My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 291

Of course, I also know that the best way to prove that his approach is invalid is to use other methods to solve the problem. Although it is a correct attitude to accept failure when you know you can’t do anything, no matter how you compare it, Still under the snow, it doesn't work.The reason why my sister and Xuexia can only express their dissatisfaction with Qigu instead of directly accusing him is because they feel that they have no way to solve the problem, so they are not qualified.

Human beings are always cruel to the problem-solving paradigm. Only by constantly proving their correctness can they continue to be trusted. Once the paradigm does not match the facts, the paradigm will definitely be abandoned.

This society does not accept losers, the views of losers, even if there is no logical problem, because they have failed, they have to be denied. This is the simplest and most acceptable truth.

This is especially true for people who have failed completely once.

Therefore, the criticism of Biqigu is also a kind of alert for myself and Xuexia. If in the next election of the student council president, we cannot solve the problem earlier and prove ourselves in a more reliable way. If it is, what we have to face is people like Biqigu in the Hubu and Ebina incident.

Can accurately point out the other party's mistakes, but can not prove the other party's mistakes-just because he finally solved the problem.Because it solves the problem, other things can be ignored.

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Yuihama’s family finally regained vitality because of the official return of Yuihama Yui——I left the classroom before my sister and Yukoshita when I had a conversation with Higiya. I told him clearly about Higiya’s problems, at least this Point will make my sister feel much better.

The fact is indeed the case, even the mother-sama had to say, "Yui Yi is back at the dinner table and finally feels angry".

Of course, in a sense, the more relaxed dialogue between sisters and brothers is also extremely precious.

The last solemn conversation with Yui sister dates back to before the cultural festival, the conversation that allowed me to make a sincere choice between Ogishu-senpai and my sister.The answer to that conversation, like so many things that happened at the cultural festival, was temporarily forgotten.The two seemed to respond harmoniously to a bunch of letters from Yuihama Yui's admirers, and then carefully avoided this problem.

However, the point of the problem is that this problem does not actually seem to be an untouchable problem. To some extent, due to the confession of the predecessors, the choice of Yukina Yukina and Yuihama Yui was not aimed at Yubihama Kazuya’s sister. The question of choosing one of the two, I think, this point, Yui sister also sees clearly.Regardless of my reply to Senior Xiao Muzhen, if my sister wants to clarify her identity as "sister", I don't think it will be difficult.

However, even so, Yui sister did not do so.If it were me, I would take it for granted that Yuihama Yui, who was an idiot, did not remember what he had said again.But only this time, I will not engage in this kind of self-deception. Yui sister is very smart and sees the problem more clearly than I thought.She is deliberately avoiding this question, this is the conclusion I came to.

It’s just that I don’t know why she did it.

Of course, this is not to say that the communication between us is false. Sister Yubihama is still honest and understanding with each other, but, tacitly, we also avoid a question that is strange to us. .

Having reservations does not mean concealing.

"Although I don't know what Xiaohe said to Xiaohe, thank you Xiaohe." After being dragged into my sister's pink room full of girls, my sister said to me sincerely.

I wanted to complain about Yui's full girlishness a long time ago-to a certain extent, my misjudgment of the fact that Yuihama was naive came from this room, if it was Yukinoshita Kind of - ah, I don't seem to have been to this. If the room layout is always done by a person with a character like Xuexia, it will not cause such a misunderstanding.

Although it seems that the room of Senior Xiao Muzhen is also very young, but the mature image created by Senior has avoided this suspicion.

Of course, now, my thoughts are different. The layout of this room also represents a beautiful side in Yuihama's heart, which is sometimes more valuable than mature.

"If my sister thinks that I taught Biqigu to help you out, that's not wrong."

I recalled Higiya Hachiman’s obvious slurred performance after listening to my words. This person is good at quibbling when he has no reason, but he prefers to use it in the field he insists on. Acting to express his thoughts also made him extremely weak in rebutting my words.

"It's not that I asked Xiaohe to vent his anger for me and Xiaoxue. Xiaohe understands this too?" My sister shook her head helplessly. The problem may be different from what Xiaoxue and I understand, but it’s more important than anything to tell the small business clearly that it’s wrong, isn’t it?"

My sister's words are very sincere, she has always been so sincere, but this made me feel a little strange.

"Sister Yui takes seriously the mistakes made by Qigu!"

"Of course-after all, small businesses are partners, very important partners, everyone in the ministry is partners, so if anything goes wrong with everyone in the ministry, I will be sad!"

The typical, extremely sincere answer in front of me, Yuihama Yui-style.Of the four people in the ministry, perhaps only Yuihama Yui can honestly express his cherishment for this society.Even if others, including me, can feel this kind of fetters, they will deceive themselves in the end, right?

——Although I can understand, but still dissatisfied with my sister's emphasis on comparing Qigutou.

As I said before, the importance and pure friendship between boys and girls can easily deteriorate-in short, I don't want Yuihama Yui to like Hikitani Hachiman.

It's not because Biqigu is not trustworthy, it's not that Biqigu's character is very sad, but that Yui sister is not mature enough to like people.

"So, because I cherish the Ministry of Service, I don't want the Ministry of Service to survive in name only." Then, in the most serious tone, my sister said.

This must be the focus of her approach to me-after all, this matter of Biqigu can also be understood as a simple awkwardness without such a big impact.

"I think the Ministry of Service is not far from being in name only. To be precise, if there is no long-term commission, this kind of society that relies on commission to survive but cannot locate it among the classmates has been struggling with life and death."

"Xiaohe, you know what I'm trying to say is not this, right?" My sister interrupted me a little angrily, "Even if there is no commission, the ministry will still be the ministry. It won't change? It won't change because there is no commission, right? Isn’t it also an important activity to drink tea and chat with Xiaoxue?"

"If you say these things to the Minister, be careful that the Minister rolls his eyes at you!"

"Xiaohe! Stop being vague, what am I talking about, do you know?"

Yuihama Yui's eyebrows trembled anxiously, and the look of anxious but anxious expression trying to keep calm and pleading eyes made my ridicule unable to continue.

Yes, I know what she is going to say.

"Xiaohe, are you trying to help Xiaoxue run for president of the student union?"

"Well, it has been decided since the end of the cultural festival."

——If it hadn’t been for Yukoshita to take all the credit for his sister, Xuexia might reconsider, but now, she who needs to prove herself urgently — including me, eagerly hopes to pass this The presidential election fought a turnaround.Of course, in Yukoshita Yono's plan, the sister's cooperation is also a very important factor, but this kind of result of the sister's unintentional creation should not be discussed anymore.

"But if Xiaoxue becomes the president of the student union, then Xiaoxue will be busy with student union affairs, right?"

"It's possible, but why doesn't my sister give her more confidence?"

"Because, when I was the executive chairman of the cultural festival, the ministry had suspended work, right? Also, even the work of the executive chairman of the cultural festival, it almost exhausted Xiaoxue? If it was not for Xiaohe's help, Xiaoxue can't make it, right?"

"That's just because Xuexia is too obsessed with an unprecedented cultural festival. The work of the student union may not be that complicated."

"But, Xiaohe, do you believe these things yourself?"

"So, I said, maybe!"

I turned around, avoiding my sister's eyes.Maybe I didn’t take it into consideration when I made the decision at the beginning, but once this issue was brought to the front of the stage, I couldn’t lie to myself-Yukoshita Yukino was elected as the president of the student council, which basically meant the collapse of the Ministry of Service. , The minister can no longer organize activities normally.

"Xiaohe didn't believe it either, did he?"

"So isn't there an alternative plan? If Xuexia is elected as the president, let the rest of us join the student union, the activities of the Ministry of Service and the activities of the student union will be carried out together, and the resources that can be used to help students are not more. Is it a good thing too?"

"But, is this still the Ministry of Service? There will be other classmates in the student union? Even if there are not, even if it is a student union of four of us, the feeling will be completely different, right? The office of the student union is far from the Ministry of Service. The classroom feels relaxed!"

Sister Yui was right.For the first time, I couldn't refute her words, whether they were serious or playful.

But what can we change?

"So, what does my sister want us?"

"It’s impossible for Xiaoxue to give up the presidential election, right? So, I think, at least Xiaohe, if it’s Xiaohe, can you tell Xiaoxue, or at least it can make Xiaoxue improperly become president, etc.— "

"——Sister Yui, why do you think I would agree with you?"

"Because it is small and peaceful!" My sister took it for granted, but said with some uncertainty.

Because it's Xiaohe!

Ah, that's right, because it is Oto, so when Yui sister makes a request, she will agree unconditionally. Because it is Oto, she naturally wants to keep the Ministry of Service. Because it is Oto, I can agree to this request. Do it.

My weight in my sister's mind is really high!