My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 294

Will the person who has been leaning on crutches be scared after suddenly letting her walk independently?Even Yukino under Yukino seems to be no exception.

"The next and last one, which is the biggest flaw in this news report, is enough to overturn all its hypotheses, and it is also the fact I think is the easiest to refute," Biqigu narrowed his eyes. "Although I I am not sure, but I believe that Senior Xiao Muzhen’s confession is true, is it true?"

My sister and Yukoshita's eyes stared at me instantly.Biqigu, who didn't do this, didn't know if it was because of uncertainty or because he didn't want to put extra pressure on me.

"Among the three involved in the scandal, Yubihama is the biggest beneficiary, able to get the crown of Miss Chief Takeshi, and Yukoshita, as a close friend of Yubihama, has a considerable possibility of creating conditions for Yubihama. Everyone can see that the only thing that can’t be explained is what Senior Xiao Muzhen did and what Senior Xiao Muzhen can get. Of course, the so-called black box operation of special award can explain the latter. However, the goal of Senior Xiao Muzhen’s confession at the cultural festival Is it really just to cover Yubihama?"

"In other words, if Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai's confession is someone who is right," Biqigu looked at everyone and continued to say confidently, "Then her confession can't be conspiracy-theoretic, and she will serve others. This shocking confession is used as a means, and the object of the confession will definitely be very angry, right? That is to say, as long as Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai’s confession is true, the conspiracy theory against her will not hold, and the entire logical chain will appear Loopholes, this logic of loopholes will naturally not be believed."

"So, what we have to do is to find the confession object." Biqigu turned his eyes to me for the first time. This time, he stared at me unscrupulously and unreservedly.

Sure enough, anyone who knows the situation can already guess the inside story?

I just laughed at Yukoshita's escape, but now it seems it's my turn to escape.

However, before I issued a declaration of escape, two unanimous voices took a step forward.


From Yui sister, and Yukoshita's voice in unison.

Glancing at each other in surprise, the sister said in a very Yuihama Yui style, "No, since Xiaohe—well, I mean that person didn’t respond, which means he hasn’t thought about it yet. What should I do? Wouldn’t it be pitiful to find that person at this time and force him to give a response?"

The answer is in Yui sister's style, but her answer does not explain another question.

Senior Xiao Muzhen, who is waiting for an unknown answer, is she not pitiful?

I know this, I know it clearly, so I hate my avoidance, I hate my failure to solve the problem, so I want to solve this problem after the student president election is completed.

I have planned well, but this news ruined all arrangements.

However, Yui sister is also really, when everyone carefully avoided mentioning my name, she exposed the person in this way.

"Well, my objection is here," Yukoshita glanced at me, and said, "If that person-someone who is very close to us, such as someone's brother, then even that People who come forward to respond to Senior Xiao Muzhen will be considered a deliberately fabricated person, right? Of course, if the person we find has nothing to do with the rest of us, then there is no problem."

"As long as you agree, and you actually have a relationship, then this kind of doubt will disappear? After all, the three people know each other, and the overlap of the circle of friends is understandable." Biqigu calmly retorted.

"If, the answer is no acceptance-at least not now?"

"Then Yubihama, do you think that person would do this?"

"I'm just suggesting a possibility. It's why Senior Biqigu has such confidence in that person's response."

"I'm just imagining the most ideal situation. If the situation you mentioned really happens, then I can't do anything." Biqigu sighed and shook his head.

The discussion on this issue seems to have stalled here.

No one can come up with better ideas to solve the problem, and no one can make a judgment on the previous deadlock.

The second hand of the new alarm clock bought by the Ministry of Service in the classroom was ticking around, which seemed particularly harsh at this time.

"Come here first today?" The minister's announcement began with the expectation of temporary relief. "After all, the problem has been sorted out. We can go back and think about the problem and the solution. What do you think?"

"Well, no problem."

"I have said everything I want to say."


Perhaps it was cited as being too exhausted, so we all overlooked that this is a rare opportunity for Xuexia Xueno to consult with everyone.

"Yuhihama, was your answer sincere at the time?" After the dissolution, without anyone else, Higiya once asked me again.

"I just put forward a hypothesis." I continued to avoid the other party's question.

However, evasion is not the solution to the problem, especially when the last heroine of the conspiracy theory incident inevitably appears in front of me.

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Chapter 9: False Tenderness and True Lies

Human life is very short, and it is short because we lose our way in the cycle of repeating mechanical and meaningless work every day, and finally spend our whole life unconsciously.Human life can also be very long. This is because, in just one year, you can experience all the emotions and events in life, just like there is some power in the world that wants to add everything to this world. The same on you.

I think what I have experienced in the past year is the latter state.

In March, when I met Xiaomu Xuecai, I felt that my life was redeemed. However, this redemption and dependence were too short-lived. Then, emotions and relationships began to collapse, and there was a chance of barely repairing. However, the direction of the city is falling indefinitely like history.

Then, now, I am faced with a choice, whether to re-choose desperate redemption, or choose to struggle in the ideals that I have shaped.There is no right or wrong between the two. From the perspective of deconstruction, both options are means of self-paralysis. Emotions will lie, but reason will also lie. Perhaps most of the time I will not admit the latter. However, when I met Senior Xiao Muzhen, I couldn't lie to my heart.

This was not a deliberate encounter. The expression on Senior's face went from surprise to surprise to helplessness, and in the end there was even a subconscious avoidance expression that solidified in my heart.

We all know that this is not the right moment for us to talk.

Of course, you can pretend to miss each other without seeing each other, but this deliberateness is really too difficult.

"That one--"

Coincidentally, people feel embarrassed in unison.

"What a coincidence, let's walk together?" Senior Xiao Muzhen smiled and said in a gentle but indisputable tone that I used to be familiar with but now feel strange.

"Well, there is no problem next anyway."

Senior Xiao Mu Shu likes the river bank near the school, although because winter has arrived, the trees on the river bank that should have been lush and leafy have only bare branches, which adds a little bleak to the overall atmosphere, but often, as long as there is Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai Exist, this kind of place will be colored.

The real Xiaomu Shuxue Cai is colorful, but in school, she combined this colorful into a transparent glass color.Only this is the truth of her that I feel in my heart.

"How are you doing recently?" Very old-fashioned greeting question.

"Well, so-so, nothing big happened." The answer was very general.

"Sa, is that right?" However, this very formulaic dialogue ended in a perfunctory manner. "Why did He also lie?"

——Why lie?

I can't lie in front of Senior Xiao Muzhen, countless times, I have realized this.However, just now I calmly told a lie.Although this lie may be due to the answer to the formula, there is also a possibility, that is, I am gradually closing my heart to Senior Xiao Muzhu.

I set my sights on the predecessors. I don’t know who told me before. Maybe it’s the predecessor Xiao Muzhen himself. Human eyes can express the most sincere feelings.And now, that sad, surprised look is not deceiving.

"This is not a lie—" I defended, not knowing whether it was to myself or the person in front of me.

"--I know."

What do you know?Why can you know things that I don't even know?