My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 280

[It won’t fade anytime]

Sorry, Kazuya, in fact, being a sister is also very good, but Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai has always been a greedy person!

Sorry, Kazuya, in fact, it's not that I don't want to help you, but Xiaomu Yuxuecai's persistence sometimes makes me a little annoying myself!

Sorry, Kazuya, because it has never been changed or disappeared, so please allow me to express my little dream!

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Everything I want to write is here. I don’t want to say a lot of things. I like Xuecai. It is really a blessing to be able to write Xuecai in my own pen. That's probably it.


Chapter 47: Answer

When I was very young, when I still watched fairy tales like Snow White or Cinderella, I thought about a question: What is it that can make the so-called prince-sama do whatever it takes to be a beautiful girl?

The final answer is love. Here we don’t need to discuss whether the feelings that simply arise from the beauty of appearance are true love. In fairy tales, love only needs an acceptable medium. So, actually Above, the beauty of appearance and gentleness of character in fairy tales, or other factors that produce love, are actually the same.I will not discuss like a radical feminist whether only outward love is a way to materialize women, it is just an equivalent symbolic means.

The problem is what happens after love is born.The prince and the princess lived a happy life-there is no ending after this. If we assume that they are happy, it means that the prince has solved all the problems of the princess.The evil queen and the disgusting stepmother became the "victims" of the prince when he solved the problem.But is it really that simple?What if the queen started a war between the two countries because she was dissatisfied with Snow White?What if Cinderella’s stepmother’s family is so powerful that the prince can’t solve it?There is no such thing in fairy tales, but if this happens, will the prince save the princess?

If we believe in love, the answer is of course yes-this is the greatness of love, for a person, you can do anything at all costs.But this is also the stupidity of love, at all costs, this itself violates the principles of rationalism.No matter what kind of affection is suitable, as long as it is mixed with love, it means that it is irrational.

Of course, for most people, there is nothing wrong with briefly forgetting reason—but the question is whether people will indulge in the joy of such feelings and become overwhelmed.People do, because people have never been the kind of animals that can always be aware of their own rationality, indulging in happy joy, indulging forever, until the final destruction, this is a normal choice for many people.

The rationalist has become the leader of the people with his rational ability, and once he indulges in feelings, his decisions will surely bring romantic feelings, and this in itself is dangerous.A romantic person can become a great leader, but he can never become a correct leader.

Between greatness and rightness, I choose rightness.This world does not lack people who are great or who think they are great, but people who always follow a correct path.

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The gym is very quiet, so quiet that if I leave at this time, it will definitely attract other people's attention.Senior Xiao Muzhen, who finished singing, just held the microphone in his hand tightly, put it on his chest, and closed his eyes, as if he was just enjoying the peace now.It was just like the expression I had when I saw her backstage. At that time, facing the tremendous pressure brought by Ogata Rina, she was at ease. Now, after creating another major topic of the school festival performance by herself, She did not expect too much.

I know that with her understanding of me, she can even predict my current reaction.

Yes, how can I react?Is it to stand up, respond to this obvious feeling like a fool, and let yourself stand on the cusp?Of course not. I am not qualified to consider the response. A rationalist, when he becomes a rationalist, can only choose the right, not the passion.

The audience in the audience was also silent. They could not applaud, because everyone could feel that the applause at this time seemed a bit too cheap. The applause was not what Xiaomu Xuecai expected or what they could give. .The noise is of course a choice, but after the end of the song just now, people seem to have lost the courage to complain with words when faced with the awe-inspiring and inviolable senior Xiao Muzhu who stood in the middle of the stage like a goddess.Therefore, all people can do is silence-indefinite silence.

I don’t know how long it took, and there seemed to be a little commotion in the audience. In front of everyone, a girl who had watched the performance from start to finish stood up. In this embarrassing silence, she escaped from the venue-swept away. Only the back of her iconic single ponytail passed by.

It seemed that she was stimulated by this situation, and the light that had been projecting on Senior Xiao Muzhen when she sang also dimmed without warning.Announcing the final end of the performance with a silent reminder.

And until this time, under the stimulus brought by the darkness, the chains that had just imprisoned people disappeared, and people began to talk, and began to express their opinions and vent their emotions slowly over the dramatic ending of the cultural sacrifice.

People will have their own explanations as to whether the cultural festival is a success or failure, but from the perspective of topicality and unexpectedness, the cultural festival this year is absolutely unprecedented.

Of course, this is not the unprecedented type that the current executive chairman likes.

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Amidst the seemingly normal commotion of everyone in the dark, I quietly left the stadium.I did not go back to the backstage because I was worried that I would meet Senior Xiao Muzhen there.

As far as the result is concerned, I am a deserter, and I have not dared to respond directly to the deserter of the predecessors.

I can't accept it, but I can't refuse it either.

I can't accept it because I am the biggest and most hopeless fool in the world.I can't refuse because I always hope that when I am dying, I am looking forward to the last chance to shrink.

[I always worry about you who feel lonely easily]

[Actually, the brave I am far more lonely than you]

Only this lyric is what I want to deny. It’s me who has been trying hard. I don’t know how long I will do it, but now, on the way to pursue my goals, I can only and must continue to do it. .

It's too cunning to say these things now, but it's too late, Senior Xiao Muzhen.

Outside the gymnasium, the staff of the cultural festival distributed leaflets. The election of Miss Chief Wu Gao is about to enter the final moment of the announcement of the victory. The publicity of this event has also fallen into a further overwhelming state.In this kind of noisy atmosphere, Sugiura Koharu, standing alone under a tree, wiping his tears, looked a little abrupt.

"Does senior have a bad habit of crying jokes? He noticed me running out and then laughed at me deliberately?"

"Uh, no, I just happened to see it."

——Indeed, although I noticed that the person who left was Xiaochun, I didn't have the idea of ​​meeting her until I saw her standing here alone.

"If you laughed at me on purpose, I might be happier!" Xiaochun's eyes darkened.


I know what Xiaochun means, so I can't say that.

"Isn't it really okay if I don't go back?" Xiaochun said softly, brushing the temples around her ears and wiping away the tears from the corners of her eyes in a very concealed way.

"Going back, there is no way to respond."

"A deserter?"

"Yes, deserted!"

"Same as facing me back then?"

"It's not the same-but in terms of results, it should be the same."

"It means that it is different from me at the time," Xiaochun looked into my eyes and asked, "this time, is it possible for the deserter to go back?"

"It is possible to go back, but it is also possible not to go back."

"Senior Xiao Muzhen, is it possible for you to go back?"

"I think it should be like this."

"A little bit, I am a little envious of her, some envious of her who believes in He so much, and some envious of her who knows so much about He, so she will become more disgusted with her at the time." Xiaochun tremblingly turned around. However, she responded to me with a surprisingly calm tone.

"——It was my fault at the time."

"Yes, but now, senior, isn't it also your fault?"

I have no way to answer, this girl, at this time, can always realize unexpectedly sharp teeth.

"So, in terms of conclusion, Yuihama-senpai deceived me, right?"

"Well, when did it happen?"

"When I first mentioned Senior Xiao Mutong, the senior told me that the relationship between you and Senior Xiao Mutong is only the relationship between the older generation and the younger generation that have a better relationship, nothing more."

"Well, it's not wrong to say that." I remembered our conversation a long time ago, the conversation in the office of the Student Union of Qingquan Middle School. From now on, it seems to be something from the last century.

"Before, when I was confused because of the problems of Senior Xuexia, did you know about the conversation between I and Senior Xiao Muzhen?"