My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 292

However, only this one thing is different.

The election of the president of the student council means too much to me.

The proof of the loser, the end of a cooperative relationship, and the beginning of new thinking-if I were to give up this collaboration with Yukinoshita, it would mean denying the result of my entire high school self-thinking.

With this alone, I cannot make concessions.

"Sorry, Yui sister. I can't do anything about this."

"Why?" My sister's eyes widened.

"Because, I'm a small and peaceful!" I looked at my sister's incomprehensible gaze. I have never directly rejected such a serious request from my sister. This is the first time.

Because this is where Yubihama Kazuya cannot give way.

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Chapter 6: Prelude to the election

The election cycle for the president of the student council begins immediately after the end of the sophomore trip.From the very beginning of the second semester, sports festivals, cultural festivals, suspension of school trips, and the election of the student council president, this kind of tough setting of solving all activities in three months makes people feel that the activities in the second semester are really rich Colorful.

——But from another point of view, it is too nervous. Although it is understandable that the first semester of freshmen’s admission and the third semester of preparation for exams seem not suitable for holding large-scale events, it is precisely because of this that certain activities need to be important Sex is lower, isn't it?

That’s right, I’m referring to the election of the student council. The significance of the existence of the high school student council is extremely limited. The president’s election mechanism can be simplified. Take a 10,000 step back and internally push the student council, and then let the students vote whether they agree to go. Just a cutscene.After all, the so-called presidential election, in the case of inadequate preparations, ended up purely popular vote.In other words, we moved the top three of Miss Chief Wu Gao to the student union, and the students may not have any objections.Normal people are usually inclined to accept the system instead of doubting it.

But all in all, this kind of fanfare campaign for the president of the student union still gave people outside the student union system the opportunity to overtake outside the road. Xuexia and I, who had nothing to do with the student union, got the opportunity. From this point of view, it seems that I should not complain.

Compared with Yukoshita and I, who formally put the presidential election on the agenda after the end of the school leave, the Isshiki classmates started to prepare since the end of the cultural festival.From the beginning, it seemed to be a light work like testing the waters, and now she is trying to win supporters in a decent way. Her changes are beyond my imagination.

The election of the president of the student council is different from the election of the executive chairman. Before the election of the executive chairman, any candidate cannot know the identity of all other executive committee members. To convince these executive committee members, they rely on temporary speeches and some other A simple technique of uniting some people is enough. This is an easily manipulated election in a small circle.This kind of public election of the student council president is completely different. Before the election, all the "voters" who voted were public, open, and gave everyone a fair chance to fight for it. However, in this case, uniting some people is It doesn’t work—because under normal circumstances, you will never be able to buy the majority of the students in the school. No matter how broad your social circle is, you can only affect the group of people in your circle, and that group of people, compared to Most students will always be a minority, and it is impossible to get too much influence by relying on technical methods.

Of course, this is not to say that the election of the student council is more difficult. Controlling a few people cannot affect the overall situation. Conversely, it means that the betrayal of a few people generally does not affect the overall situation. There is a possibility of a few people betraying your supporters. Sex, the same possibility exists among the supporters of the competitors. This is a real election that can control the majority and win the election.

This is also the reason why people tend to believe in polls in large-scale political elections. Polls usually do not go wrong unless there are very special circumstances.

Usually, in large-scale political elections, what a political party or elected person has to do is not to win the votes of the majority, but to win the middle voters as much as possible on the basis of ensuring the votes of their supporters.Winning votes for the majority of people is a false proposition in itself. In the two-choice competition model, for many people, the target of voting has already been determined at the beginning.For example, some people will unconditionally support Xuexia because they simply like black, long and straight girls, for example, some people will unconditionally support Isshiki because they like short hair girls, and the number of such girls is still the same.If Yukoshita wants to cut her hair short in order to cater to those who like short hair, this is the worst option, because not only can you not be sure that you won the votes of those people, you will definitely lose it. The votes that I have now.What you want to strive for is to satisfy voters who don’t care about girls’ hair types in other ways.

——Usually, this kind of risk is the lowest, and the election method that maintains one's own basic board is the correct method for large-scale elections.However, the election of the president of the student council is different from a purely political election. The most basic point is that all candidates are elected in their own personal capacity. Actually, I don’t know where the voter base he relies on. People who like black long straight may vote for Yishi because they don’t like Xuexia’s cold and arrogant character. Therefore, no one has a so-called basic board. This makes it impossible for candidates to make selective abandonment of a certain portion of voters.Secondly, unlike ordinary political elections, the election of the president of the student council is basically the only opportunity for everyone. It is common in political life to come again after four or five years - or it means that the situation in the next year does not apply to the president of the student council. Election, which makes all candidates have higher expectations for the presidential election, that is, the possibility of adopting some risky means will also increase, which also makes it possible to win over the majority.Finally, compared with the maneuverability of normal voters, the smaller the election, the higher the voter turnout rate, because more people will not regard this kind of voting as a burden, and because this kind of election seems to be directly related to them. Life is relevant and more passionate.However, it is for this reason that it is easier for them to abandon their established views-if you can convince the other party that your position is beneficial to the other party, the higher the possibility that he will think about it and change his position.

This is the difference between the election of the president of the student union and the general large-scale political elections. That is to say, the election of the president of the student union has higher requirements for technology and strategy-to put it bluntly, the use of conspiracy and mutual attacks to obtain greater benefits May be higher.

So, to a certain extent, the color plume I see now is not even as threatening as the color plume at the beginning.Isshiki’s current approach is to openly explain his policy agenda to first-year students who tend to support them and those who are expanding their social networks.This is a strategy that is so honest that it doesn't fit Isshiki's image very much, but if she only adopts this strategy, then there is no suspense about the outcome of this election.

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"Refer to the previous analysis, so according to her approach, we don't even have to promote our views. After she has worked hard to finish her work, it is enough to reap the benefits." Activities of the Ministry of Service The end hastily, and the somewhat indignant eyes that met my sister stayed. This was my point of view during the first presidential election discussion meeting with Xuexia.

"Don't you need to consider other candidates?" Xuexia's asked cautiously as always.

"In the student union, there is only Isshiki running for the election, and if Yeshan doesn't run for the second year, there will be no worthy people? Are there any more powerful competitors in the first year?"

"No, I didn't mean that, I mean, at this stage, we really don't do anything, is it really okay?" Xuexia had a somewhat reluctant expression on his face.Speaking of it, this guy seems to be a person who believes in upright decision-making. At this time, telling her to use skills to achieve success is also a small test for her.

"That’s the truth, or it’s the most efficient method. Yuukishita, I hope you figure out where is your advantage over Isshiki? Isshiki’s advantage lies in her social network, which allows her to use Her views are spread more efficiently through social networks-but if she only uses this network as a medium for transmitting her views, then she will give up her advantage. Your advantage lies in your ability, your The ability that has been proven in practice, and the same promise, speaking from your mouth is more convincing than speaking from Isshiki's mouth. Instead of doing what you are not good at, why not wait for the other person to help you pave the way, Then came it back in one fell swoop?"

"That's right," I don't know if it's because I'm still under pressure from the election of the president of the student council. Today's Xuexia seems to be more inclined to play the role of my questioner rather than a decision maker. "But Yuihama, your consideration is based on the judgment of Isshiki's classmates''righteous' behavior. As you said yourself, she seems to be so honest recently that it seems that something is not her style, and that it is not right in other aspects. Isn't it enough to do some prevention?"

"Precautions in other areas are of course necessary, but it can be seen that Isshiki's main goal is to win or lose with you on the front battlefield. That guy should be a bit dissatisfied with your approach during the executive committee period, right? We have no way of predicting other attacks, and we just need to react accordingly."

At Xuexia’s level, it should be easy to spot the problems I just mentioned. If she hadn’t known that she was not good at lying, I would really suspect that she was deliberately asking these questions to prove my "loyalty." .However, her state seems to have been so tepid during this period of time, barely on the verge of solving the problem, but without the kind of spirit of the peak period, which makes me really helpless.This situation has even worsened after returning from school suspension.

"So, under Xuexia, have your illness been cured?"

This is the only reason I can think of explaining her problem now.She hadn't recovered from the illness and had insufficient physical strength to participate in the suspension of school trip, and it is understandable that the situation has become very bad.

"Ah, body? Well, body is fine."

——Although she said this with a blushing face, she seemed completely unconvincing.

A popular practice is to measure the temperature on the forehead after discovering that the other person’s face is very red, but for me, this is not necessary. It is really inferior to pretend to be a dull man and then enjoy the welfare inadvertently. Just trust Xuexia's own judgment.If she has made a mistake in self-management once, if she makes mistakes repeatedly, then she is really sorry for her ability.

"Of course, it should be noted that Isshiki will find other helpers to help her in the presidential election. After all, she also knows that it is difficult for her to deal with the two of us alone, if her helper is like Qigu Those who use inferior methods to solve the problem will be a little troublesome. Then there are some unexpected uncertain factors, such as what your sister did at the cultural festival, which is completely impossible to resist. As far as these issues are concerned, intelligence work is the most important thing. I will help you keep an eye on it, and you should also pay attention to the situation."

"Well, this is fine, but my sister won't even have to interfere in the election of the student council president - and even if she did, Isshiki's classmate has a bad relationship with her, and she should refuse her help, right? "

"Before we didn't expect that she could put on such a big battle at the cultural festival, did we? Pay more attention to clues, there is always no problem."

There is no doubt that this is the worst state of Xuexia I have ever seen. Apart from the lack of a soft expression on her face, this state of refusing to think for herself and trying to make me solve all problems is as if she has completely lost The same as his own initiative.Is this because the failure of the previous cultural festivals hit her too much? It was not so obvious at the time!

"That's not wrong. If I noticed the actions of my sister before, I can be prepared. This time, I can't repeat the same mistakes."

At the end of the conversation, Xuexia finally seemed to have a little energy.

However, maybe this motivation came too late.

In other words, the challenge we faced came too early.

The day after Xuexia submitted the application for the presidential election, an embarrassing scandal occurred and everyone was caught off guard.

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Chapter 7: Explosion

A news department that likes to cause trouble is not a good news department, although in the setting of various novels, the leading news minister has formed various dramas with his exaggerated performance and the so-called journalist spirit. Effect, but this is not true after all.In the final analysis, this type of abandoning studies and treating gossip as one's own job cannot exist in reality.

Therefore, the General News Department is a good news department. It is not bad to transform the news department into a photography department and form an internal self-entertainment circle.However, this does not mean that Zong Wu Gao’s press members do not have the basic will of journalists.

In order to promote the election of the student council, the work of the press department of Sogo Takao has increased somewhat recently, and the news that Yukino Yukino, the executive chairman of the cultural festival, participated in the election of the student council has been completely overwhelmed by another shocking headline: "Shock!Insider trading after Miss Chief Wu Gao election?

Under a vaguely picture of Xuexia, sister and Xiao Muzhen's three people having a meal together, there is a proliferation of long stories.

The cultural festival full of various topics that just ended, the defeat of Miss Chief Wu Gao of Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai is undoubtedly a very important topic.Although this topic will seem a little irrelevant because of Ogata Rina's appearance and Ogizuma's shocking confession.However, after these highly topical things, they may have unimaginable interconnections.

According to information provided by related parties, Yukushita Yuno, the executive chairman of the cultural festival, Yui Yui, the newly promoted Miss Chief Takeshi, and Yukina Ogi, had a meeting before the start of the cultural festival. After that meeting, the original Yui Yui, who did not want to participate in the miss Zou Takeshi, joined the shortlist after the registration deadline expired.Of course, this situation is not a big deal, and the author does not intend to accuse Yubihama of being untrue. The author is just trying to deduce some more important information from the existing information.

The three important topics at the cultural festival, the appearance of Rina Ogata, the confession of Yukina Ogi, and the victory of Yuihama Yui. If we are to find a common beneficiary of these three things, it will undoubtedly be Miss Ogata. Singing on the same stage, and finally crowned Miss Chief Takeshi Yui Yui.Because singing on the same stage with Ms. Ogata earned a lot of popularity, and the biggest competitor, Yukina Ogi, was suspected by others because of the confession incident. Due to many coincidences, Yui Hihama was elected as the miss president. Wu Gao.

This result can of course be a coincidence, but after reading the previous photo, it has to make everyone feel a little strange. Are all these arrangements a coincidence?

The reporter found the following related things after verifying from various parties.