My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 287

"Is it the one mentioned earlier-Senior Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai?"

"Sonoda-san, there is still no need to know too much about things that you don’t need to know. I don’t understand. Even Xiaochun himself didn’t try to trouble you about her problems, so why did you take the initiative to do so? Investigate the matter? In the final analysis, even if it is an admired senior, even if it is just to vent the predecessor you admire, this is a bit too self-assertive, right?"

I can understand the relatively immature, but I want to make myself a mature little girl, that kind of caring and admiration for the predecessors who have become my goals. This is also what I have always expressed about the impulsive behavior of Sonoda. Understand the reason.

However, I can't understand the idea of ​​trying to help the other person solve the problem because of this pure admiration-this idea of ​​course may exist, but if it does, it means that the person is not mature at all.

Admiring someone pretentiously, pretending to imitate her maturity, and being proud of it, but without the slightest progress in true maturity, such existence is ridiculous.

My tolerance should not exist in such a person.

Sonoda obviously felt my dissatisfaction.

"Sorry, I was a little too excited."

"Sonoda, I’m sorry to solve many problems, but I mistakenly think that I’m sorry can solve all the problems. What I want to see is your honest explanation of your own behavior, not pure self-satisfaction. apologize."

I gently turn the coffee cup in my hand, and Sonoda's answer will determine whether I will continue the conversation with her.

However, it turns out that I am really a person who is particularly bad at understanding the existence of girls.

Trembling, he raised the cup beside him, put it down, and repeated it three times. Vice-President Sonoda gently stood up.

"I'm really sorry for taking your time, whether you accept it or not, but I'm really sorry, just come here today, I will be responsible for the checkout."

Then, seeming to rub her eyes and tears, she took a deep breath and walked away quickly.

I felt the dazzling sight of the people around me-making a beautiful girl feel wronged to such an extent, even crying, enough to make me a public enemy here.

But, did I really do something wrong?

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Chapter: Chapter Two and Five

Chapter: Chapter Two and Chapter Five: The Trust of Xiaomu Su Xuecai

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Xiaomuzhen Xuecai is not a person who lacks news. Of course, this is not to say that Xuecai is the kind of person who likes to make news, but because she is eye-catching enough, it is the news that comes to her instead of making news.Fortunately, there is no group of members in the press department of Zou Takegao who are committed to digging out strange news. This should be one of the reasons why Xuecai's high school life can be passed normally.

However, as Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai, the news she took the initiative to create has been extremely violent in certain circles.The reason why the Flower of Gaoling is the Flower of Gaoling is that she will not be captured by anyone.Zou Wu Gao's students have not exaggerated enough to riot because Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai has a favorite, but the discussion that follows is inevitable.

More importantly, after the cultural festival's statement, Xuecai did not appear to respond to the flower protection messenger, and even people who should have responded to her statement were not noticed.This phenomenon will inevitably lead to the emergence of many bad rumors, such as falling in love with someone who shouldn’t actually be liked, and for example, Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai has been interacting with people for a long time, but I don’t know why he was dumped. At that time, the statement was to use the pressure of public opinion to retain the other party.Fortunately, the spread of the rumors this time is not as wide as it was in the second grade.Perhaps it was because Yuihama Yui, who was in the limelight, distracted some of the students' attention, or because the third-year students who were about to graduate lacked topicality, or as Yukina knew, Haruki Kitahara's rumors this time In the restriction, it played a certain role.

In any case, the rumors were many and messy, but they stopped quickly. Although part-time work was no longer possible, and Karaoke had to be more disguised than usual to go, but the actual situation was much better than Xuecai imagined.

Xuecai also thanked Chunxi. Whether it was her self-assertion at the cultural festival, or her subsequent help with the issue of rumors, she also felt that her waywardness seemed to cause some trouble to the students of Beiyuan, but the other party still There is nothing wrong with responding with the usual relaxed expression.Although, he still inevitably asked such a question:

"In fact, I still want to know who the student Xiao Muzhen said at the cultural festival!"

Although the other party quickly shook his head and said that he would not follow up if he didn't want to, but his somewhat playful attitude when speaking always made Xuecai feel that the other party knew more things.As for the other member of the Light Music Club, Xuecai also doesn't know how much Dongma Hessa knows. With the level of her secret connection with Heya, there should be a lot of content that can be guessed.

However, it doesn't matter how many people know who they are speaking to. The problem is that the person who should be the most vocal has escaped cleanly.Although Xuecai didn't expect this to happen in advance, but the other party's performance was a bit too decisive, which made her really helpless.

"So, am I being dumped for me like this?" Xiaomu Xuexue, who was dressed in multiple costumes, walked on the street, thinking about this question.

Strictly speaking, before there is an answer, of course it does not count. However, there is not even a slight response, which can only make people feel embarrassed.

With Xuecai's understanding of Kazuya, there is no need to use such a cryptic method. Even if you directly showdown with him in front of him, the problem may be solved, and she can almost imagine Kazuya accepting herself at a loss. The look of the idea.

——But, if this is the case, it is not the result she wants.

From the surface, I hope that the other party can rely on myself and solve the problem with my tolerance, but in essence, I expect the other party's active response. In essence, I hope that I can be relied on by the other party.This is the contradictory psychology of Xiao Mu Zhao Xuecai now.

It is not that Yubihama is not without the ability to support others, or that everyone who has a relationship with him is enjoying his help-this kind of help may even make people feel dissatisfied and want to get rid of, such as Yui did. Like what Isshiki did.Although it has been a long time since the initial communication, Xuecai has always been very accurate about many things around Heye.

She is the only one who has never considered helping. She is the one who will always depend on-Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai, which is special from the beginning.Thinking carefully, she is fortunate for this particularity, but now she is also trapped by this particularity.If the relationship between two people is only senior and junior, and only older sister and younger brother, then you can be satisfied with this.But if it goes further, she needs to reciprocate, she needs to be rescued.

Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai has never been a Virgin, she has selfishness, and similarly, she also hopes that the boy she likes can respond to her selfishness.

Therefore, she has been strangely stuck in the middle of the road.Regarding the light music club, Yui once violently expressed his dissatisfaction that he did not clarify the problem, but he had to insist on the last bit of ground willfully.Now she does the same thing. She seems to have punctured the window paper, but in the next step, she stagnates-if she takes the initiative again, she knows that she will eventually lose him.

The result of the offensive to the end is the same as the result of being conservative. Xue Cai is like a clumsy dancer, always carefully adjusting his steps and carefully defending his possibilities.

When she confessed, because of time and pressure from other people, she had no choice, but now she has no choice because of her stubbornness and her ideals.

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I have almost formed a habit of stepping into the karaoke that I can't understand. Even though I know that He has not worked here for a long time, I still hope to meet him here with a probability of one in ten thousand.After all, this location is too special for them.

A few middle school girls at the door are chattering and noisy, and I have to make Xuecai a little envious. The friendship between girls can actually be strengthened to this degree, but she has never been able to enjoy this kind of relationship.It would be too hypocritical to describe herself as lonely. However, at this time, she really lacks someone who can completely express her feelings.

Perhaps because of sheer curiosity, she stopped and watched the conversation of the three girls. Then, she saw the dark long-haired girl among the three girls, and blushed and left under the coaxing of the other two. Get out.

It is a typical girl who encourages each other to find a template for boys to strike up a conversation. She seems to have done these things with her friends a long time ago, but now, for her, this seems a bit too youthful.

Then, she also saw the person the girl with dark hair was trying to talk to.

After the cultural festival, this was the first time she saw Yubihama Kazuya.A little careless as always, but, as always, he seems to know everything.

Find a secluded corner in the cafe where you are also talking to the girl, and carefully observe their conversation.Suddenly, Xuecai felt that for a moment she was about to catch her boyfriend’s girlfriend. It’s not in line with her style to do this kind of cautious thing, but maybe it’s because her mood is too complicated. Some strange behaviors are reasonable.

At first it was a normal conversation. Although the girl’s face turned slightly red, it was still within the normal range. After that, it seemed that something was arguing. The girl’s expression became agitated, but Heya kept using what he said. The accustomed kind sometimes looks a bit annoying and what she expresses.In the end, the result was as it should be. The girl left tearfully, and Yubihama Kazuya seemed to hurt another girl's heart.

Of course, the use of "you" here does not seem to be so appropriate. Xuecai knows that He also seems to have rarely rejected girls in this way. This is the first time Xuecai has seen it with his own eyes.However, Kazuki's performance made her feel so familiar, and it seemed that only by doing this would he look the same.

"When facing other people, you still only show this image!"

This is the familiar Yubihama Kazuya in her memory, and the Yubihama Kazuya whom she inexplicably likes.

She looked at the boy who had been left stupidly in place looking around innocently, bearing the dazzling eyes around her, and when his gaze swept to this corner of her own, she lowered the brim of her hat and lowered her head slightly. .

Now, when it was not the time to meet, she suppressed her desire to comfort him, even if she was just chatting with the other party, and saying a few insignificant and relaxed words of molesting.

She suddenly felt that her previous hesitation and tension were somewhat unnecessary.

"I expected this result tomorrow morning, didn't it? Waiting is also a necessary skill, isn't it? Believe him, it's already been thought of already, isn't it?"

In response to her anxiety, she thought helplessly.

Although time seems to be running out, two months is actually longer than I thought!

Unlike the year before, Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai has well reserved the Christmas ticket to Strasbourg this year. She is looking forward to a promise.

If no accidents happen, I think, I can expect a sufficiently satisfactory result, right?Xuecai thought so.