My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 286

Perhaps it was because the cultural festival ended, and the sense of confrontation arising from the cultural festival has also weakened a lot.In any case, Isshiki was able to take the initiative to talk to me, regardless of the reason, at least it was easy to ease the embarrassment between the two.The roads are blocked, but at least they can communicate with each other.

Although the following facts proved that we are still far from normalizing our relationship.

Use the most sincere language to deal with the sad and worried eyes of Ono-I don’t like this type of boy, but I don’t feel bad. After all, this is what people of this age deal with and deal with emotional responses. With a certain attitude, everyone around me is amazing—including myself.

Almost at the same time Ono left, Yishi's expression made a huge face change. Although it was not the contrast from a hot face to a cold face, the kind of wandering, vigilant eyes also told me: distance between two people Normal conversation, there is still a long time.

In front of her, deliberately concealing that nothing happened before did not work, so the first conversation a long time later began with this formulaic inquiry: "Then, Isshiki classmate, what's the matter? ?"

"Sister Patrol asked me to ask you if you are interested in participating in the election of the student union?"

"Is it because the students of Zou Wu Gao have a dark history that prevents them from recruiting talents, or are the previous seniors and sisters really lazy about the glorious mission of serving students? The current student union has been reduced to the invitation of the student council president personally Did the first-year question students participate in the student council?"

"Attention, it's not the election of the student council president, but the election of the student council. In other words, you can compete for the position of vice chairman or secretary. Besides, after seeing your brilliant performance in the Executive Committee of the Cultural Festival, it was soliciting. Isn’t it a normal thing to have a heart?"

"Thank you for the explanation, but based on what you know about me, isn't the answer obvious?"

"I am only responsible for conveying the meaning of the patrol sister, not for helping you reject her invitation."

"Really?" I looked at Yishi's calm expression, and a thought suddenly emerged in my heart, "Then, a very personal question, if you don't want to answer it, you can refuse it."

Ishiki raised his eyebrows and didn't stop me.

"Probably so, Isshiki's goal has always been the student council president, right? So, from your personal point of view, do you want me to join the student council and become a member of your support?"

The one color after being separated from me seemed too strange to me.Whether it’s the usual conversations on business, or the polite and courteous attitude in the face of Xuexia, I have a slight admiration for her, but I also have to wonder if Yi Huyu Yu is disguising.

Some people can do their jobs efficiently in disguise-despite the chaos in their hearts, the evidence is that when they are really needed to make independent decisions, they hesitate and get stuck.

If Isshiki is such a person, then facing my question, her answer must be to keep a distance from me first-because only in this way can she clarify her current position.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Yi Huei Yu is not such a person.

"If it were you," she raised her head and smiled at me, "will be welcome anytime, right?"

"Even if I would threaten your authority?"

"This point, as long as I do well enough, can it be solved? Heya, you are a person who pursues the right, not a person who pursues authority. Isn't that true?" Nodded gracefully, replying relaxedly .At that moment, I even suspected that the one standing opposite to me was not a color feather, but Yukoshita Yono, who had the same unpredictable personality as her.

I can really admire a person's growth to this level.

Taking a step back, if I really have the opportunity to work with her again, I believe that by that time, I can face her with an equal attitude.

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I may be the first-year student most affected by the second-year suspension trip.As a result, the club activities are cancelled, and the people who communicate most often no longer exist. Even when they come home, those who lack sisters sometimes seem a little silly, but most of the time they make people feel warm when speaking, and they will feel lonely .

I even thought about going back to karaoke and working a day to pass the time.But in the end, I gave up. Investigating the reason, I knew I was afraid.

Karaoke can only be associated with one person for me, and that person is the one I don’t know how to deal with until now.Evasion is a good strategy, but the prerequisite for evasion is not to meet. If you meet, it is a showdown.Of course, there are people who normally communicate with each other as if nothing happened after a certain event has happened. Such people either really have no idea about the event or are able to Trick yourself not to think about it.And I am not such a person. For me, avoidance and refusal to meet are combined.

I don’t know what Senior Xiao Muzhen will do when faced with this situation, but she can definitely handle it better than me—this stems from my blind trust in seniors, if someone would let me give If she lacks sensible trust, then this person is only Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai.

I can't go to work, but it seems like a good choice to chat with Senior Inoue after a long absence.Older people may not have a clear idea, but life experience may bring them more accurate intuition.

——Although this idea was declared bankrupt when I arrived at the door of the karaoke.

However, I can really meet long-lost people at this time!

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In the coffee shop, I looked at the tight face of the girl sitting opposite me with great interest. She was still relatively immature but tried her best to show her mature and calm side, which is already her standard in front of me. Configured.

When I saw me, although I was stunned for a short while, I hurriedly left my friend to have a conversation with me, and then I was speechless after deciding to have a good chat. This is really a very interesting scene. .

"Well, Vice President Sonoda, your behavior will not misunderstand your friends?"

"Ah, um, no, they know me well, and they have heard of you, so, um, no." The girl with long dark hair with a sharper tone than usual Said in a blur.

Although, the sudden flush on his face means that things are not that simple.

"Well, in other words, as long as I explain it well, they will be able to understand it, that's it." I probably realized that what I just said was a bit weak, so he reluctantly added a sentence.

I feel that if we continue to struggle with this issue, the dialogue will be impossible.

"Then don't worry about this matter. Speaking of it, we haven't seen each other for a long time?"

"I haven't met since Senpai helped resolve Sugiura Senpai's suspicions. If it's an exchange, then there will be no dialogue after discussing and resolving Sugiura Senpai's problem."

"Well, it's been almost two months! Should I praise your memory?"

"Well, don't get me wrong. The main reason is that the appearance of seniors is always accompanied by various strange events, so it happens to be remembered. In other words, I remember mainly Sugiura seniors, not Yubihama seniors. "

"Well, I fully understand."

Although I felt a little bit when I was in contact before, the impact of the sentence just now is particularly obvious-Vice President Sonoda, she shouldn't be arrogant, right?

Probably not, at least when she expressed support for Xiaochun, she was very frank.

"As for the joint cultural festival, the chairman and I are responsible for staying at the school to receive guests from Sou Takega. Yuihama-san, you don't seem to be among these people.

In the later period, the liaison with Heqingquan Middle School was mainly in charge of the chairman of the city. It is estimated that the students who went to the middle school should also be related members of the student union. I obviously focused more on the executive committee.

"After all, I also have my own position-Xiaochun, but I am responsible for the reception!"

Just a little bit of such a temptation, Sonoda's eyes immediately dimmed.This is the only reason why her friends who can let her abandon her take the initiative to talk to me.

"If you have anything you want to ask, just ask? I can only say that I can give you the answer as much as possible. However, there are some too complicated questions that I did not think carefully. I think Xiaochun did not think carefully. What you have to do is It’s better not to cross the line."

"I know." Nodding silently, her delicate face was stained with a haze.

"Just know."

"Then, Yubihama-senpai, what I want to ask most is that a few days before the cultural festival, Sugiura-senpai's mood suddenly became high, but after the cultural festival ended, her mood suddenly became depressed. Go down, here, is it related to you?"

"If you say it has nothing to do with me, you won't believe it?"

"So, can you admit that Senior's state is entirely because of you?" asked mercilessly.

"I think I can't bear such a big accusation. It's not because of me alone. Of course, I mean, there are other reasons besides me and Xiaochun."

"In other words, at least it wasn't because the senior directly rejected her, is it true?"

"If you have really paid attention, you should know that the refusal is actually I have been doing it, it's just whether Xiaochun is willing to accept it."

"So, sure enough, Senior Sugiura's state, there are other human factors-can you ask who that person is?"

"Sorry, this shouldn't be something you should pay attention to, right?"