My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 289

"Reporting situation?"

"——It means to help you inquire about the situation for your sister. The younger children in the family will always receive such care from the elders. In fact, it is very helpless, right?"

"If it's an older sister, you wouldn't use the word'report'."

"If I were your sister, I would use the word'report'."

——This is simply unreasonable.

"Furthermore, I also want to know a little bit about what happened in the Ministry of Service in the past two days? If it is a report on the work of a community, it can be called a'reporting situation', right?"

"But what if nothing happened?"

"Do you mean the Ministry of Service?"

"Nothing happened in the ministry's words, my own words--"

"--what happened?"

"...No big deal."

Whether it’s a conversation with Isshiki or a meeting with Sonoda, it shouldn’t be a big deal. If it’s an acceptable topic when chatting in the ministry, if it’s a conversational "report", then say These things are a bit embarrassing.

However, there is indeed something that should be said to Xuexia.

"Let's put it this way, it has nothing to do with what happened in these two days, I myself, I want to tell you something."


"About the cultural festival."

"I got it." Xuexia's voice seemed to lighten a little, but even the microphone was not clear about the specific situation.

"At the cultural festival, the matter of Senior Xiao Muzhen."

"Senior Xiao Muyan——Ah!"

Although I don't know the meaning of the last "ah" under Xuexia, he had forgotten the situation at the time and reacted, but he had realized my thoughts a long time ago and was meditating.

"I need to give a response, in other words, seniors need me to give a response."

"Are you sure that Senior Xiao Muzhen is referring to you. After that, she hasn't made any other statements, right?"

"If it's self-love, there is no way."

"Well, it seems to be the result of not caring about being affectionate!"

"Can you say that?"

"So, does this matter have anything to do with me? Is there something that must be reported to me?" At that moment, I seemed to feel that Xuexia's voice was a little anxious.

However, now is not the time to care about such details.

"What I want to say is the time to give a response-after the election of the president of the student union."

"Ah, like this—"

"--and so?"

"Well, I fully understand what you mean. The election of the president of the student union is the last cooperation."

"It's not necessarily the last cooperation, but at least it is the last of this cooperation. The next time we work together, the contractual relationship needs to be re-established."


The atmosphere suddenly became strange.It should have been nothing, but it should have been something that can be quickly accepted by the other party.However, listening to the breathing of Yuukishita on the other side of the phone, I felt a little nervous.

"Is this the only thing to report?" As if a century had passed, the voice of Xuexia came from the microphone again.

"That's all there is."

"Well, then I know."

"Uh, that's good."

"Actually, there is no need to report. Do you think our cooperation can last a long time?"

I don't think we can work together for a long time. I just think that if you are elected as the president of the student council, it should be the completion of my agreement with your sister.

Of course these words will not be said to Xuexia.

"Okay, so, just mention it in passing."

"Well, so, I know."

I have a feeling that Yukino under Yukino seems a little strange, but I don't have the answer to where the problem happened.

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Chapter 4: Limitations of Choice and Lies of Self-sacrifice

Except for the phone call from Xuexia, I was a little surprised that my sister did not take the initiative to contact me.Of course, there is not no regular contact with the family, but other than that, there is not even a phone call such as "How does Xiaohe deal with those letters", which makes me feel a little frustrated.

Not only that, but this issue seems to have been forgotten by her, even after returning home, it was not mentioned.It's not that I haven't seen Yuihama Yui with this kind of abnormality, but I don't know the reason for Yui-san's abnormality, which makes me a little anxious.

I found that I suddenly understood the restless mood of Yui sister when I was muffled thinking about my own affairs. This kind of inexplicable irritability but not knowing how to resolve the mood was really uncomfortable.

The initial consideration of course was because I might have rejected the kindness of a few boys during the suspension of school trip, and felt a little sorry. However, when the suspension of school trip ended and the ministry's activities were reopened for the first time, I thought that I might know the answer to the question. Up.

It is cold and frosty, but it is not uncommon under the snow to hesitate when dealing with problems. It is not uncommon for Yui sisters to be careful not to offend people when talking to others. However, she is late in club activities and she looks like when she enters the classroom. It is very rare for Higiya Hachiman who is strong enough to be calm.Of course, if three people in this state gather together, it may not be the biggest crisis in the history of the community.

Reversed from the phenomenon, the problem must have appeared in the entrustment during the school leave.

I'm not a fool who doesn't know how to look at the atmosphere, but I'm not a coward who only knows how to look at the atmosphere and cringes.In other words, when the overall atmosphere seems so embarrassing, only I can break this situation as an unaware person.

"So, there was no problem with the previous commission, right?" Try to ask as if he didn't know what happened.

Xuexia raised his head, and at the fastest speed, he showed me a questioning expression-as if he was questioning whether I who made such remarks at this time were a bit too stupid.

Sister Yui let out a soft "Ah", and when she realized that my eyes were on her, she turned around quickly.

Although he didn't pay much attention to Biqigu's expression, at that moment, he seemed a little annoyed, although he lowered his head as if nothing happened in the end.

"Don't think that this club will not deal with problems without you." It sounds like Xuexia's words, but it comes from the mouth of Biqigu.

"Yes, the problem seems to be handled pretty well." However, the ironic tone in Xuexia's words can be realized by even the most dull person.