My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 288

After He Ye left, she also stood up and left the cafe secretly.

Karaoke is no longer necessary, because she has quietly discovered what she tried to find with the song.

Even at this time, Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai is still very patient. She doesn't think this kind of patience is a wayward performance. She thinks it is the inevitable result of being loyal to her heart.

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It is said that Xuecai has become a passerby heroine-but what can I do, I am also very desperate, I am also very embarrassed, the plot needs it, there is depression only when there is an outbreak, there is patience before there is a return, and it does not appear Only in the protagonist’s mind can there be a sense of presence-but what about the presence of the plot, so the main perspective chapter is needed (wangtian).


Chapter 3: Time of Response

Sit down in the position where Xuexia is accustomed to sit, and enjoy the most beautiful sunlight that she has always exclusively occupied through the window, using her usual tea set, and learning her technique to make tea to pretend to be a ministry The appearance of normal activities.

Of course, this kind of clumsy imitation is useless. Not only is the weather today unsatisfactory-there is no sunlight through the windows, so I can only use pale artificial light sources instead, and I never make tea.Tea ceremony seems to be a very profound knowledge, but in my impression, it seems to have always appeared in comics to create a certain lady's setting. There are so many schools such as tea ceremony clubs, but it is really carried out. There are very few cartoons about tea ceremony.

What's more, an innocent girl who originally wanted to join the tea ceremony club, but because of various accidental coincidences, joined a club that just eats, drinks and has fun. A girl who can use black tea as her own identification mark, but wants to drive a chariot. Strange setting-so, although everyone knows that the tea ceremony is very elegant, it is still a small activity.

——The above is just to find a reason why I cannot make tea alone.It's also for a person to pretend to express that someone in the ministry classroom feels sad.

Of course, in fact, the current Ministry of Service has tasks. Before the suspension of school trip, two people in Yeshan’s circle came to the Ministry of Service classrooms. Those who can provide reliable activities for the Ministry of Service still only exist in Biqigu and Among my sister's classmates, one can't help but wonder if Biqigu is surrounded by monsters—the reason why I am not talking about my sister is because my sisters in elementary and junior high schools do not have such monsters around them.

The frivolous, who seemed to have the best relationship with Ye Shan, the senior Huhu was ready to confess to senior Ebina, who wanted to be helped, and then Ebina tried to get us to stop the Huhu thought.This whole process has to be completed during the school leave, so this has become the task of the second-year students in the Ministry of Service, and I can not participate in this kind of pure love experience of boys and girls.

Let me start with the conclusion. I believe in the pure friendship between boys and girls. When I see a girl, I will make psychological judgments in my heart based on whether or not I can attack. I don’t rule out the existence of such people, but such people, Either I have never seen a girl, or I have no brains.

However, I also admit that the pure friendship between men and women can also easily deteriorate. As long as one party's emotions change-the opportunity for this change may be anything, but only if it deteriorates, then the relationship will be It's hard to fix.

So actually I don’t really like a small circle of boys and girls, because you don’t know when the relationship between men and women in the circle will deteriorate. If both parties accept each other and others accept it, that’s fine. However, if there is an accident in any part of this link, the circle will easily collapse.

This is probably what Ebina thinks, boys and girls, there are really too few people who communicate with true and sincere love. Most people may hold "Get on well with each other, and the other party has confessed, then I Just accept it?" The simple idea is playing an unclear love game.Sometimes, they fall into this kind of love, unable to extricate themselves, sometimes, they will get tired of this state, and then pull away.Ebina didn't like this kind of love game, and didn't want to break the awkward situation in the collective, so it became this result.

That’s why I said that small groups of mixed men and women are very troublesome. The people who maintain the stability of the group are also the most helpless people. Well, I’m talking about Ye Shan. He knows the two aspects of the situation but is in a dilemma. No I hope to offend anyone, but I hope the problem is solved.

I respect the Virgin very much, but it would be nice if the actions of the Virgin could be more powerful.

Now, the issue between the Ministry of Household and Ebina may or may not have been resolved. I don't want to know how to resolve it, because the emotional relationship around me seems to be very disordered.

It might be easier to understand yourself fully, but to separate yourself from yourself to understand your current state.Lack of response is the most important issue. The exchanges between Sonoda and me made me realize that even if it was Xiaochun, I did not formally give her an answer to rejection. She joined a competition with some self-consciousness, but also a little self-conscious. Quit self-consciously, it seems that it has nothing to do with me, but I am already in it.Senior Xiao Muzhen waited with her gentle and heart-wrenching patience, unwilling to force me, so that I could have some breathing room.However, this is not forever after all.

I feel that I don’t meet the definition of duckweed male. Duckweed male lacks love. Because of lack of love, he lacks the courage to reject love and the ability to restrain love. Such people like commitment, but they have to Betray the promise.I am not such a person. I have full confidence to judge my rejection and acceptance, and I will not easily make promises that cannot be fulfilled.So, why can't I respond?

I have told myself the answer countless times-I now need reason, I don't need perceptual judgment and emotion to affect my ability to make rational judgments.

So, when is rationality unnecessary?Is it a lifetime of being bound by reason and unable to accept emotions?I think it’s clear at this point that refusing to accept feelings is just an escape.It is also a possibility to take the initiative to loosen the binding at the right time.

As for the answer, just leave it to yourself when you untie it.

And the time to loosen the tie is very simple-it is the time to prove the correctness of your judgment, the time to prove your victory, and the time to prove your rational uniqueness.

In other words, when Yukino Yukino's election for the president of the student council wins, it is time for me to untie myself.

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This judgment can hardly tell anyone, including Yui sister—because everyone doesn't care about the time of loosening, but the result after loosening.

And that result, to be honest, I don't know.

But Yukino Yukino is the only one I can believe and I can tell—or rather, I must tell her.The contract between rational people can be concluded, but before that, I need to deal with other issues.

Then, almost at the same time I figured this out, I received a call from Xuexia.

"Well, your sister commissioned me to call you and ask about the situation in the past two days." It was like this at the beginning.

"So why did my sister entrust you instead of calling me?"

"Your sister is very concerned about Ebin's affairs, so she can't spare time."

"I think this should be the common concern of all of you, not your sister alone?"

"I'm not good at this."

If the display of weakness reaches this level, then it seems that there is no point in continuing to struggle with this issue.

So, this topic ended, and then fell into silence.

Neither Yukoshita nor I are good at having conversations with no reason. If it is Yui sister, maybe the matter of "Where did Xiaowa go after school these two days" can be entangled for a long time.

Of course, by contrast, I may be better at communicating than Xuexia—just a little.

"Well, cough cough, so the minister for these two days—"


"——Well, okay, where have you been, sister and Yukoshita? You should act together, right?"

"Not on the first day."

——Then I suddenly remembered that the normal rhythm of school leave is to group teams in accordance with the class. Even if they can cross-group teams, the two classes must be arranged together.-And the sister of Group F and Xue Xue of Group J Below, it seems that there is no such opportunity.Because the other three are in the second grade, so naturally they have the idea of ​​"they will definitely be together", this is my mistake.

"Well, that would be very hard, right?"

"Huh?" The freezing feeling on the other side of the phone can be heard through the conversation.

I remember that Xuexia was not someone who cared about his situation in the class. Could it be that there was something wrong with my vague memory.

"Well, if you weren't with your sister, how did you know that your sister asked you to ask me about my situation?"

——It is more important to change the subject.

"I met at Long'an Temple today."

"Ah, that's really lucky."

"She is very concerned about the affairs of classmates Ename and Hubu, and seems to be actively thinking of ways."

"No way, it's Yui sister after all."

"Obviously, I have been stuffed with all kinds of small notes by all kinds of boys on the road."

"...No way, it's Yui sister after all."

-Then, it stopped again.

I have never felt so embarrassed to have a conversation with Yukoshita.In the impression, our dialogue is always rich in content, isn't it-quarreling?I was discussing work matters. When the conversation became meaningless small talk, I realized that I didn't seem to have much to talk with Xuexia.

"Well, it's your turn to report, Yubihama."