My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 283

2. How can I keep the flag of the defeated dog designated by Marudo for three consecutive times?

3. Two questions derived from the previous chapter, one is that Xiaochun will be given a more beautiful exit, the previous chapter is too defeated, and the second is that this book is expected to have two volumes to complete, so many questions I just ended up doing this without solving it. The mistakes of the last book can't be repeated.

4. The reward for guessing the correct prediction before, I will draw a lottery after writing this volume.

5. Continue to emphasize that the protagonist and Dong Ma will not have a relationship line, but the problem with Dong Ma should be the branch line that I am most unsure of how to write next.

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Chapter 49: League of Losers

After a long time, maybe people will call this cultural festival the cultural festival of the miraculous generation. Maybe people will believe that the grand occasion of this cultural festival will never be reproduced in the future. However, only those who are in it will understand that except In addition to the many large victories that people recognize, for everyone, small struggles.

Under the glorious achievements, no one knows about the efforts that have been buried.Behind the appearance of Rina Ogata, who is constantly cheering, the name of Yukoshita Yoshino is mentioned again and again, but, in contrast, all her sister's previous efforts seem insignificant.The positive and negative turmoil brought about by a song by Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai will be discussed a lot. However, in contrast, the wonderful performance of the other two people in the Light Music Club seems to be the only one who almost created three consecutive championships. An accessory to the school idol.As the most unexpected thing of the Miracle Generation, Yuihama Yui, who has not yet become a new princess, has not yet become a new princess. Her first efforts are only derived from simple care for her family, which will not be noticed.

New behaviors of shaping mythology are spontaneously generated. People will deliberately ignore those content that is relatively lack of topicality, and focus on the content that can be beneficial to the new myth that they are satisfied with.Therefore, more other things are also ignored.

For example, in the final closing speech, the sincere and polite speech of another executive committee chairman will not attract too many people's attention.For example, in the lottery after the announcement of Miss Zong Wu Gao, it seemed to be for compensation. Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai once again became the winner of this year's special award, which only gave everyone a kind of "Ah, that's how it is." A self-righteous smile.

For example, some tragic characters who were crushed by various ruthless attacks from the beginning of the cultural festival, such as Minami Sagami, and Mr. Hayasaka, have problems that no one cares about.

This is the miraculous pyramid structure.No one cares about the people at the low end and the middle, and the people at the top are shaping everything according to the paradigm they want.

If you must find someone for the creation of this pyramid, it is Yukoshita Yono. She just used the intervention of several key steps to let everyone create a building that can achieve their own interests to the greatest extent. It collapsed—and those who didn’t know what to do because of the collapse of the building could not even complain to her, because, it seemed, her goal was to help complete the building, and in the end she helped everyone beautifully .Everyone could not achieve their original goal because of her behavior, but everyone found that they had to thank Yukoshita Yono.Thank her for making them a member of the new "Miracle Generation".

And the most terrifying point is that from beginning to end, none of us knows whether this result was caused by her deliberately, or she caused it unintentionally, and no one knows what her real goal is.Therefore, even if they want to eliminate this so-called threat, people have no way to start.

------------------------------------split line------------ ---------------------------

I am the last member of the executive committee. Like the cooperation with Xuexia for a long time, this kind of symbolic "stand on the last post" day still requires some sense of ritual.

I don't know if it was because of an emotional rolling curtain for this classroom. After finishing the documents in his hand, Xuexia raised his head and looked out the window.It's a pity that there is a lot of work on the last day. The sun has already set, and the slightly glamorous beauty of the setting sun shining on her black hair can't be appreciated.

"Next, don't have to have meetings here? To be honest, there is nothing to remember in this place, right?"

"It was originally a good memorial place-a memorial place for Yubihama's occasional and reliable help."

"Please, my help to you is not'occasionally', right?"

"Well, more recently, but the overall frequency is still barely acceptable."


"But then there will only be some submission of written reports, but under the current situation, many of the things prepared in advance are not used, and I even asked my classmates just now."

"Well, after all, actually, it failed!"

Yes, in fact, it failed.The cultural festival was successful, but it failed as a cultural festival of Yukino under Yukino.For me, for Xuexia, we all know this.To put it in exaggeration, two people who are practicing their ideas never care about the result of the event, but care about whether the idea is implemented, and care about whether all situations can be controlled under their own control so as not to affect Proceed in the direction of your own goals.

"In fact, it's nothing, it's better to say, in this sense, I'm used to it." Xuexia pursed his mouth gently.

What is the mode of getting along with this pair of sisters?

"By the way, it seems like there is an agreement between you and my sister?"

"Ah, do you want to know this?"

So, is that agreement fulfilled or not—I succeeded in helping Xuexia at the cultural festival, but it was broken by the person who proposed this agreement to me. This is really a malicious one. Players, take the initiative to increase the difficulty or something.

"Don't know, I just want to know if it is finally realized."

"I think judging from your sister's perspective, it should not have been realized."

"So, both of us are both losers!" She stroked her hair, but she couldn't hear her frustration at all.

"Hey, Minister—"

"——Please change my name——"

"--Well, Xuexia, don't you think that using this way of sympathy with the disease will increase the sense of tragedy in yourself?"

"I think this approach is very similar to your sister, haven't you adapted it?"

"Sister Yui has adapted, but your style is not suitable for this."

"Well—but to be honest, your sister really surprised me."

"It's also beyond my expectation. I think she may not be mentally prepared. That guy, how to deal with so many strikers in the next more than a year, I guess it will give her a headache-yes I shouldn't let Miura teach her well."

"Actually, I can teach, too?" Xuexia said dissatisfied.

"Sister Yui still can't learn your style. We need a lively way of rejecting people--"

"——According to this theory, the most suitable is Senior Xiao Muzhen——"

Yukoshita's words stopped.

Now, this should be the normal reaction of everyone who can comprehend something when they mentioned Senior Xiao Muzhen to me.

"Well, I think it would be more interesting to wait for the Ministry of Service to restart work, and then my sister asks us to solve this problem as a client and discuss it again, isn't it?"

——The awkward way of changing the subject

"Well, indeed, it is possible?"

"Um, the Ministry of Service is only temporarily suspending activities instead of directly abolishing the ministry. If the ministry is abolished, where would you let people like Biqigu who lack friends go to make his strange remarks?"

"I think this sentence should be used to describe yourself, which club can tolerate your kind of problem children," Yukoshita glanced at me and continued, "rest assured, the Ministry of Service will continue. You can Don't worry. But—"


"But I hope that someone can deal with his relationship problems first before restarting activities. Otherwise, solving relationship problems is not what we are good at." Somewhat inexplicably, Yukoshita renewed the problem that had just been concealed. Mentioned it.

It implies that I hope I will give a clear answer to this question.

So, what is the answer she expects?

"Sa, how do you say it? I think, if I accept, maybe my current unpleasant edges and corners that make Yukoshita will be automatically eliminated? A Yubihama Kazuya who doesn't quarrel with you, yes Not looking forward to it?"

"I look forward to it, but I think I will lack the sense of accomplishment in defeating you in the future, the sense of accomplishment in the final victory, which is stronger than the satisfaction of not making trouble for me in peacetime, this is not a short time. Judged things--but when do you need to make your judgement based on my satisfaction?"

"Tsk, to be honest, attacking people is very tiring."

"Well, I'm tired," Xuexia nodded, and then changed the topic she had initiated in a worse way than I was. "Actually, Senior Chengye asked me just now-of course I am not sure if it is symbolic. I was in another direction. She asked me if I would participate in the next student council election?"

"Isshiki can cry, Yukoshita-senior Yukino who always confronts her every time--"