My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 297

Isshiki nodded lightly.

I found the possible culprit, but I don't feel any doubts have been resolved. This is probably how I feel right now.

Yukino Yukoshita looked at everyone condescendingly like a trader, manipulating everyone's actions, but for the first time, I couldn't judge her purpose.

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This chapter left a very detailed suggestive easter egg, I wonder if you can find it...


Chapter Eleven: Do not break or stand

I used to think that as long as anyone analyzes his fundamental interests clearly, then I can judge and predict his behavior, but people are more complicated than I thought.The fundamental interests of other people that I have judged are often not the fundamental interests that he considers.So, I tried to persuade others to let them know their "real" thoughts, but I failed.

Therefore, I think that there are too many stupid people in this world. Only when I guide others can I help the people I can.However, I found that recognizing my own fundamental interests and accepting my own fundamental interests are two different things. The "irrational" actions of others that I often talk about will also appear on my own body, and the same "irrational" , The same use of sensibility.And the "reason" that I have constructed for myself sometimes lie, while the so-called "sensibility" can sometimes make more accurate judgments.

Of course, this is definitely not the possibility of letting people abandon rational choices, but to make oneself a robot thinking and extreme consideration as much as possible. In most cases, I still believe in the "correctness" that human reason can create. .

In this world, there are people who are always willing to use their own reason, and there are also people who are not willing to use their own reason, and I believe that everyone in the Xuexia family is the former.Therefore, although Yukoshita's many practices are unpredictable, and although many of her words make people feel like I am afraid of her surprise, I am not afraid that she cannot be grasped by me.As I said before, her fundamental interest is to prevent her sister from being harmed.

This was the case during the summer vacation. Later, the agreement with me deepened my judgment. It was understandable during the school festival. Although in a sense what she did was not good for Xuexiaxue, what about now?

I don’t know if it’s her evil taste. The place where I negotiated with Yukino Yui was at the family restaurant where Yui sisters discussed before.As if she would not be afraid of being caught by anyone, or even willing to be seen by others in this discussion, she chose such a location.

While sucking the drink straw in my hand, I watched the opposite person who I was about to face, who was not sure whether it was an enemy or a friend.

"My brother and brother asked me to meet in this place, don't you worry about being discovered by others?"

——It’s really bad to pretend to be ignorant of this location that I have set.

"I think the reason the seniors chose this place is because this is a place I can afford to consume, right? The quality of the restaurants that seniors usually get involved in, my monthly living expenses may be gone."

"My sister won't be so bad, if I go to such a place, I will pay the bill!"

"——Then I will never have to go to that restaurant. After all, he is a man who is so bad that the ladies pay the bill!"

"It's okay if you have this kind of consciousness." With a chuckle, Xuexiayangna sipped the coffee in front of her elegantly, just like in a formal western restaurant.

I think she knows what I want to ask, and she also knows that I know this clearly, and even the information that I have let Isshiki know is also hinted to Isshiki through some means.The unpredictable hidden behind her smile makes people angry, but they don't know how to solve it.

Then, straight-forward is the best choice.

"I always have a question to ask Senior Xuexia, your relationship with your sister, that is, my minister is so bad, don't you think of ways to improve it?"

"Ah, this is a naked slander, Kazuya brother, I really like Koyuki! After all, it is my dearest sister!"

"But Senior's sister doesn't seem to buy it, does it?"

"This is a big problem! I have always wanted to help Koyuki, but that child is so stubborn, refused the help of his family, and wanted to solve the problem alone, so many mistakes will appear afterwards, which also makes me feel Very troublesome!"

"So, even if your sister keeps rejecting your help, you still want to help your sister, is that right?"

"Of course, on the one hand, I was looking for opportunities to help Koyino, but recently I also used other methods, did you say so, brother Kazuya?" He threw the question back to me with a big smile , "I fully believe in you! You know, I have never assured Koyuki to hand over to anyone else!"

"That's really an honor! You don't seem to have mentioned this before."

"Yes, I haven't mentioned it before," Yukoshita nodded and continued, "So, I think it should be better to mention this matter at that time. After all, this will make you pay more attention to Koyuki. No, isn't it?"

It took only half a sentence to change from a gentle tone to a dreadful tone, and Yukoshita Yono, who was still smiling just now, stared at my eyes without any meaning to tease.

"I don't quite understand what seniors mean!"

"I think Brother Heye should be very clear-you are not good enough!"

Is this the so-called anti-guest?Before I question my own performance?

"It’s really hard to judge whether I’m doing well or not, but seniors, don’t you think that when you ask me to help, what you should do is to help me in the back, not to trap me, don’t you? It’s not to test Yubihama’s abilities, but to help Yukino Yukino himself, isn’t it? Don’t forget your original goal just because you enjoy the opportunity to test my abilities!"

"Is there nothing wrong with testing Heye's abilities?" He continued to smile and answered calmly.

"Ten thousand steps back and say, even if you want to test my abilities and bring in unrelated personnel, don’t you think it’s really too much? You crowned Yui sister by yourself, and then enjoyed the risk of putting the new queen into a crisis of trust. I personally took off Senior Xiao Muzhen’s crown, and then gave her an attack like a rock. Do you think that expanding your damage range to other people can arouse my fighting spirit?"

"Indeed, expanding the scope of damage to other people can arouse your anger!"

——This is a confession. It is a simple and confessional confession.

"Of course, I just made a head start. I didn't expect the people of the press department to do so well, maybe there is a combustion aid!"

"So," I suppressed my anger and asked in a deep voice, "I need a reason. Just to irritate me? Let me solve the problem more combatively?"

"What if this is the case?"

"Then you will welcome the results you don't want. I believe you can understand what I mean."

"Ah, brother Heye is threatening his elder sister who has graduated from college? There is no need to be so angry, right?"

"The anger is because you have done too much. Didn't you anticipate this?"

"Sa, isn't it? Of course I expected it."

"So, why would you do this—"

"——Because I originally thought that Brother Kazuya should be smarter. Apart from being angry, you should have more self-reflection, right?"


"Brother Kazuya, elder sister is very helpless, why are children so stupid now? Xiaoxuno can't notice this, can't you notice it?" He sighed, Yukoshita Said with a frown.

"What can't you notice?"

"So, from the beginning, didn't I just say it? Brother Heye, when you promised your sister's task, you didn't pay enough attention to it. Now, the result is disappointing!"

"So I also said that if you don't interfere with us, I have now successfully put Xuexia on the position of president of the student union. As the president of the student union, isn't the outstanding one in your ideals? Under the snow?"

"However, when did I say that the Koyuki I want is an'excellent' Koyuki?"

"Or, when did I say that," the indifferent light in his eyes flickered, and the person continued with a blank expression on his face, in a frightening tone, "Koyuki who became the president of the student council is an'excellent' little boy. Yukino? Classmate Yukihama Kazuya, you just criticized me for ignoring my ultimate goal for enjoying teasing you. Well, now, you still remember that when I asked you to help Koyuki, the purpose what is it then?"

——Yes, the purpose at the time was definitely not to make Xuexia the chairman of the student union. Even at the time, I only knew that I had one purpose. I had no idea what I needed to do.In the past two months, the cultural festivals and student union elections seem to be very fulfilling and seem to work very hard, but I am only helping Xuexia achieve the wishes she wants.

But, is this my goal to help Yukoshita achieve his wish?

"What's wrong, do you remember?"

It should be, remember it.

Inadvertently lent Xuexia a false walking stick, so Xuexia Yangna expected that when the false walking stick could not maintain her sister's faith, she would collapse.