My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 282

"However, even if you have a character like you who fight prepared battles after you have everything ready, there will be exceptions," Touma Kazue said to himself, "In fact, the only thing you did not give There is only one thing that can be fully demonstrated, and that is to disconnect Kitahara and Xiaomuzhu-although you give a symbolic reason, you don’t like Kitahara’s character. But, at least when doing this, You have never considered whether Xiao Muzhen himself wants to have further contact with Beiyuan. This is something you cannot explain. Is this loophole forgotten by yourself?"

"That is to say, you are completely out of your own unreasonable will to prevent the further possible contact between Xiao Mu Shu and Kitahara. This is the only action in which Yuihama takes priority over reason. Can you explain this? why?"

"Senior Dongma and Sa, if you have time to consider these complicated issues, you might as well think about how to pass your graduation exam. In my impression, your grades should be pretty bad, right?"

"If you don't answer my question, is it acquiescence again?"

"If you want me to admit that what I did at the time was against my principles, then I admit that I was kidnapped by impulse, so I won't make this mistake now."

"If the opposite was true, was it correct?"

"Then Senior Dongma, please demonstrate my correct reason at the time. If I remember correctly, you are slapping me in the face with my behavior and logic inconsistent?"

If you want to return to the logical dialogue, Dongma and Sa will obviously have no chance of winning.Her expressionless face crooked a bit, but it seemed that she couldn't find an effective way of refuting.

"You are different from Senior Kitahara. You are not suitable for preaching. Don't learn the bad things from him just because you like that guy. Although I am grateful for your extra attention to me, it is not necessary. Go back to the second music room obediently, and give the sleeping beauty Harunaki Kitahara a kiss. He belongs to you. This is the point."

"——If this solves the problem, then I won't come to you." Suddenly, Dongma Kazuya, who had been lifeless, broke out because of my words.

"Don't forget your true thoughts and miss real opportunities because of your awkward state of mind. That's all I want to say." As suddenly as when he came, Dongma and Sha left these words and left.

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Rationalism does not mean absolute rejection of emotions, but emotions must be a great weapon to interfere with reason.It's a bit sad to be reduced to the point where Dongma and Sha can also preach to me.

This also means that my rationalism has actually failed to implement.

——I felt everyone’s opposition, from my sister’s sudden runaway, from Yishi’s refusal to cooperate with me, from Xiao Mu’s predecessor’s unconventional playing of cards, from Xiaochun’s sadness, and even those who had little contact with me Touma and Sae's accusation.Everyone is expressing the opposite opinion to me.

Fortunately, there is another person who still persists as a beacon of reason.

I looked at Yukino Yukoshita who was on the stage introducing the election situation of Miss Chief Takeshi-as long as that person still believes in the right path, it means that I have not been completely denied.

Although it failed in many places, the direction was not wrong.As long as I believe this, I can stick to it.

Persevering in rationality also means being unable to accept the predecessor Xiao Muzhen-although I believe that as long as I relax a little bit, I will fall into a dream and cannot break free.

"--That's why Koyuki's trust in you is so important, because even Koyuki believes in you, so you can believe in yourself." Not long ago, Yui sister's words permeated my heart again like a demon. .

Now I, if I face those questions again, I may not have the courage to respond to her in a righteous and rigorous way.

Perhaps, one of the things I dare not accept is that Yuihama Yui is correct.

The sister who has been standing behind me, protected by me, and guided by me is correct.

Because of my sensibility, I cannot accept the feelings of Senior Xiao Muzhen.

And purely because of sensibility, I am rejecting Yuihama Yui's possible correctness.

I think I have gone further and further on the contradictory road.

On the stage, Xuexia had already begun to read out the votes of Miss Chief Wu Gao with her steady voice as always, starting from the tenth place and moving forward.

Xuexia is rational, but who knows what she thinks in her heart now?In the case of having suffered the biggest betrayal blow from his sister.

"Fifth place, one year F group, one color feather."

When I heard Isshiki's name for a long time, I couldn't help but stunned. Without my help, Isshiki did not fail, but created his own achievements.

"Third place, second-year group A, Tomomi Yanagihara."

This seems to be a long time ago. The former Miss Chief Wu Gao runner-up was not as vulnerable as we thought.

The competition between the top two has always been the most emotional part of this election.Seemingly to create this effect, Xuexia paused when he saw the second place name.

The whole gym is quiet, and people's hearts seem to be beating at the same rhythm.

"Second place, three-year group A, Xiaomuzhen Xuecai." With the voice of Xuexia, there were countless sighs and emotions in the field.

The miracle of Miss Chief Wu Gao's three consecutive championships was not born after all.

Afterwards, people can find countless reasons for this result, but the current review is no longer meaningful.

When the light hit Senior Xiao Muzhen’s body, I saw her, just standing there peacefully. Today I have seen countless very quiet expressions, and a clear and cheerful expression after expressing my thoughts completely. .This also makes my heart more painful-countless voices are telling me, making me withdraw my judgment.

However, after all, he can't go back.

"Then, this year's Miss Zou Wu Gao's champion is—"

Colorful lights flashed continuously among all the candidates, and then freezed on one person.

"Does Xiaohe really feel that even if I work hard, I can only reach this level?"

"I participated in the competition for the sake of Xiaohe!"

"Actually, Xiaohe is also very confused now, right?"

"If I can really bring Xiaohe a sense of security, will Xiaohe's attitude towards me also change?"

"Xiaohe, now, it's my turn to protect you!"

If Yuihama can defeat Yukina in the election of Miss Sotake Takao, Yuihama Kazui will also trust Yuihama more. I think Yuihama Yui is working hard with this kind of nonsensical dream. of.

I have never really believed that my sister can perform miracles. Words of encouragement are only words of encouragement.

Therefore, when I really saw Yuihama Yui being able to perform on the same stage as Rina Ogata, I realized that it was incorrect to underestimate her determination, underestimate her efforts, and underestimate her possibility.

So, when Yuihama Yui made that choice, was she rational?Has she really considered the possibility of her victory?

Obviously there is no, right?Because Yui sister is a fool!

An idiot will not make judgments about whether it can be done or not. An idiot is a person who only considers whether to do it or not.

However, the miracle created by Yui Hihama is a miracle that only a fool can create!

And this kind of miracle will only make purely rational analysis seem particularly weak.

"This year's miss total Takeshi champion is-the second year F group, Yui Hama Yui."

When the result came out, my sister habitually scratched the right side of her head--but now, there are no balls there anymore.

Really, this year's Miss Wu Gao is really an idiot!

——But, if one day, I believe in the power of emotions, then this idiot now should be the best example for me to make changes?

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1. Why do you all have the illusion that Xuecai rides on your face?