My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 285

——Yuhihama Kazuya "High Interruption Chapter 6-Rational Lies"

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Volume VI: Reasonable Lies


Chapter 1: The calm after the noise makes people confused

The calm after the noise always makes people feel particularly difficult to adapt. In other words, after the long-lasting cultural festival preparations have become the past tense, where to spend the time after school has become a very important question.

——By the way, not long after the end of the cultural festival, there was a second-year suspension of school trips, so whether it was club activities or the alliance with the losers under Xuexia, it didn’t work at this time.As a result of some members going on school leave, generally the seniors of the club patted their younger generations on the shoulders earnestly, saying something, "The activity classroom will be handed over to you when we are away. You don’t have to live up to the predecessors’ treatment of you. "Trust" and so on, and then the remaining few students in the lower grades accept it with trepidation. Of course, if it is composed of one male and multiple females, it is the best opportunity for that male member to attack other female members of the club.

Of course this has nothing to do with me, because we all know that except for me, the other members of the ministry are all second-year. In other words, sister, Yukoshita, and Higiya can enjoy Kyoto without shame. Suspending school trips, and leaving the hapless Yubihama Kazuya who was in the first grade alone kept the vacant room alone-ah no, lonely.

Although the newly promoted Miss Chief Wu Gao came to my room apologetically the day before leaving, expressing her guilt that she had to leave me here alone, but I know what happened with my sister" The "sincere" extreme apology was accompanied by a large number of love letters that she had worked so hard to move from the shoe cabinet to her home.

"Anyway, no matter what you say, rejection is affirmative, but the number is a bit beyond my expectation. It doesn't seem very good to have no response to them, so I want Xiaohe to help see how to reject it." The original words of sister Yi are like this.

In other words, my lovely sister Yui competed for the seat of Miss Chief Wu Gao, and won the title of Miss Chief Wu Gao due to various chances, but was not ready to accept this honor. .

It is estimated that the current boys are still in the stage of observing and watching their sisters. The way of confession is estimated to be based on the traditional way of stuffing letters in the shoe cabinet. However, in some specific situations-such as school leave , They will definitely use more radical methods, presumably this will make Yui sister very troubled, right?

To be honest, she needs to learn from Senior Xiao Muzhen the means to deal with these people's harassment.

Accompanied by Yui's unexpected victory, it was the defeat of Yuki Sauna who seemed to have the advantage, and according to the thoughts expressed by the rumor that the degree of reliability was not high, the last moment of the predecessor Songs are an important factor in losing points.The core of Miss Zong Wu Gao lies in the idols in the hearts of every Zong Wu Gao, and idols cannot be captured. The predecessors always reject others with the image of the flower of Gaoling. This means that Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai is inaccessible. On the one hand, it also means that the value and status of idols are equal for all people-from the most blunt point of view, that everyone has a chance, but after the idols have made comments similar to confession The disappointment of that kind of "betrayal" would make people feel unacceptable, and the idol’s aura naturally fell, and it also made the predecessor Xiao Mu Xiao lose a lot of popularity in the final vote, and finally failed to achieve three consecutive championships.

In other words, this year's Miss Chief Wu Gao is a miracle formed by various coincidences. It didn't exist before, and it will be difficult for people to copy it later.

But this is only the result of the replay. From the result, the series of high attention and the high degree of goodwill of the boys brought by Miss Chief Takeshi's aura to Yui sister are not lacking.

Although there will still be people who will regard who the former Miss Chief Wu Gao sings as a huge gossip, after the vague remarks made by the predecessor Xiao Muzhen himself, and the long time no answer is available, the degree of gossip on this side is weak. Down.Although the role identity of "a younger generation whom Yuuki Xiaomu had paid special attention to" once made me a suspect in the class, it is clear that the identity of the younger brother of the new Miss Chief Takeshi Takayuki Yui It also made the group of boys in the class feel the opportunity to take advantage of it. In dealing with this problem, people showed their love and dislike of the old to the fullest.In other words, they are just fanatical about the social value behind the title of Miss General Wu Gao, rather than really paying attention to the person under the aura of Miss General Wu Gao.

A long time ago, Senior Xiao Muzhen smiled bitterly and told me that when I didn't want this title, I understood instead.

Of course, I don't know when Yui sister, who is now helplessly coping with the pressure that this halo has to bear, will understand.

This is just the external influence brought by this halo and this title, but I know that for me, the result of the final battle for honor in the cultural sacrifice is far from over.

I didn't respond to Senior Xiao Muzhen, and Senior Xiao Muzhen didn't seem to want my response at all.In other words, she seems to have anticipated my current performance, but is just expressing emotions in a very willful way, purely expressing emotions, and nothing more.

It's like "what I want to convey has been conveyed, and how do you react to it, I will wait slowly", this feeling.Although I think the predecessor’s thoughts may not be exactly this kind of thoughts, all her subsequent performances can only make me judge this way.

This also allows me to use self-numbing methods to forcibly ignore all the previous things.

Escape is shameful, but very useful, this sentence applies in many situations.

The other side of the problem is Yui sister.Her purpose in competing with Miss Chief Wu Gao is to defeat Senior Xiao Mu Shu. As she has emphasized countless times, in the kind of "Victory of Miss Chief Wu Gao in the election of Xiao Mu Xiao, it is equivalent to defeating the opponent in the battle of the sister." Under the domination of her weird logic, she took her own efforts.

And now, in terms of results, she has won.

However, at the moment of victory, she proved herself, what should be done next, or what she wants from me next, I don't think Sister Link Yi herself is very clear.She herself is a perfect person who considers her own emotional appeals and does not consider the steps when doing things. Therefore, while I was a little uneasy waiting for sister Yui to pronounce her victory, I found that she seemed to have some Back down.

I would rather throw a bunch of useless suitors' letters to me for processing than get to the core of the problem. This is Yuihama's current state.

Therefore, it is very embarrassing that it seems that the explosion in the last performance of the cultural festival should give the answer to everyone's questions, but everyone flinches after reaching the conclusion, and everyone is caught in the embarrassment of passing it by. situation.

If you can usually use a lot of chores to force yourself to forget this complicated situation, at the moment when my sister goes on school leave, and when there is nothing to do in this free time after school, this kind of inadaptability to the status quo The sense is more obvious.

And this sense of incomprehension about the status quo is in sharp contrast to the state of my neighbor’s methodical progress.

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Since the last parting ways, Isshiki and I have entered a semi-cold war state.I can no longer hear the iconic little tremolo of the color feather, nor can I see her laughing and teasing my expression, although it will not rise to the level of embarrassment to talk to each other, but the lack of vitality in the dialogue is Obvious.

If Isshiki is just an ordinary friend, then this kind of parting is acceptable, but the problem is that I and Yihishyu can hardly be called simple ordinary friends, whether it is the previous state of cooperation or her right A lot of my understanding of privacy makes it difficult for me to treat Isshiki as an ordinary friend who has severed contact.

Many of her judgments about Ogisaki-senpai and Yui-sama may be more accurate than my judgments of them, and she also knows who the target of the song by seniors is, and she also knows that Yuihama Yui is behind the competition. What is the purpose of such a person, because of the inconsistency of ideas, take the initiative to jump out of my control, this will only make me feel more uneasy and uncertain when I think of this matter.

However, we are unable to conduct unfettered exchanges as in the past.

In fact, after leaving my help, Isshiki completed his work quite well. It is definitely not an easy task to complete an excellent summary speech at the closing ceremony of the cultural festival with frequent accidents. The calm performance was enough to make many students who hadn't faced the other executive committee chairman look at her with admiration.In many specific execution areas of cultural festivals that Xuexia and I had no time to take care of, she also led some of the executive committee members to complete the task brilliantly.

Facts have proved that even without assistance, human potential is still greater than one's own imagination. Yishi fully proves this point.

She is also working hard to prove the bias of my judgment that "if she doesn't follow the path I arranged, she will fail".

This made me even more unable to take the initiative to talk to her.The members of the Isshiki Guards in the class have classified me from the dangerous object of focus to the insignificant little person. This division, which I don't care about, just proves the dilemma of the relationship between me and Isshiki.

"Now, Heya." Cautiously, with a little expectant voice, I have heard too many similar voices during this period.

The boy's name is probably Ono, and he tremblingly stuffed a letter into my hand.

"Well, it's just for Yubihama-senpai to take a look. Just take a look, huh." While rubbing his hands, he smiled embarrassedly at me.

"My sister has made it clear in front of me that she will not accept anyone's confession!"

"But, that, Yubihama-senpai looks very friendly, so I said—"

——So there is hope, right?It's also annoying to have a good personality, Yui sister.

"Sister Yui is on a school trip now. If she is not attacked by any boy when she comes back from the school trip, I will give her your letter."

"I know, but it's Yubihama-senpai, how come back, isn't it, Kazuki?"

——Ah, you also know, where does your confidence in yourself come from?Anyway, my sister gave me the right to deal with these letters, and it depends on the situation. Since you are my classmate, I can give you a relatively gentle and good person card.

"Ono-san, if you give the letter to Kazunari, there is no guarantee that it will be in the hands of Yubihama-senpai!" However, at this time, an unexpected voice rang.

A color feather, in a place where he should not be nosy, nosy.

"Classmate Isshi, what do you mean?" Ono asked suspiciously.

"Because, Kazuya-classmate is an out-and-out elder sister. You asked him to pass the love letter to his sister. Maybe he was thrown into the trash before Yuihama-senpai knew it?" After a long time, , Isshiki's somewhat proud voice sounded in front of me again.

To be honest, I still miss the days when I was joking with you-but, Isshiki classmates, it is not a good thing to tarnish my reputation!

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Chapter 2: Unexpected meeting and the result of aggrieved