My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 293

Ms. Ogata was able to attend the cultural festival of Sotake High. Sotake High’s graduate Yukoshita Yono played a vital role. In fact, Yuhiga’s band is Yono’s band.And Ms. Yukino Yukoshita is the sister of the executive chairman Yukoshita Yukino.The former has publicly expressed on many occasions that she hopes to help her sister complete an excellent cultural festival, and Miss Ogata's appearance is undoubtedly the biggest gift she gave to her sister.

On the other hand, the song Xiaomu Zhao Xuecai sang during the confession did not communicate with the other two members of the Light Music Club in advance.Although Dongma Hesha refused our interview, and Kitahara Haruhi was unwilling to make too many negative comments about her partner, but what we can know from Kitahara’s vague words is that in the Light Music Club During the exercises, Yui Yoshihama repeatedly hinted at Ogishao.

Third, as of now, no classmate has responded to Xiao Mu's confession. It is hard for the reporter to imagine that someone in Zongwu Gao would be indifferent to Xiao Mu's Xuecai's confession. According to this logic, the so-called confession object of Xiao Mu's Xuecai, In fact, it is probably just a lie, and it seems clear now who is the ultimate beneficiary of such a fruitless confession that Xiao Muzhen will influence on his own image.

Finally, Yukino Yukoshita and Yui Yui Yui, who are the executive chairman of the cultural festival, are very good friends. Many people saw that Yukoshita and Yuihama Yui, who seldom communicate with others, had a relationship with Yuihama during their school leave. Intimate contact.

Aggregating this information, we can get a fairly reasonable inference about the matter.As a good friend of Yukoshita, he hopes to be elected as Miss Takeshi. Although we don’t know the specific reason, there is no doubt that Yukoshita will create opportunities for his friends and directly intervene if it is not convenient. Under the circumstances, the network resources of his sister is undoubtedly the best means.On the other hand, doing so cannot guarantee the victory of Yoshihama-san, so it is necessary for Yoshihama-san’s biggest competitor, Ogisuo, to give in.The photo at the beginning of this article should be the performance of the three parties during the transaction. Of course, it may be because Xiao Muxiao’s voluntary withdrawal would be too deliberate. Xiao Muxiao left his light music club at the cultural festival and made a right His own image had a great influence and even felt a little deliberate confession behavior, which finally led to Yuihama's smooth election.

As for what kind of terms Yuukihama and Yukihama gave to Xiaomushu in exchange, the reporter also noticed that this year's Miss Sogo Takeo’s special prize for the Christmas trip to Strasbourg belonged to Xiaomushu.It is worth noting that two years ago, Xiao Muzhen was already involved in the dispute between being elected to miss Zong Wu Gao and winning the special prize at the same time, and the person in charge of the Zong Wu Gao Cultural Festival at that time was exactly the execution mentioned earlier. Chairperson Yukino Yukoshita's sister, Yukoshita Yono.We don’t know whether this is a coincidence for Xiao Muzhen.However, I have to say that all these things are a bit too coincidental.

It is true that publishing this news at this time is indeed a sensational sensation. The reporter also knows that when Xuexia was running for the election of the student council president, this kind of attack on her was quite artificial, but it was precisely because of this. On the contrary, the reporter can prove his innocence-so if the reporter really wants to be disadvantageous to Xuexia, it will obviously be more beneficial to expose this scandal at the end of the campaign.Therefore, the authenticity and timeliness of this report is still left to readers to judge for themselves. The reporter just feels that it is necessary to tell you some things that they happen to know.

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"Indeed, it was too grandiose." I can't imagine Xuexia's amazing perseverance to read this article full of slanderous reports on her, but at least, although her face is a little pale, she at least behaves very well. calm.

"However, what this report said at the end is reasonable. It shouldn't be aimed at Koyuki." My sister forced a smile, although the constant rubbing of her fingers revealed her anxiety.

——If Yukoshita's malice can be explained as objective and fair, the attack on Yuihama Yui shown throughout the article is a naked reality.

"Actually, this problem is easy to solve-as long as I abandon the title of Miss Chief Wu Gao, and then transfer it to Senior Xiao Mu Shu, this problem will definitely be solved? Really, Senior Xiao Mu Shu is here. The most wronged person, isn't it? If I were an outsider, seeing my relationship with Xiaoxue and Ms. Yono, I would definitely be suspicious, and Senior Xiaomushu was the only one who didn't know, wouldn't it? We all know that Senior Xiao Muzhen is innocent! It was clear that Xiaoxue wanted to help Senior Xiao Muzhen in the election at that time."

However, even so, she is still pretending to be relaxed about the issue, and still pretending to be relaxed trying to link the tense atmosphere.

Obviously, starting from this morning, Yuihama Yui's shoe cabinet is not love letters, but malicious slander letters.

From a moment ago, I had to control my emotions forcibly to prevent myself from rushing into the classroom of the Ministry of Information and pulling the person who wrote this report out to teach me a lesson.

This is the first time I have this feeling since my sister was bullied in elementary school.

"As for me, I think it’s the hairstyle problem. The bun of the dumplings may have some suppressing function. This problem occurred when the hairstyle was just changed to this. Maybe you can change the hairstyle back, everything will be fine. Isn't it solved? Haha—"

"--Will you go on haha?"

However, he couldn't bear it after all.I don't allow other people to hurt Yuihama Yui, and I don't allow it. When other people hurt Yuihama Yui, she herself showed that nonchalant look.

"Always consider whether it will cause harm to others first, and then consider your own problems. Do you think this is a kind of gentleness? Or do you think it is a very good performance? Or do you think it is a collective benefit? More important than your own interests? Are you proud of your self-dedication?"

"Of course not, what are you talking about, Xiaohe?" The smile on my sister's face was a little uncontrollable.

"Yeah! Of course not, of course not, because you are my sister, so I understand too clearly! Yuihama Yui did not feel that this is a very good performance, did not feel that this is one A good thing-just because you thought of it, you did it like this, and did it without any value judgment. This is because, you fool, you forgot to consider your own problems from the beginning, right?"

"I don’t care to put my own problems to the end, and consider with good will the distress caused by my own actions to other people, and even things that cause harm to myself must always first consider whether they will hurt others. If it is other As far as people are concerned, I can unscrupulously accuse them of just hypocrisy, but because it is Yui sister, it is because Yui sister who knows best, so I can't say that!"

——Because this is Yui Hama’s thoughts, maybe this is not the true thought in my heart, but this is a subconscious statement, whether this subconscious statement is for self-protection or is really too gentle, just This subconscious choice has already made me feel the anger of being separated.

Because in this matter, you are the one who hurts the most, isn't it?

My sister stared at me with wide eyes, without speaking.

Just as I know her too much, she too knows me too much, because she knows too much, so she knows that I will not believe all the excuses she wants to do now.

However, even so, she is unwilling to admit the problem of her subconscious choice.

And this will make me more angry and heartache.

"When there is a problem, it is the right way to solve the problem, right? The boring quarrel between siblings is meaningless, and Komachi and I will not have this situation."

Biqigu's voice came over. Although I have never felt that his voice was so unlearned, there is no doubt that this kind of calm words can play a role at this time.

"Well, this matter must be resolved, otherwise—" Xuexia patted his forehead lightly but stopped.Since reading the report, her spirit seemed to be a little lax.Obviously, although she is used to the slander of the girls in the class, this kind of half-truth and half-fictional reports, especially the news before the election of the student council, has hit her even harder.

"This question starts with Yubihama sister and brother asking for help? This can also be regarded as a commission, is it okay?" Hikigu said self-consciously while staring at the newspaper in front of him.

No one raised objections.

Perhaps, only this person in the current Ministry of Service can calmly analyze the problem.

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I remember that I pretended to be a bad reporter when I wrote about Bingjiao, but now I don’t feel that way anymore when I write about this kind of stuff. Are you still old?


Chapter 8: Chaos and Escape

"First determine one thing," Biqigu naturally assumed the responsibility of analyzing the problem. "Is this picture true?"

"There is no problem with the picture, but we were not discussing this kind of problem with Senior Xiao Muzhen at the time." Yui sister replied nervously. I haven't seen her appearance when she first came to the ministry, but the current situation must be the same. It was not much worse at the time.

"The photo is real. It doesn’t matter what you say. What is important is what the audience is willing to believe. Compared to three people drinking tea and chatting carefree, it’s obviously that this kind of behind-the-scenes transaction makes people feel more Excited."

"If this kind of behind-the-scenes transaction were really to be done, would the three of us do it in a place so easy to be seen by others?" Xuexia said weakly, holding his forehead.

"If the people who are interested in this news are able to think of this level, this news will not make much waves. After all, the campus is not an entertainment circle, and the students' ability to distinguish gossip news is not that strong."

I remembered that I had solved another conspiracy theory for Xiaochun before. The two seem to have similarities. In the absence of definite evidence, I use reasonable inference to provide news that attracts the public’s attention and profit from it.

Of course, there are many differences between the two, the most direct point is the beneficiary of this incident.In the Xiaochun incident, the beneficiaries were the football minister whose name I had forgotten, and the conspirator in the student union that was finally revealed.However, this time the conspiracy theory incident, although the damage area is quite wide, there is no way to find a clear direct beneficiary.

——Of course, if you must say something, this person is one color, but I can’t imagine that she, who has been participating in elections in an upright manner, would use such despicable methods.

Secondly, the evidence of this incident is more sufficient. A photo involving three people can make people think about it, and it will also make people more inclined to believe in the established hypothesis, that is, to use another hypothesis to make people produce The solution to chaos and fish in troubled waters is not working.

Finally, it is the completeness of the reasoning of the event. Through the known facts and the interlocking logical faces, it perfectly explains the connection of a series of coincidences.When coincidence becomes a coincidence, people believe that it is a coincidence, but when someone connects the coincidence, people also believe that it is not a coincidence.

"The difficulty of this incident lies in the following points. These things happened too abnormally," Biqigu explained while drawing circles on the newspaper beside him. "When people discovered these things It is possible that after there is a connection, the argument that they are unrelated will not work. Of course, our opportunity is also here, that is, the facts of the events they have given are problematic."

After sorting out my thoughts in my mind, I probably understood what Biqigu meant.The "truth" of the news this time relies on "reasonable inferences" of established news facts, but if the so-called "facts" of news are not facts, then their assumptions will be fundamentally overturned.

"So, let’s take a look at the so-called “facts” mentioned in the news. One is a photo of three people having a meal together. To be honest, it’s hard to deny it. It is certainly true to deny it logically, but no one Willing to tell you this logic."

Yukinoshita and her sister nodded silently.They are not idiots, they can easily accept this.Of course, no one believes the content of the three-person meal that I said, but the problem is that even if there is a third party to prove it, the possibility of tending to believe the third-party testimony is not high. This is what makes public opinion different from the court.

"The second point is the relationship between Yukoshita and your sister," Biqigu continued. "To be honest, this is something that can be used. The relationship between Yukoshita and Yono is not good. It can be obtained. It proves that many executive committee members can testify to the conflict between you and Miss Yang Nai in the executive committee. Although conspiracy theory players can think that this situation is also part of your acting skills, people who believe in such conspiracy theories will If it is greatly reduced, people will naturally dislike this so-called assumption that "what you see is an illusion."

"However, there are two questions here: One is whether you are willing to make this situation public under Xuexia. Many people's private observations and their own admission of this result are two different things, and their own admission of this result will also affect the family "Harmony" is a morally negative judgment hat on your head, which will partially affect your next student president election, whether you can accept it; the second is the reaction of Miss Yang Nai, which is unpredictable. In other words, she is very likely to refuse to admit that her relationship with Xuexia is not in harmony. If she makes this choice, then we will be completely passive. Xuexia will become "abandoning family members in order to get rid of the crime." Of course, whether anyone is willing to testify for us is a question of another level. To be honest, it is not difficult to solve this problem."

I looked at Yuukishita's eyes, and the blue-green pupils drooped as soon as they touched me.This is not in line with Yukoshita's usual style, but has seen it repeatedly recently, and has already told me the answer.

"I don't care about these comments, but my sister's words--"

"——Miss Yangna is indeed a difficult person to estimate! In fact, I still don’t know why she asked me to join her band at the time. The idea at the time was to get Xiaoxue’s approval, but now I don’t think there is any. It's that simple." My sister also patted her head in distress.

"Skip my question first!" Xuexia said softly.

Xuexia flinched, she still chose to escape, and she still chose to escape without even thinking about the possibility of communicating with her sister.

Under the recent snow, I feel particularly cowardly.