang in front of everyone, but it was just a song for you.

"Next, is a song that Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai wants to sing"