My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 284

"This position does not depend on emotional judgment, but on ability judgment, isn't it like this?" Xuexia raised his head and said sternly.

"This is not an important position. Even if the student council president is a mediocre generation, the students will not mess around because of the influence of the district student union. In the final analysis, student autonomy is just a lie. Give students a little freedom and let them It’s just a lie that happily thinks you have become a real self-manager."

"--However, now that we have this platform, we can use this platform as much as possible to make this lie a reality, right? Rubber stamp, of course, it is a rubber stamp first, but it contains beyond rubber. The potential of the stamp."

"So, is your willingness to stand firm-Xuexia Xuena student?"

In Yukoshita's eyes, there was no perplexed color, no panic and wandering about losing confidence because of his sister's blow.

If you can't prove it once, then use the next time to fight back.

——If you are not such a person, I will be very helpless.

"I thought, this time, can my sister still manipulate the final ballot?" She blinked and responded to me with a different style of play.

"Well, vote-rigging, I don't think I will do any worse than your sister."

I stretched out my hand and took the initiative to hold Xuexia's hand—I am used to the cold touch of her hand.

So, there is no way, right?

It must be done to the end!

As long as Xuexia is still pursuing correctness, I have reason to continue to believe in reason.

"Next, please give me more advice, Senior Xuexia."

——Although I know, I deliberately ignored the weakness and relaxation in Xuexia's eyes at the moment I promised her.

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Chapter Final

High school stage summary by Hihama Kazuya-Part 5

If there is something in this world that is difficult to deconstruct, or deconstructed and unacceptable, I think it is emotion.Whether it is the affection between family members or the love between men and women, deconstruction is not allowed.

Because it is a terrible thing to deconstruct the generation of feelings. After completing the deconstruction in this sense, when a person wants to have feelings again, he will inevitably realize the truth of emotions and feel disgusted with himself. .

For example, the family relationship between family members, if we have to deconstruct it, then we can only understand the family relationship as each person making advance preparations for their own future lives-the so-called "raising children to guard against the old".However, if you see through this point, family affection is still incomprehensible, because "raising children to protect your old age" does not depend on your emotional indoctrination of your children. The most effective way is the law, and violence is the guarantee of your future. The real means of life-if you recognize this and understand that as long as there is a law, there will be no future crisis of your own, then family affection becomes a pure meaningless lie.And most of the great families in the world are carrying out such lies.Even further, they regard this self-satisfaction general lie as a better value, and give up many of their more precious things because of this lie before obtaining their own long-term benefits.This is great and stupid.

For example, if the love between men and women is to be deconstructed finally, the union between men and women is only for the reproduction of offspring, that is to say, to maintain the survival of the human race, that is to say, as long as the health of offspring is born and grown , Other relationships between men and women are fragile, love is only a momentary impulse in a pure sense.And because of our previous conclusion that the existence of the family relationship that maintains the existence of the family is also fragile, then we can draw a terrible, because sooner or later love will disappear after the generation of offspring, and family affection is just a kind of self-deception. Why is it necessary?Even further, criticism based on social ethics assaulting too open sexual behavior is unjustified from the perspective of utilitarianism.

Therefore, deconstructing feelings to the end means the collapse of the ethical system that supports the entire human society-the ethical system itself is not a product of rationality.The supreme rationalist does not consider ethics, and does not consider the so-called criterion of value judgment. The logic of rationalism is deduced to the extreme, and it is anti-ethical.

Therefore, emotion is the most terrifying thing for rationalists, and it is also the thing that least knows how to deal with it.After deconstructing the feelings and discovering the meaninglessness of feelings, other people regard the judgments of values ​​based on feelings as truth and worship. What is even more frightening is that even the rationalists themselves cannot get rid of emotional distress in many cases.

There are only two choices, one is to give up the deconstruction of feelings and to self-numb them, and the other is to convince oneself that feelings are meaningless and reject them.Yes, accepting feelings is self-numbing, and rejecting feelings is facing reality.In the end, we will draw a conclusion that is consistent with our usual concept and its inconsistency.

If I call myself a rationalist, what should my attitude towards feelings be like?I think I should struggle between self-numbness and rejection of feelings.Self-numbness is not a bad thing. Even if you deconstruct the true meaning of feelings, you can numb yourself better. For example, I can calmly accept the care of my family, accept the encouragement of my sister, and help Sister Yui without reason. , Even, I can do better than those who have not deconstructed feelings-because I never think about whether it is worthy or not. If it is not worth it, any help is not worth it, so , As long as you start to help, go all out.

But what about the emotions between men and women?The big frame of the family is something I cannot choose, so I can be numb to choose to give. However, an emotional relationship depends entirely on when you accept it or not.If I can, I don't want to be immersed in such false feelings and cannot extricate myself. This is the final answer.

This is the cruelest proposition that reason brings to people-cruelty in the sense of everyone.

In fact, if you can really be absolutely rational, rejection will not bring any psychological fluctuations to people-but after all, people are animals, after all, they cannot absolutely reject the existence of emotions.

Refusing feelings is painful. When in pain, only by licking the wound with another rational person can we persist together.

This is unfortunate and lucky.

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Volume 5 Summary and Thoughts

I've been looking forward to the volume of coding a long time ago, of course, I have also been afraid of the volume of coding.When I finished writing the third volume, I was thinking, everyone knows that cultural festivals are going to explode, but what should I do if this explosion cannot be written.I have never dealt with climax plots very much, especially since this climax plot has been laid for so long.

Of course, judging from the feeling of writing the fifth volume now, I think I can barely give this piece a passing score of 60, and reluctantly collect a few important foreshadowings, the part of Xuecai’s singing. The writing performance is not bad, although I think there are more places that are not enough, for example, I still don’t know how to control the rhythm of the climax. Basically, the story of the explosion is only two or three chapters. It’s understandable, but emotionally unacceptable, it’s still a bit anticlimactic, so before I wrote Chapter 49, I was going to delay it for a while, but I couldn’t hold it anymore. The things that should be released have been released completely and forced to maintain. If you can't do it, you can only end up with 60 points.

Before the start of the fifth volume, I probably know two things. One is Yukina’s "Dancing ", the other is He also rejects Yukina’s heart, and everything else, including for Xiaochun The Answer was a temporary decision to advance the content. Even when the Chinese Culture Festival was over, He had already parted ways with Yukino, but now that it is written, it has formed a "loser alliance" or something, which is also unexpected. .

Yesterday, the group was discussing the most popular routine works. I don’t know when it started. Everyday fans seem to have formed a fixed routine. Several daily works are combined with the heroine of the work, and then the hero opens and hangs. Harem, playing stalk, the author wrote happily, and then everyone was happy to see it.Sometimes I wonder, if I write such works, would my grades be better?For example, Yubihama Kazu is just a pure imperial genius. There are not so many weird theories. Will more people look at it—probably?

However, I feel that I will not write in the end.Many of the current routines, copying works, genius settings, women's stalks, playing games and encounters with otaku stalks, I have used them in sick Jiao, but these plots are all regarded as my own dark history-in essence , I don’t like to write those things.Even in the "Hosaka" that is preparing to write the harem, I pay more attention to the psychological portrayal of the character, pursuing the so-called "reasonable harem". I think that this kind of self-abuse of literary and youthful ideas is the motivation to write articles. The real motivation-to put it arrogantly, this is called not following the trend.But, again, this is self-satisfaction.Because I am different from other people, I can write it down. If other people write the same as me, then I will feel very boring.And this book, in addition to no routines, has a large section of "philosophy", which makes me more proud.Of course, I’m not saying that I look down on routines. In essence, routines are the most efficient method of writing. If you can become a routine author-I guess I will be the one. The key is that I really can’t write, so I just Can rely on this spirit of Ah Q to win spiritually.

Self-satisfied writing is actually not suitable for online, because few people are willing to look at something with strong personal style. If white is my first book, then I don’t think many people will read it. Bing Jiao’s achievement in this book lies in its beginning with a very confusing routine.However, I am still very happy when so many people can stick to this book-although I have said it many times, I still have to say I am very happy.

In the next sixth volume, I think its core theme is collapse and rescue. I should not be happy in a short time, but I think everyone has seen this. This is not the focus of attention, right?


Chapter 0: High Interruption Chapter-Part Six

The beginning of the discussion in this part is the question: Do we like bureaucracy?

Very good, this is a very stupid question, so let's change to the next one: Do we like dictatorship?

Well, this is also a very stupid question, so my last question is: If we have to make a choice between bureaucratic rule and dictatorship, which one will we choose.

The general consideration is the former. Compared with a dictatorship of one person, we are more willing to believe that the collective decision-making of some bureaucrats is more rational. At the same time, the bureaucracy allows internal channels of promotion at least on the surface. In theory, an individual has the opportunity to become a bureaucrat.Although it is slow, society is mobile, and a mobile society has room for self-improvement.

However, a reasonable person will tell you that this is wrong.It is necessary to discuss the rationality of decision-making. The possibility of a person's dictatorship taking rational decision-making is definitely greater than that of bureaucratic collective rational decision-making.

This is a huge lie implied by our time.

If you believe intuition, people will make mistakes. This is the most real case.

Because the premise is that the vast majority of people are irrational, or strictly speaking, the vast majority of people cannot be long-term rational.

So, this is a math problem. We believe that irrational people are the majority in human society-as we can observe, the number of long-term rational people must be less than 50%. Let us assume that a person is The probability of a long-term rational person is 49%. Then, the probability of a dictator’s making rational decisions is 49%. Under a bureaucratic system, obviously the probability that most people in the bureaucratic system are rational decision-makers must be less than 49%. Up.The more people in the bureaucracy, the lower the probability of a person being a long-term rational person, and the lower the probability of making a rational decision, because most people who are not long-term rational will account for an increasing proportion of the group.

Or, we do not require everyone to have a clear thinking about long-term rationality, which is not true.We assume that there is an ideal solution. A person outside the decision-making level can use this solution to convince the decision-maker. If the probability of persuading each decision-maker is the same, then is it difficult to persuade a person or persuade How difficult is it for multiple people?

Therefore, in the end, the more you worship reason, the more disappointed you are in human powerlessness, and therefore, the more inclined to "save the world" of a saint. A capable person thinks that this saint is himself, and an incompetent person tends to look for a saint. Of course, many people turn to unknown gods for help. This is a manifestation of beginning to doubt reason itself.

The ultimate rational deduction will result in terrible results.Trying to analyze human behavior in a scientific way that pursues logic and find a better direction for our future. This is the requirement of reason.

However, the question is, does the future of the entire human race, or each of us, really have to proceed step by step in accordance with rational deduction?

Under the big wave of science, is it really so boring to study every individual in the name of reason?

If you really get rid of all emotions and make life decisions based on rationality, will you really regret it?

In other words, am I a rational master, or just an ordinary person who is equally confused by rationalism?