My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 300

"Tsk, I was expecting my stupid sister to blush, but it failed. In other words, aren't those two guys the type you like? That's okay. Ye Shan doesn't say anything, I'm really worried. You like him because you are ashamed of Biqigu."

"Hey, um, it's a bit rude to say that a small company? A small company is also a very gentle person, if not, um—"

"--if not?"

"Anyway, my feelings towards small enterprises are just like friends. Are you small and satisfied?"

"Uh, what kind of feelings do you have for him and why do you need my approval?"

"Ha—" Yui sister, who was fully aware of the fact that she was teased by me, finally turned red - although in another direction.

"Little fool with you!"

Well, at this level, you should be able to communicate, right?

The most terrifying thing about resentment is not when it erupts, but when it is accumulated in the heart without a channel to vent. When all kinds of resentment are gathered together and finally give birth to an unknowable and more terrifying mood, that is the most terrible mood. When it's dangerous.

Although the vent this time was only aimed at my molesting with Yui sister, it also vented the other sulking anger in my sister's heart. With this premise, communication will be much easier.

My sister is obviously aware of this. After all, this little trick has been tried and tested repeatedly in the process of interacting with various people.Soon, she could only helplessly cover her forehead, pouting her mouth at me like her fate, and said, "Xiaohe is too cunning!"

"Well!" I nodded and acquiesced to this evaluation.

Thus, the formal conversation began.

"Although Xiaohe always treats me as a fool, I also know that Xiaohe has never regarded me as a real fool, right?" With a sigh, my sister spoke first, "For Xiaohe's character, I can't understand it better, there are always so many strange and incomprehensible reasons for Xiaohe to do things."

Unexpectedly empathetic-but this is not surprising, this is the normal state of Yuihama Yui in the rational period.

"But, I still want to know, don’t we? After all, we are siblings. As elder sisters, we always want to know the reason for the younger brother’s thoughts, don’t we? As a elder sister, watching my younger brother do something that seems dangerous Things, worry, hope to help him, hope to support him, are normal, right?"

——But Yuihama Yui is not always controlled by reason.

If it was before, I would once again come up with a rational and emotional principle-but now, I will give another answer.

"Sister Yui——"

"--Ahhhhhhh, I know, I already understand Xiaohe's clichés! What this time is dangerous! What can only be done by me! It would be bad if I told you! What is the best judgment I made based on reason! Anyway, you are so reasonable every time, and you can convince me on a reasonable level every time, but then?” However, my sister interrupted me. Speech.

"Then, Xiaohe, do you think you really convinced me once?"

"As far as I know, no, but let my sister do many things that I didn't expect."

"Really," frowned slightly, showing a smile that didn't know whether it was comforted or distressed, "you still know it, don't you?"

"It's impossible not to know, right? After all, the miracle that Yui sister created is firmly placed in front of me!"

"Even though, it's broken into this look, isn't it?"

"So, I want this miracle to shine again, and I can't let the non-existent situation tarnish the light of your crown, right?"

"So, I know! Xiaohe, is it for me?" Yui sister whispered softly, and said helplessly.

"For everyone." I nodded lightly and replied.

"Xiaohe, let's discuss one thing? One thing that we all deliberately forgot, okay?" Suddenly, as if all the conversation just cut off, the sister said.

"We all, deliberately forgot something?"

"Xiaohe wouldn't know it? Your memory is much better than mine! Such an important thing, such an important thing, what I want from you!" My sister raised her head, her light brown pupils staring into my eyes , "About our agreement before the cultural festival."

Regarding the agreement before the cultural festival, we deliberately forgot afterwards.

Suddenly, without warning, my sister raised the biggest problem between us.

"If Xiaohe doesn't know how to say it, let me talk about my thoughts!" Perhaps feeling my shock and incomprehension, my sister chuckled and continued to speak for herself.

"Xiaohe doesn't think of me as a fool, and I don't even think of Xiaohe as a fool. Actually, what is in my mind, Xiaohe knows very well? After all, it's so obvious!"

I feel that the dialogue is slowly getting out of my control-obviously it hasn't been a problem so far, and I have convinced my sister to accept that I am doing her good for her, without even arguing about rationally and emotionally.

But why does this happen?

"Actually, Xiaohe said that I am stupid, and I admit it. Because, I really can’t think of a way-as a sister, I want to know Xiaohe better, want Xiaohe to rely on me more, and make Xiaohe more I said more ideas, which is natural, but I don’t know what to do!"

"Originally, I thought this was because of Xiaohe’s hopeless character, because Xiaohe is like this to everyone. Although I don’t know what happened when you and Xiaochun were dating for the first time, but I I feel that the child has not been able to fully understand Xiaohe's mood-otherwise, he won't break up with Xiaohe, right?"

"Of course, if this is the case, there is no way! After all, Xiaohe is such a hopeless person!" My sister blinked and continued, "But, no, it's not like this. Oh! Xiaohe is not such a hopeless person—because I saw a person who can make Xiaohe truly trust, that person, who replaced my role, that person, took me as Xiaohe The identity of his sister."

"I still remember the first time I met Senior Xiao Muzhen-really, I was so angry, Xiao He's attitude towards seniors, I can tell at a glance, the tone of speech, unconsciously approaching me , I can feel the attitude of distrusting me. What, I am Xiaohe’s sister, am I? Really, I was really angry at the time."

Was it the first meeting between Yuihama Yui and Yukina Ogi?At first, it was really not very pleasant.

"But, almost when I first met Xiao Muzhen, I understood the reasons for Xiaohe's dependence on her. Xiao Muzhen is really a very listening, very understanding girl—— If she is willing to always be Xiaohe’s sister. If she is willing to always be Xiaohe’s sister, then maybe there are not so many problems. Although it is hard to bear, but she can only admit defeat. My sister is too weak!" Rubbing her red and swollen eyes, the sister said helplessly.

"However, the problem is that Senior Xiao Mutong doesn’t want to be just Xiaohe’s sister, doesn’t it? Although I don’t know Xiaohe’s thoughts, I do know what Xiao Mushu thinks—or, now everyone knows. , Isn't it?"

"Actually, during the meeting published in the newspaper, I asked the seniors why they were unwilling to tolerate the younger ones. If it is the older sister, you should tolerate all the mistakes of the younger brother instead of making demands on the younger brother. I am I think so. But, if I think about it, at that time, Senior Xiaomu and I didn't think about the same thing. What I think is that Senior did not take the responsibility of her sister well, what Senior thinks is that she is unwilling to continue to play her sister. From this perspective, from the beginning, we did not have a dialogue in the same direction."

"--But this is actually not important, because Xiaohe is very slow in feelings and is good at using so-called rationality to suppress his feelings. Therefore, as long as Xiaohe still regards senior as her sister, she still depends on her. Then my approach is meaningful. Of course, I didn’t think about so much at the time. I just simply felt that if I could beat the predecessor Xiao Muzhen anywhere—anywhere beat her, then Xiaohe, would it be possible? Are you more dependent on me?"

"So, this is my sister's goal of competing with Miss Chief Wu Gao, right?"

"Because, at that time, Xiao Muzhen-sen also seemed to want to win. If you win the senior who really wants to win, wouldn't you prove yourself with Xiaohe?" My sister smiled embarrassedly.

However, this is indeed a very Yuihama Yui style approach!

"Then Yui sister did a miracle!"

"Although, in terms of results, it was Senior Xiao Muzhen who accomplished a miracle."

"Of course it's not important. So, the problem is, even if I won the Miss Master Wu Gao, I still didn't rely on Yui sister, is that the reason? Is this the reason why you have not dared to raise this issue with me? ?"

"Yes, and not." My sister nodded first, then shook her head.

"What does it mean?"

"Actually, I know very well? What is the use of Miss Chief Wu Gao? Will this title make Xiaohe more dependent on me? Of course not. At that time, I just had one in uncertainty and confusion. Goal, so I tried to grasp this goal and let myself make a difference. To be honest, even when Xiaoxue announced that I was the first place in the end, I was not so excited-because, I know, Xiaohe will not because Choose me for this, right?"

"If you understand this—"

"——It is because I understand this, that I am strange now." Yuihama Yui showed her sharpest eyes this evening, "Because, the current Oto does not rely on me, the same, too. He doesn't rely on anyone. He is obviously not a lone ranger. He has to act as a soldier advancing alone to make people feel more panic!"

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