My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 281

"do not know."

"I don't know-is that my own problem? It's me who hesitated at the critical moment?" Xiaochun shook his head mockingly and said, "Sure enough, I always do this. Self. Gu Zidi wanted to challenge, but was never prepared. In the end, he didn't get anything. It was the same as the first time he wanted to do small moves to his football club when he first met him. , I still, nothing has changed?"

"The difference is that the predecessor helped me bear the first failure, and I also got some updates because of the failure, but for the last two times, there was no chance from the beginning!"

I looked at Xiaochun quietly. If I can see the emotions of a girl most clearly, it is undoubtedly Xiaochun Sugiura.All the awkward and feeble efforts she made, I fully know and fully understand.The mistakes that did not stop her because of stupid non-interventionism, and her persistence after helping her, I can also recall clearly.

So I only know what the correct answer is when I face her.

Just staring, just staring, but without any sympathetic comfort.

"As for girls, as long as they feel cold, they always hope that someone can warm themselves-at least I think girls are like this. No matter how cold they are, no matter how cold they look, they can do it for you. Girls who shelter from the wind and rain are good."

"So, if you lose something you can rely on before, the girl will be confused to pursue and find it. If this person is stupid and always feels that the person she relied on is the warmest, then she will also be very stupid. I will chase the person I relied on before, hesitate to imitate, act, and change himself."

"Actually, when Senior Xiao Muzhu told me that I should be myself and show my own feelings, I should understand. I didn't do it because I didn't trust Heya, and I didn't trust myself? So, This kind of me is doomed to fail from the moment I declare war on my own terms, right?"

At a distance of about one meter, Xiaochun and I looked at each other like this.The tears that she had just wiped away very carefully are now covered with her still looking immature face.The dazzling eyes of passersby hit me.

"Really, don't you go back?" She asked again, imploringly.

"Can not go back."

——No matter which level it means, the answer is the same.

"Then, I'm going back." Xiaochun turned around and said goodbye softly, "Although it is not very clear, I think it might be time to say goodbye."

"In fact, I don't want to cry, because it would be embarrassing, but will I be a little more impressed by leaving like this?"

"I think, probably?"

"Well, that's good. I can make the predecessors of rationalists become irrational once. Should I become satisfied?"

"Don't think of me as a cold-blooded animal!"

"I know, it is precisely because Senior is not a cold-blooded animal, that's why I did this deliberately. Therefore, Senior Yubihama," Xiaochun blinked and whispered softly, "For the rest of your life, don't forget to make yourself cry. The look of a girl who has been!"

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Chapter 48: Things Only Stupid Can Get

For the rest of your life, don't forget the appearance of the girl you made to cry.

There are so many things worth remembering for the first cultural festival in high school, but I believe that after a long time, I will definitely not forget Sugiura Koharu, who left Ewha weeping with rain.I didn't reject her, but I didn't respond to her either. I chose to let her helpless.It is not rejection that is called harm, and inaction is also a form of harm.

The loud noise in the stadium means that Sotake Taka’s unprecedented cultural festival has reached its climax. The appearance of Rina Ogata and the confession of Yukina Ogi are all topics that are sufficiently lethal. For most students, it has nothing to do with them.And what must be done next is what can arouse everyone's attention.

The result of Miss Chief Wu Gao, after voting by everyone's hands, gave everyone a sense of ritual and participation, which will be displayed in front of everyone.

The entrance of the gymnasium has been crowded and everyone wants to witness the birth of the new Miss Chief Wu Gao.Whether it is the three consecutive championships of Yukina Ogi, the possible counterattack of Tomomi Yanagihara, or the counterattack of Yui Yui, the dark horse, there are enough eye-catching places.

At this time, sacrificing the status of executive committee will only appear to be a little too overwhelming, but for me, I only need to hear the final result at the door from a distance.

There are many people I know well on the stage. Some of them are very clear about their efforts behind the scenes, and some are not well understood. However, this time the result is everything.

I originally thought that I was destined to watch the final result alone, but unexpected situations are always easy to happen.

"What about Kitahara-senior? Whether it is a sense of accomplishment or a sense of loss, you should share your feelings with him now?" Looking at Dongma Kazuya who appeared to me like a ghost, I was still a little curious.

"That guy fell asleep in the music room, do you expect me to sleep with him?"

"This is a good way to increase your favorability-think about the extremely exhausted Senior Kitahara. When you open your eyes, the first person you see is you, eh."

"I won't do this." Dongma and Sa blushed and flatly rejected my judgment.

"It's better for girls to be frank sometimes."

"Just like Xiao Muyan?" Dongma raised his eyebrows and looked at me provocatively.

"Specific analysis of specific circumstances."

"This means that you are not frank enough, Yubihama. So your answer is? You just saw you reject a girl outside the gymnasium, wearing the uniform of Qingquan Middle School, and making the opposite person fall in love while helping the students. Up?"

"I didn't refuse, but she finally gave up. By the way, don't inquire too carefully about personal matters."

"The scum!"

"Rational people are often judged as scumbags emotionally."

"The person on the stage also reacted like this? Of course you have to say that the person on the stage is not talking about you, and I can't help it."

"Of course it doesn't need to be me, it can be Senior's father or younger brother, eh.

"Oh, what about scum!"

"Then accept this title?"



Dongma Hesha probably couldn't accept this kind of almost rascal style for a while, and she frowned deeply.

"To be honest, Yubihama, I don't understand your behavior." After a while, she whispered.

"To be honest, I don’t understand why Dongma and Sa-san have been here for so long. You don’t seem to pay attention to the results of this kind of election. You should have been watching you. Senior Haruhira Kitahara, with a face of blissful indulge in it, instead of educating me here-Oh, don’t you want to say that you also empathized and don’t fall in love with me, ah, it’s my honor but to see the one just now Is the girl's ending? That is my last response. This is true for her and the same for you."

I know my emotions are a little out of control, and I don't know why.Although I know that using the authority of the executive committee to enter the stadium can be very easy, but I don’t want to do it-this is not because I am worried about abuse of power and cause unnecessary trouble, but because I just want to know the final result by myself .

I know that my heart is far less peaceful than I thought.

It is simple to make rational judgments, and it is much more difficult to suppress your sensibility with reason than I thought.

I can't completely accept Xiaochun's departure in such a sad manner in a calm way, and I can't really put aside the feelings of Senior Xiao Muzhen with peace of mind.

Fortunately, after saying such a thing, with Dongma Kazuya's character, she would probably leave with a wave of hands?

——Also allows me to continue watching the award ceremony alone without interference.

However, Touma Kazuza, who may have suffered one of the greatest insults in life, did not leave. She squinted her eyes and looked down on my speech in an attitude similar to indifference.It was a kind of lazy, indifferent, Dongma and Sasha eyes that I had never seen before.

——Reduced to the level of sympathy for this guy?

"I don’t understand what you guys think, because every action you give you is set with just the right reason that can fully persuade people. No matter when you tell me what to do or when you do something by yourself . So it’s normal that I don’t like you, Yubihama, I hate your character of first argument and practice."

"Well, Kitahara-senpai's personality that does something on his own impulse and then finds a reason for this kind of thing is what you like, then?"