My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 299

——Waiting seriously for us to give her an answer, an answer to her who gave up thinking.

So, let me give her an answer!

When Xuexia's gaze fell on me for the second time, I still spoke: "Actually, I have a solution to the problem, but—"

"--But?" Biqigu was the first to respond to my words.

"This method is a very personal method. I can use a very personal relationship to solve this problem, and it can solve it better than I imagined. However, because it involves many indescribable transactions, so if possible If you do, I don’t want anyone else to know about it."

"Even everyone in the Ministry of Service, can't it?" My sister opened her eyes wide and asked suspiciously.

"Sorry, if possible, I want to try not to involve other people, that is to say, if I fail, this is also my personal error, you still have the possibility of throwing me off and continuing to solve the problem."

"Are you doing any confidential mission? Do you want to involve other people?"

"I don’t think this is just right for the predecessors of Biqigu? Let a seemingly irrelevant person use the most effective method to solve the problem. Sacrificing one person, saving the majority, not to mention that the only person may not necessarily sacrifice ."

I used Biqigu's way to plug Biqigu's mouth. Of course, this method is not effective for my sister.

"No — yes! Is Xiaohe doing dangerous things by himself? Or is he doing bad things by himself? This is absolutely not possible! This question is Xiaohe's commission to the Ministry of Service. It becomes to let Xiaohe solve the problem alone?"

"I represent part of the views of the Ministry of Service!"

"Then I will stop Xiaohe as a sister!"

"Sorry, Yui sister, when do you think you succeeded in suppressing me as a sister?"

"In short, it just doesn't work!"

"Then, let's vote!" Of course, Yui sister's reaction was also in my expectation, and this time, it is time to use the weapon of "collective", "Since Yui sister values ​​the willingness of the Ministry of Service so much. , Then, let everyone in the Ministry of Service vote? Of course, I don’t participate in this vote, and it’s up to the other three of you to decide whether to agree to let me complete this confidential solution alone or reject this solution ."


"It's not the solution to keep arguing. At this time, we must use the most primitive and fair majority method, right?"

The sister bit her lip, and finally nodded helplessly.

"Then you don't have to show your hands to vote. Anyway, there are only three people, so everyone can express their opinions one by one?"

"Then let me talk about it first! Resolutely reject Xiaohe's plan-how can such a plan that is separated from the collective work?" Sister Yui looked at me angrily.

"Well, I see, what about senior Qigu?"

"There are not too many objections, right? If it is as effective as Yubihama you said." Hikitani said slowly, wondering what he was thinking.

These are all expected reactions, and the only thing that cannot be predicted is Xuexia.

——In other words, I expected Xuexia's most likely reaction now, but I want to give her a chance, a last chance, to save myself by my own decision.

"Well, Yubihama, about the plan just now, can't you really tell us any information?" When Yukoshita answered, her eyes couldn't even keep the calmness of disguise at the beginning, that's it. She looked at me imploringly, as if thinking that I would be moved by her pleading if possible.

"Sorry, there is no concession with this."

"But, Yubihama, don't you think this will make it difficult for us to trust you? Why on earth should we put the possibility of solving the problem on you?"

"So, I also pointed out-I can't solve the problem. You can just put me aside and rethink a set of solutions, and to be honest, I am very confident in my own method."

"Very confident but unwilling to speak?"

"Yes, that's it."

I felt the suspicion in Xuexia’s eyes—or, this is the correct response. Facing a mysterious solution proposed by a seemingly arrogant member, a person who has full confidence in his own judgment. The way he solved the problem should be questioned.Although the so-called "letting go and trusting one's subordinates" is also an ability, this ability is undoubtedly not consistent with Xuexia's direction.Her direction should be one that firmly believes in her own judgment, and that her own ideas are the direction of the best solution.

This is a choice. In other words, if Xuexia chooses to question me now, then she will restore my trust in her. This at least means that she can get rid of her dependence on other people by her own reason. , Her own problem is much simpler to solve.However, if Yukoshita chooses to trust me unconditionally, then sorry, I must live up to your trust.

Of course it's not that it doesn't solve the problem, but that it solves the problem by knocking you out of the abyss.

After you realize your betrayal and separation, force you to stand up. This is the final solution.

And Yukino's fate under Xuexia is now determined by herself.

——So, don’t trust me, Yukinoshita, if you still believe in your own possibilities.

"Well, if Yuhihama said so, then I don't think I can oppose it. I agree with Yuhihama's solution, so it was two to one. This decision was passed, is that right?"

"As you wish, Minister Yukoshita." I nodded softly.

Sorry, as you wish, Minister Yukoshita, now you have signed your own death sentence. Then, once it is activated, the great wheel of history cannot be reversed.

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If there is something that must be harmonious and cannot be changed, then it is his problem-solving style. This guy, in the end, can't achieve a complete moderation.Well, I feel sorry for Xue Nai for a second.


Chapter 13: Actually, Yuihama Yui discovered more things

I know that from a neutral perspective, even if I know my position, even if I know what I think, many of my actions are incomprehensible.For example, now, using this overly persistent, yet oblique way to deal with what Xuexia is doing.

First of all, why help her to this level?Secondly, why use such an awkward method instead of directly pointing out her problem to Xuexia?Finally, why do you have to fight alone, and refuse the possible assistance of others?

Yes, it is incomprehensible, but maybe it is really easy to understand.The reason is simple: just because of pride and responsibility.

In any case, I opened the Pandora’s Box of changes under Xuexia when I said that to Xuexia during the summer vacation. All of this was caused by me. I need to make up for it by myself. This is the responsibility. It fell from my hand, and in the end, I could only pick it up from the dust. This is pride.

This stubbornness cannot be understood by anyone, even those who should know me best.

Since entering high school, it is not the first time that I have had a commotion with Yui sister. It stands to reason that there should be a lot of friction between my sister and brother from entering adolescence, and our friction seems to come a little later.

At dinner, Yui sister clearly showed her gesture except for refusing to communicate with me.Please, elder sister, I can understand what you did to me, but your brother suffers a lot. If nothing else, the mother is full of adults. "Heya, you are such a freshman, why don’t you understand? "Apologize to Yui's" complaining eyes are very painful.Not to mention that the father, who usually has a sense of nothingness, also suddenly has a daughter's control at this time.

In short, external reasons are why I seek to talk to my sister.

"Xiaohe--Heya, did you know that your sister has reached the age of marriage, and is still entering the girls' room at this time, do you have any shame?"

Rarely, Yui sister's "proud" mode.

However, don't you feel uncomfortable saying this?Mingming recently invited me to enter and leave my room freely.

Moreover, it is probably because there are too many "jiao" times. I don't know why. Looking at Yui sister's puffed cheeks, I always want to laugh-this kind of lethality is probably not expressionless or heartbroken. All in all, the situation was not that bad when my sister showed this kind of brave and tough expression.

"Sa Sa, when the old sister who has reached the age of marriage has made her first boyfriend, I will not enter my sister's room without authorization."

"Hey, I can't find my boyfriend. Whose fault do you think it is?"

"Ha, do you want to bring up the old sister's old-fashioned remarks like'because the younger brother is so terrible, the boys who pursued him were scared away in the end'? If this time I confessed to Yeshan or Biqigu and you , Will you agree?"

"What does this have to do with Hayato and small businesses!"