My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 298

What I have to do is to solve the problems she faced when she collapsed.

So I chose to help Xuexia. So when Xuexia found out that I didn’t know what to do, I helped her solve the problem. So when Xuexia wanted to prove myself, I would stand on the same line as her. The effective solution, I chose, is to make her a "supported leader."

"If you think about it, you should understand, what's wrong with you?"

Yes, the mistake is too simple, or too ridiculous.I am the one who was kidnapped by form for the ultimate goal.To solve the problem of collapse, I chose to become a crutch under the snow, but if my crutch was also taken away, what would the result be at that time?

Presumably, it was another collapse, right?

"It's more serious than you think!"

"more serious?"

"Brother Kazuya, I haven't communicated much with Koyuki recently, but you can tell me, which one of the problems Koyuki asked and completely solved recently?"

Recently, has Xuexia voluntarily raised and solved the problem?

Then, I discovered a frightening fact-the most recent time was before Xuexia's illness.After that, both the decision-making and the way of dealing with problems have become a collaboration between the two, and recently, slowly, it has become a one-man show for me.

"Such a little Yukino, if you become the president of the student union, do you know what the result will be?"

Obviously, she will continue to turn to me for help - and I agreed with her that the cooperation between the two will end after the election of the president.

This is the worst situation!

And Yukinoshita herself may have realized this. Therefore, during the recent period, her condition is particularly sluggish. At first, I felt that there was a problem with her body's self-control. Now it seems that it should be for the future. Uneasy?

"It doesn't have to be absolutely correct, it doesn't have to be the most perfect and outstanding. These are not important. The Koyuki I want to see is just a person with his own independent thinking. It is not about chasing family members. My own righteousness and goals do not regard relying on other people as an indicator of my own task. I am sorry, Yubihama Kazuya, you let me down.” The cruel conclusion was revealed nakedly in front of me. , A slap hit my face fiercely.

This is my mistake and I have no way to refute it.

"I wanted to do this during the cultural festival. I expected a failure to make you sober, but it seemed to arouse the child's rebellious psychology, didn't it?"

Therefore, we did not misunderstand the role played by Yukoshita Yono in the cultural festival. She really wanted to affect her sister's success, but her way of influencing was indeed somewhat obscure.

Of course, I should be able to see the reason behind this abnormality. The reason why I didn't was because I was too arrogant in my own judgment.

"So, the ultimate goal of this incident is to make Xuexia's election defeat, right?"

"Wake that kid up, this is the last resort."

"So, Yui sister and Xiaomusao, who were more affected, were affected by Chiyu, right?"

"In conclusion, this is the case."

I don't know why. At this time, I don't seem to have any room for a confident refutation. After I figured out the other party's purpose, the method was immediately understandable.

For her sister, Yukoshita Yono can send Yui sister to the altar, and similarly, for her sister, she can also take off the crown.

I should be angry, but I know that my anger will not affect her in any way.

"Of course, I also think this is a good way to stimulate you, isn't it? Yubihama Kazuya classmate?" Looking at me condescendingly, grasping my mood, predicting the future results.

And my reaction should still be in her expectations.

This person's calculations of people's hearts are a bit too terrifying.

"I understand what the predecessors meant. I will solve the problem this time, including the problems under Xuexia."

——In other words, there is only one problem in essence this time, and that is the problem of Yukino's revival.

From this point, I agree with Yukoshita Yono.

From reason, perhaps the cruelest, but the most effective method.

Do not break or stand.

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So, it will start a full-volume drama of abuse of Xue Na (well I know she is miserable enough, Wang Tian)


Chapter 12: The death sentence signed by hand

After being in contact with a person for a long time, a fixed impression will be formed. This impression may not be consistent, but it must be an impression of the person's construction.

When I was in the first grade of elementary school, I was a crying kid, so when I graduated from elementary school and other classmates wrote me graduation messages, I still received "I hope you can get rid of your crying problem" and so on. Rumors-although the truth is that since the third grade, I have not cried in front of other people once.

Therefore, for many people, the first impression of that person is her fixed impression.And all other impressions are regarded as "exceptions" and are selectively deleted from memory.

So, what is the first impression of Yukino Yukoshita?

The classroom under the setting sun, with awe-inspiring exquisite face, supple long black hair, absolute self-confidence in insisting on his own ideas without hesitation, and relentless suppression of people who are not in the right direction.

Ideal and powerful, beautiful but cold, this is my impression of Yukino under Yukoshita.

And I feel that under the current snow, my basic impression has not changed.

Therefore, I believe that the weak Xuexia is a special case. I believe this is only her temporary inability to adjust. I believe that Xuexia Xueno will be able to actively throw away my crutch sooner or later, and then move forward independently by her own will. .

But is this the reality?

Not so.Because she is too dependent on crutches, she is like a blind person, just letting her actions be controlled by a guide dog.However, guide dogs can maintain absolute loyalty, but humans cannot.

In the club classroom, when I cast my eyes under the snow, she quickly reacted and cast a kind and suspicious look at me.

Although it is far from being gentle, if you can compare it with the previous snow under the snow, the difference is obvious.It is not wrong to be gentle with others. The mistake is that she lost her independent thinking when she was gentle with others.

Very modestly, it has become a machine that handles problems efficiently, but it is only responsible for execution, not decision-making.If it was like this, it was not even comparable to Yui sister who was no longer following the trend.

"Today's club activities, should we continue to discuss yesterday's issues?"

"Well, it's like this, have you thought of any solution, Yubihama?"

Answer me subconsciously, and then subconsciously wait for my answer. This is the current state under the snow. How could it be possible that such an obvious anomaly has not been discovered before?

Or maybe it was discovered but ignored by me, right?

"Even if I didn't think of a solution, it is necessary to discuss this issue, right? This is more or less a commission from the Ministry of Service-and it is my first commission."

"Well, I'm sorry, that's the case," she put her hands together gently, and then her face turned to other people, "then today, let's continue discussing yesterday's problem? Have you thought of any solution after you went back?"

It was as if the host on the stage asked a very boring question, the stones thrown down the stage did not even splash the smallest water.

Like what seemed to have been through a long time ago, Biqigu raised his head tiredly, glanced at Yukoshita, and lowered his head again-completely two people with the guy who proactively proposed a solution yesterday.However, it is understandable that the accurate statement yesterday has covered all the solutions he can propose.

Sister Yui looked at everyone hopefully, and then after everyone was silent, she lowered her head in a tangled manner, rubbing her hands constantly, trying to say something to make the atmosphere smooth, but because she was already It's been a long time since I deliberately did this kind of thing and it seemed that I didn't know what to do.

If it were in the past, this state of silence is the best opportunity for Xuexia to make her own dictatorship, but now she looks at everyone like a teacher patiently waiting for her classmates to wake up. Waiting for everyone seriously.