My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 290

"But, that, everyone is still ordinary, ordinary, isn't it great?" My sister worked hard to adjust the atmosphere. Some people may change their personality due to the change of their own status, but Yubi Hama Yui is definitely not. Even if Cinderella becomes a princess, she will not be proud of being a princess.

At this point, I have not figured out the current situation-the problem should have been solved. This is the conclusion, but it is also true that the other three people in the Ministry have problems.That is, there are differences in the process of solving the problem, which is probably the case.

I can understand the conflicts that these three people may face in their three ways of dealing with problems, but shouldn't the conflicts be completed during the discussion-is it true that if I am not in these three guys, I can't reach a consensus? ?

"So, it's best for us to be ordinary-you see, the ministry has not been active for a long time after all. It is normal for Xiaohe to have some maladjustments. In fact, everyone is ordinary, right?"

After taking a look at Xuexia, and then at Biqigu, they looked really good at "ordinary".

If I hadn’t seen Yui’s performance at home, I might have mistaken the situation just now for another meaningless quarrel between Yukoshita and Higiya after a long time, but now I can’t make it. This judgment.

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To ask the truth about the matter, it’s best to choose Biqigu instead of Xuexia. In contrast, Biqigu may not be honest about his true thoughts, but when he makes a choice without regret, he will not be right. My own practice lies.

"Tell me exactly what happened." He consciously caught Biqigu, who was the first to escape, and asked the question straightforwardly.

For Biqigu, who knows my character, he should be able to realize that the ambiguity at this time is second, and it cannot convince me.

"The problem is solved, that's it, whether it is from the Ministry of Households or Ebina, and in the most appropriate way, the way that will not hurt everyone-you have heard it, just what your sister said, Everything is ordinary. Yeshan’s group is still operating in its usual posture as before—isn’t it beautiful?” Probably to increase conviction, Biqigu showed a somewhat exaggerated look. A mocking look-just as he has always shown aversion to the collective.

However, when he said that sentence, his judgment was already untenable.

"The least way to hurt everyone-do you think you are Yui sister? I never believed that Higiya Hachiman-senpai could come up with such a solution."

"Then there is no way. After all, there are too many people being despised by Yubihama, aren't they? During the cultural festival, didn't you and Yukoshita also underestimate a lot of people?"

"Exciting general method is useless. Sometimes it is useful, but when I try to explore the truth of the matter-especially when the truth of this matter may be related to Yui sister, I will not be affected by the truth before I learn the truth. Some bad emotional guidance."

This kind of struggle with Biqigu didn't last long, and soon, he showed a somewhat weary expression-just like what he often showed in front of Hashan Hayato.

"Before the Ministry of Household confessed to Ebina, I did this first, and then I was rejected, and the misunderstanding was solved. This is the most indisputable practice, isn't it?"

Before Biqigu answered, I could almost guess the options he made.

After all, when he was in the forest school, he had already shown me the unique way of solving problems belonging to Hikigaya Hachiman.At that time, he also expressed anger at me because I almost let his efforts fall short.

It's just that, compared to that time, his self-dedication was more thorough this time. If he was only sacrificing what the primary school students think of him, what he sacrificed now was the possibility that his classmates were kind to him.

"Yashan can't adjust, because he can't make a bias and want to prevent this kind of thing, only I can do it-or, Yubihama, you can come up with a better solution, just like you What did you do to that elementary school student?"

Biqigu obviously also remembered my encouragement to Tsurumi's study in the United States at that time, and I tried to let that child choose his own path of independence.

However, in this matter, indeed, I may not be able to find a better way to solve the problem than Qigu.It is true that the best way is to let Tobe Sho-senpa have the keen collective judgment of Hayama and Ebina, or let Ebina Hima-sen understand the meaninglessness of this collective existence.In other words, if one of the two conflicting orders is no longer valid, the problem will naturally be solved.


"If the problems in this world can be clarified by reasoning, then there won't be so many contradictions in this world, so you prefer control to persuasion, right? Yubihama?"

Just as I thoroughly understood the method of comparing Kegiya, during the cultural festival, I knew what I had been doing all the time, and I also thoroughly understood my considerations.

"However, whether it is the Huhu, Ebina, or this kind of relationship problem, none of your control can reach the target—even Yeshan can’t do this. So, you can’t do anything about it. The biggest loophole in your problem-solving ideas—or, you need enough time to convince someone of your beliefs, or you need enough authority to ensure the implementation of your ideas. However, in most cases , You have neither time nor authority."

Perhaps it was because I directly clarified the cause of the problem, and Biqigu returned to the state when he was "preaching" me in the forest school. This time, because of the rationality of his approach, he appeared more confident.

"It is true that if I were there, I might not have a good solution. However, shouldn't you be more concerned about the aftermath of your way of solving the problem-than the predecessors of Qigu?"

"The so-called after the problem is solved, there must be a good aftermath. This is after all just greed. When necessary, you must make the necessary choices. It is impossible to have a perfect solution to the problem. This is before. When Xuexiajia discussed that issue with her, wasn't our conclusion the same?"

Before I knew it, I compared Qigu's question, which became his denial of me.

"Of course, at that time, you proposed another plan. This victim should choose the most reasonable victim, the victim that can be the most effective. However, you still cannot solve the problem I mentioned before. You or To persuade a person to sacrifice, or to force a person to sacrifice, the former needs time, the latter needs authority."

Then, based on this judgment-

"However, there is one person who can convince him to make sacrifices, one does not need time, and two does not need authority. When faced with the dilemma that there is no way to solve the problem, only this person can make dedication at any time."

And that person is himself.

Higiya Hachiman has further perfected his theory of self-sacrifice.

"I'm sorry if your sister is sad about my actions. However, I think if you fail to complete the commission of those two people, your sister will be sad too? After all, Yuihama Yui is that one Gentle people!"

The word gentle has such a complicated meaning in Biqigu's words.Gentleness actually means that the problem cannot be solved, right?Simple tears, simple sympathy, and simple vulnerability will not help solve the problem.This is perhaps the biggest thing in common with Biqigu when looking at the problem.

However, it is precisely because of the commonality that I need to prove his mistake even more.

"Senior Biqigu, your theory is very beautiful, but your theory can't solve a problem--or, this problem is the most fundamental problem."

The dull hair on Biqigu's head stood up.

"What's the problem?"

"It's a simple question, so simple that you will feel funny-that is, whether your self-sacrifice is meaningful."

"Isn't this question already answered by the facts? Everyone is ordinary. There are no questions, right?"

"But the facts also tell you that you are not the only one you sacrificed, you also sacrificed, other people in the ministry, trust in you, and care for you, don't you? When you sacrifice yourself, Sacrificing other people together, in the end, is your self-sacrifice the result of your self-sacrifice, or is your self-sacrifice the result of other people's choices that you kidnapped without knowing it?"

Yes, Biqigu is unable to answer this question.

"In a sense, you are crueler than me! I try to persuade or force a person to accept sacrifice. In the end, that person is clearly aware of the fact of his sacrifice and the meaning of his sacrifice. But you The kidnapping of other people’s contributions doesn’t make people think of this! Do you think Yui sister or Yukinoshita, have been concerned about the price they paid for solving the commission problem?"

"Take a step back, even if your self-sacrifice really doesn’t involve anyone, you can’t anticipate the consequences of solving the problem. In short, your self-sacrifice is nothing but self-expectation for the realization of your ideals. Seniors continue to choose to confess after your confession. Have you considered this result?"

"Of course, no matter how much you actually paid, as far as the result is concerned, you succeeded in what you did. However, the price you paid is that you will never be able to make up for the follow-up reaction to this matter-self-detonation means You give up the right to follow-up solutions to the problem. This is not the way someone trying to solve the problem should have. After self-sacrifice, then hand over the follow-up problem to others. This approach is also quite bad, isn't it? "

"But, in most cases, self-sacrifice is enough. You said that, in terms of results, I succeeded, didn't I?" Biqigu retorted me.

"The result can be deceiving. A good general will never think that the battle he won is the last one. Self-sacrifice is the worst choice in a helpless situation-even if as a leader However, self-sacrifice is an option that is not allowed. Although it will make you feel very uncomfortable to say so, but, Higiya Hachiman-senpai, your self-sacrifice is ultimately just self-satisfaction!"

"The self-satisfaction of solving problems, self-satisfaction that creates a self-satisfaction that will not hurt others, self-satisfaction that thinks that one's ability is strong enough, self-satisfaction that thinks that one's own method is the best solution, is better Senior, what you can achieve with your approach is nothing more."

Good strategic decision makers will always leave a little leeway for themselves. When they are poor, they basically fail.

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Well, I remember I said before that I should separate the author’s own thoughts from Kazunari’s thoughts. However, the evaluation of the teacher in this paragraph is basically my own. Although it is a bit harsh, but careful After thinking about it, I think that's it.


Chapter 5: The cornerstone of the irresistible

It is not my intention to blame Biqigu, and the actual state of Biqigu may not be as bad and self-entertaining as I said.We have every reason to believe that Higiya Hachiman is just trying to solve the problem in his own way.

However, just like when there are countless mistakes in human history, the apparent causes of solving problems tend to obscure the essential reasons, and even, in many cases, ignoring the essential causes will eventually lead to strong expectations and actions. The result is inconsistent.I want to warn Biqigu about this.

If we have many ways to discuss the correct way to solve the problem, then the dangerous tendency that is exposed in the process of solving the problem is what we must avoid.Biqigu has taken self-dedication and self-destruction to solve problems as an ideal and a priority approach. If I hadn't taken the lead in the cultural sacrifice, he would have used this method to solve the problem long ago.In the process of repeatedly using this method, even if he himself does not enjoy the results of this effort, in order to stick to his own practice and believe in the meaning of his own practice, he will finally achieve it through constant paralysis and self-satisfaction. This state.In other words, I just pointed out the future status of Biqigu in advance.