My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 295

"I know, but, sure enough, this is something that can't be helped, right?" Senior Xiao Muzhen also whispered softly. Similarly, I don't know if the object of her words is herself or the person opposite her.

Without the space for formulaic dialogue, there is only embarrassment and suffering. We all know this, so we all avoid talking to each other.

Perhaps, the result can only be this.

——Or not.

"I'm sorry, Kazuya!" When I felt that the conversation that shouldn't be there this time was over, the senior spoke again.


——Really, do you want a showdown at this time?

"I'm sorry, I didn't know that while doing that, I didn't know that it would also trouble your sister. I considered many situations, and I was ready to apologize to many people, but it was only your sister's problem. , I didn't think about it."

——So, isn’t it about me?

Senior Xiaomuzhen's eyes cast sincerely at me, she did not hesitate, did not dodge, she did not lie, she was sincerely sorry to Yui sister.

"If you talk to your sister directly, she will forgive me? I know, Yui has always been so kind, but because she can predict the result, she dare not say it."

——That’s because you are also a victim. No matter who you are, you won’t be angry at you, who is also a victim, right?What's more, Yuihama Yui is indeed such an incurable person who can easily forgive others.

"So, the main thing looking for me is to apologize to Yui sister?"

"It's roughly like this, but sure enough-can't it?"

"No, that's okay. If you don't want to know your sister's answer, but just want to apologize for this behavior, it's okay."

Of course it’s okay, it’s too okay, but are there only these?

Is the look at the beginning deceptive?Is it so forgotten what I said at the time?Or is it really permissible to force yourself to wait?

Now that I am disgusted by my behavior, you don't say a word about your contribution. Instead, you want to apologize to others. What a joke!

"--So, is there a way to solve the problem?" It was as if I had accurately calculated the time when my emotions were about to explode. Senior Xiao Muzhen accurately spoke at the moment when I was about to speak, so that I could only follow her The topic said continues.

"We discussed the solution to this matter. The key is the facts identified in the fake news, including the fact that Xuexia and her sister helped each other. If these things can be denied, this matter has a chance to be resolved. My sister, including seniors, won’t suffer so much slander."

"So, is it possible to deny these key facts?"

"It should be possible. Senior Biqigu put forward many constructive opinions."

Once again, I lied in a calm way that disgusted me.It is possible to seize the wrong facts of the news to attack, but it is very difficult to really crack down on these wrong facts. The previous Xuexia and my evasive performance have shown this point.

And this time, Senior Xiao Muzhen didn't seem to be able to see through my lies.

"Is that so? That would be great!" She said with a heartfelt smile, "In fact, my side is okay. After all, I'm about to graduate. Many things can be done more easily. However, your sister needs more I stayed in school for a year and a half, including Xuexia, if you always carry such an infamy, life at school will be very sad!"

"Well, so this problem must be solved."

"That's all right, I believe in Heya, and Heya never disappoints me, does it?"

Never let you down?

Do you really think so, Senior Xiao Muzhen?

Now, this bad one, who avoided replying because of my stubbornness and inexplicable secondary illness, is also the one who does not let you down?

If you cannot see through my lies, can I also not see through your lies?

I can't stand this.

"Senior wants to say, is this the only thing?"

"That's all I want to say, right?"

The eyes are avoiding subconsciously. Just like me, Senior Xiao Mu Shu, you are also a very bad liar when facing the problem of straight shots.

"Really, is this enough?"

"Really, this is enough, I already think it's OK. There is nothing else I want to say."

"The attack on the predecessor is much more serious than what you just understated with me? After all, this is the situation where the former Miss Chief Wu Gao was slandered and compromised for power and some small selfish interests. This will break. How many people have a good impression of Senior Xiao Muzhen!"

To some extent, this is worse than the loss of image caused by confession.

"Ah, um, oh, this!" I saw this senior's expression change from panic to doubt, then relieved, just like my reaction, at first I mistakenly thought that the other party wanted to ask more important questions, but found out When the other party says something that is not what he is worried about, he immediately relaxes.

"It's okay, although it's a bit bad, but no one cares about these things after graduation? Even if someone cares, is it important to leave an impression in the eyes of most people in this school? Perfect? Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai, who is like the goddess of God, and Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai, who cooperated with the authority because of some petty profits, are not the real me. So, is there any difference between the two?"

Senior Xiao Muzhen talked endlessly, very convincing, but it was precisely because it was too convincing that she could show her mixed feelings of anxiety and relaxation.

She usually doesn't give too many explanations. Even though there are thousands of explanations, she knows what I believe and what I don't believe. Between the two of us, we never need extra reasoning.

However, she is now reasoning, which can only prove that she is covering up her anxiety.

However, it is precisely because of this that the feelings of predecessor Xiao Muzhen have been conveyed!

Although, maybe this is not your original intention to have this conversation with me-at least not the intention you told me.

However, I still feel your mood.

The same as me, because of the uneasy mood of what is happening in reality, and the panic about the uncertainty of the future.

Because I think so, I can feel it better.

It is true to be sorry for my sister, and it is also true to be worried about the future of my sister and Yukoshita.However, it is also true to feel embarrassed about my environment, and it is also true to panic about my delay in giving answers.

Two real feelings, one told me through your words, and one hinted to me through your reaction to me.

The reason why you are unwilling to express the latter two feelings to me is because you don't want to worry me, right?

Even at this time, do you have to show the gentleness of your sister?

Of course, I like this kind of gentleness, and I was addicted to this kind of gentleness for a while-but that is based on the basis that I feel that I am qualified to enjoy this kind of gentleness, and this kind of gentleness itself does not cause trouble to people.

I don't like to blindly enjoy unilateral charity, when this is the dignity that I don't want to lose.

If this gentleness brings pain to Senior Xiao Muzhen, then I need to eradicate this pain for her.

Really, I'm really a fool!Why didn't you realize this before?Yui sister's gentleness comes at a price. Why do I think that the gentleness of Ogisao-senpai has no price?

"Senior," I held the hand of Senior Xiao Muzhen, "Problems can be solved, all problems can be solved. I like the gentle lies of seniors, but, if possible, I hope senior Xiao Muzhen will not Then I was forced to show a fake but gentle smile with a lie in front of me!"

Why is the family special?Because the behavior and emotions of family members cannot be speculated rationally.However, this is not just limited to family members. Important people are the same.If you restrain yourself with reason in front of important people, then reason is a lie, the so-called true lie.


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