My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 296

I held Senior’s hand for a very short time, or in other words, in the full of ambition and lofty ambitions, I couldn’t react to it. Did I let go of Senior Xiaomuzhen’s hand by myself, or the other party quickly pulled it away because of surprise. hand.

The only thing I can remember clearly is the rare blush on Senior's face.

This is the way she would never show in front of me. Her calmness, her gentleness, and her tolerance are normal Xiaomu Yuxuecai, her uncertainty, her sorrow, and her dodge are occasional Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai appeared.However, none of these expressions will make her face blush.

I did not wait for her response, just as she did not want my response immediately.

Maybe it was because of shyness, but more because of trust, I knew she would be able to understand me, just as she believed that I would be able to give her a satisfactory answer.

And, just this is enough.I am just declaring a fact on my own. I don't need to get the permission of predecessor Xiao Muzhen, I don't even need to get my own permission, because, I know, I just want to do this.

I have been suppressed by myself for too long.Too obsessed with rational thinking, too obsessed with the complete works of reason.But reason can lie, and vacillating reason is not reason.

When someone you value is hurt, what you have to do is not to use this false rationality to judge the best way to solve the problem, but to respond with your strongest confidence.This world is not a cold and emotionless world, and the brainless blood of the jump male protagonist is not an act that so-called rationalists can mock.

When was the last time I had such an idea?Maybe it was when my sister was attacked by Miura?At that time, the theory of talent uselessness was broken and extreme measures were taken.But after that, although the theory of talent uselessness ceased to exist, I used the shackles of reason to add a forward-looking character to myself, thinking that I was controlling other people, influencing other people and controlling everything, letting everything Walk forward in the most correct way.However, in fact, in the process of advancing this "correct" path, I also paid too much for hurting my important people.

Now when I think about it, Senior Xiao Muzhen, who repeatedly rejected me at that time, wanted to say to me, is that simple?Wasn't Isshiki choosing this path when he refused my "aid"?

Emotional control is necessary, but it is also sad when emotions are forced to submit to reason.

Humans are different from animals because they have rationality, but humans are different from machines because they have emotions.Emotion and reason are never contradictory.I just built up this all-or-nothing relationship in my heart.

In a sense, I need to thank the maker of the rumor. If he hadn't harmed three important people at the same time in this way, I wouldn't allow my feelings to be so presumptuous, right?

So, what we need to do now is to solve the problem.

——Even if it is a dead end, it must be resolved, even if it is considered a brainless, it must be overcome.

I will not be able to forgive myself if I let others' tenderness and forgiveness to myself paralyze myself.

Of course, it is one thing to get rid of yourself with enthusiasm, but another to solve the problem.

In the previous club activities, the analysis made by Biqigu was very reasonable. There were only three starting points for solving the problem from the incident itself, and I could not break away from these three options.

Of course, as Biqigu thinks, identifying yourself is a solution.However, I don't want to do this. It's not because of evasion, but because I don't want to respond in this persecuted way. This is not what I expected, nor is it the response that Senior Xiao Muzhen expected.

The other two levels of problems are unsolvable.Not to mention the thoughts of Xuexia Yangna, the current Xuexia Xuena does not have the courage to bear the pressure of public opinion-this is incomprehensible to me before, but now, when I look at the problem of Xuexia A lot clearer.

To a certain extent, I was paralyzed by Yukoshita's "responsible" statement.

If the problem cannot be solved by itself, then directly aim at the source of the problem-that is, the press department of Zou Wu Gao.Zong Wu Gao's press department did not like to sensationalize so much, so the key issue was with the so-called "informer."

"—To be honest, Kazuya, it makes me strange that you haven't taken the initiative to come to me for questioning at this time! Do you think I should be happy or sad about it?" Then, a potential possibility The "message provider" spoke up.

"I think you should be happy about this, because I believe in the integrity of Yi Hueiyu so much that I feel a little guilty when I doubt you. So in order to avoid this, I am Come to interrogate your impression, so I have not come to ask about your situation," I raised my head, looked at the girl who spoke to me for the second time in a while, and said with a side angle, "Or, you want to come in front of me. Actively admit that this is the result of your single-handed operation?"

"Of course not. If I did this, my conscience would be troubled-although the result seemed to be very beneficial to me." Isshiki blinked and said.

"To be honest, although I believe in you, Isn't it ridiculous to use your conscience to prove that you can't do this kind of thing?"

"Of course there is a reasonable explanation, and that is that this matter is likely to involve me," Isshiki shook his head, and said sternly, "After all, I and Yukoshita are both executive chairmen, although this There are only three people involved in the so-called'transaction'. However, as one of the executive committee chairs, it is easy to be said to be related, right?"

"This is the so-called'people in the system are always unclean', right? I didn't expect you to consider this level."

"Thank you for the compliment," Isshiki said proudly, raising his chest, "I didn't improve without you!"

"That’s what I said, but this also explains why you talked to me? Are you worried? Although Xuexia is your competitor now, if there is a non-executive committee at this time If you are a competitor, then you may be involved in this storm."

"Rather than being involved in the storm, it's better to solve it beforehand." Isshiki raised his eyebrows and replied.

"But there is a problem here," I stared at Ishiki's eyes. "If this problem is solved, Yukoshita will defeat you by an overwhelming advantage. Isn't that the case? Instead of facing Yukoshita, that kind of Potentials may not appear, or opponents who do not necessarily have a substantial impact on your campaign are really more difficult to deal with? Friendly reminder, in the competition, we must always consider defeating the opponent in front of us, not because of the present It’s not worth mentioning that the virtual potential enemy is even more terrifying, so I despise the present."

"Ah, I seem to have forgotten this--" Isshiki stuck out his tongue.

"Really forgot?" I have not heard her further response after waiting for a long time, which makes me a little puzzled.

Although this may be a mistake made by Isshiki, I prefer her not to make such a mistake.

"But I think it's easy to solve it? As long as you don't help Senior Xuexia, then the threat of Senior Xuexia is greatly reduced, isn't it?"

This is probably Isshiki's lowest level sentence today.

Want to provoke the alliance between me and Yukinoshita, is this really okay?Taking a step back, even if I don't help Xuexia, with her own ability and capital, the probability of defeating Isshiki is still very high in the face of a duel.

Although Yukoshita's recent state has been very sluggish, it is indeed difficult to compete with Isshiki in this state, and I can feel this, but this alone can prove that she will be so sluggish throughout the election process. ?

"It seems that Heya hasn't realized it yet? This is the so-called fan of the authorities?" Isshishi sighed and said, "However, this matter is not important anymore, and about that rumor, you really don't Do you need information from my side?"

Despite all the doubts, Yishi's attitude is sincere, and now I am not stubborn enough to refuse all external assistance to solve the problem.

"Or, speak up and listen?"

"First of all, with regard to the vague photo in the newspaper, a friend of mine said that it does not look like a candid photo, but rather a picture taken from a surveillance video."

"Does the current family restaurants have funds to install monitoring? Or is the integrity of the current high school students dropped to this level?"

"This is something I want to pay attention to from time to time, but you can check it out for yourself. The family restaurant where the seniors and the others are discussing is indeed monitored and operating effectively."


"In other words, for the person who provided the news, he might not have seen the conversation between the predecessors and theirs at that time. If he learned of the existence of this conversation through certain channels afterwards, he would have a chance to pass the repetition. The video of that period is used to find evidence."

"However, there is a big problem with your inference-how can an ordinary person check the surveillance video of a family restaurant? Even the police cannot make such a request without reason?"

"Well, so, this involves another situation that I have learned," Isshi nodded, and said, "This family restaurant seems to have been newly opened two years ago. It is said that it was a member of General Wu Gao. A graduate was very dissatisfied that there was no place to eat light meals around the school, so several students bought this land around the school in the name of working and starting a business and built a family restaurant."

"You can buy a store in a prime location near Zong Wu Gao. Is that guy's family background really not bad?"

“It’s said that it was originally from the Okayama family here, right? The location of the store near the school is better, and they are reluctant to give up, so they also own part of the family restaurant’s shares. Of course, the key to the problem is Graduated two years ago."

"Two years ago, when Senior Xiao Muzhen just enrolled in school, what the graduates of that time said--"

——It's not such a coincidence, right?

"Although the specific situation is not very clear, there are rumors that the owner of that family restaurant has a very close relationship with Yukoshita Yono!"

So, does everything belong to that woman again?

However, this is incomprehensible.Although I understand that Xuexiayang is, in a sense, a person who does not care too much about the consequences, but there is one thing I believe, she will not hurt her sister.

The practice of the school festival can also be understood as she is sincerely trying to add luster to her sister’s school festival. However, this scandal will not benefit Yukino Yukoshita at all and not only reduces the possibility of her being elected as the president of the student council. , Also affected her own reputation.

As if seeing the problem I was facing, Isshiki shook his head: "When I came to the conclusion, I was also surprised. At least I couldn't understand the reason why Yukoshita was the predecessor."

"So, what I have to do is go to that guy to verify this fact and ask why, is that right?"

Probably only me can do such a thing.