My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 301

No one really likes being alone.The self-positioning of the so-called "lonely lone wolf" is just an excuse for not knowing how to deal with the complicated social relationships of the outside world. The so-called self-satisfaction of "one person can live well", but dare not face the interpersonal relationship. A safe and secure choice with high returns and high risks.

However, as long as there is a chance to get rid of a person's loneliness, people will rush to it-if you don't, it's just because the risk of this opportunity is too high.For example, if you can convince Biqigu that the kindness expressed by a girl towards him is sincere and does not ask for anything in return, then he will not give up this opportunity to become an instant.

However, it is precisely because of the human nature of fear of loneliness that people are particularly convinced of the person who has become their own life-saving straw-especially the kind of person who has been alone for a long time.

I am not trying to bring Yukoshita back to the idea of ​​absolute skepticism-believing that a person is a very beautiful thing, no matter when, what I want to do is to tell her when I ask for it from others , Don’t forget the corresponding return.The ideal way of getting along is to combine the unconditional grant of romanticism with the exchange of realism. This world is sinister, but don't forget the possibility of human kindness.

Therefore, this matter can only be done by me alone, being abandoned by one person, and thus dependent on another person, it is impossible to complete this transformation.Only after experiencing nothing, will you realize the importance of taking it.

Of course, there is no way to tell the complicated argument inside—not because I can’t say it, but because if I’m not in my position, I can’t understand it.

What's more, the two of us still have a misunderstanding of the problem. For Yui sister, the problem is collective, and for me, the problem belongs to Yukinoshita alone.

"Then, I assume that my sister is right. If your worry is right, then what are you going to do?"

——So the most convenient way to reply is to ask for a solution.

"In the face of your brother who is so stubborn, how do you think you should solve the problem?" I smiled and asked Yui sister.

If a problem is raised but cannot be solved, it is equivalent to not raising the problem.

"How to solve it?" My sister stared at me with wide eyes.

"Could it be that your solution is to expect your sincere words to impress me?"

"not like this."

"Or do you have other solutions to the problem?"

"There must be a way to solve the problem--"

"--So, let me know when you have time! I'm waiting for Yui sister's solution to the problem, but I think it's better to be faster."

Simply caring is just a useless burden. I think Yuihama Yui should be able to understand the meaning of this more than ever.

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If all goes well, solving the problem is not too difficult.The loopholes in the three news items mentioned by Biqigu are based on the agreement reached by Xuexiayangai. The first point is highly feasible.Directly point out the contradictions of the Xuexia sisters, crush the first hypothesis of the rumors, so as to remove the three people's unreasonable charges, and add a small problem of family disharmony to Xuexia himself.

Of course, if the other party does not want to publish this news, then it is enough to make the Minister of the Information Department infamous. To be honest, I am more familiar with this threat.

In Class E of the third year, the class of Kotaro Watanabe, the head of the Ministry of Information, is also the class of Kitahara-senpai.In the report, Harunuki Kitahara's cautious speech also appeared. Although he did not want to think of this incident as a coincidence, this connection always made people feel unpleasant.

In terms of the impression, Watanabe-senpai is a clean person, not the kind of character who rushes for certain information. This can also partly explain the previous style of the news department.However, it is precisely because of this that it is more difficult to persuade him to deny his rare report.

"Yuhihama-san's brother, isn't it?" The first reaction after knowing my identity, that kind of clear smile made me feel that I had made some mistakes in his evaluation.

"Ah, don't feel too surprised," he added, seeming to see my confusion, "Haruki reminded me that Yuihama Yui-san has a younger brother. If this happens, he will definitely come to the door. Coming."

"Sa, is that so? Senior Kitahara really knows me well!"

"There's no way, after all, it's Chunxi-that guy's intelligence collection and integration capabilities give people a sense of whether he is working in a security agency." Calling Senior Kitahara's name, teasing each other's ability, both Human relationships should be pretty good.

"Yeah." Since Watanabe-senpai is more talkative than I thought, I decided to reduce my speech and first observe what information the other party will reveal.

"When this kind of news is released, I know Yuihama-student will definitely be angry-in fact, I have no objection to Yuihama-student himself, although I voted for Miss Taketaka's vote for Yanagahara. If there is only that photo. , I can’t write anything, after all, the information is too vague, isn’t it? Besides, I don’t know who gave me that photo until now, I always feel suspicious!"

It seems that Yukoshita Yono did not directly give Watanabe the photo, but this is also normal. If she personally gave it, then the breath of conspiracy theory will be stronger.

"However, Watanabe-senpai's press release is very complete, and you have put a lot of thought into it!"

"So it's thanks to Haruki——" Watanabe said with a somewhat embarrassed smile, "It is not difficult to find specific evidence for these information points, but it is necessary to accurately get the key from a pile of complex information. Information is not a simple matter! Haruki helped me figure out a few key directions, and also told me about the relationship between Yukoshita and Yubihama, Yukiahama and Ogisuke, etc.-uh, you won’t Are you angry?"

"It's okay, I didn't come to seniors today to blame seniors. I can understand the feelings of journalists."

——But you are also quite unsuitable to be a journalist, because your unique sources of information are leaked out.

According to the current situation, in this incident, Xuexiayang only raised a head, and further fermented and expanded it. It was the predecessors of Beiyuan. As for Beiyuan, whether he did it unintentionally or deliberately. I don't know whether Yukoshita Yangna himself realized this.

"Uh, if this is the case, what did Yuhihama come to do with me? Hope to publish a proof that the previous rumor was false through peaceful negotiations?" Watanabe raised his eyebrows, although it seemed that it was because of himself. Rarely made a good report and was a little emotional, but when discussing my intentions, he became cautious. "Speaking of this, it seems that someone just came over to clarify this matter."


Yui sister thought of a solution so soon?No, if it was her, Watanabe would definitely mention this.

"You should know each other? After all, he said it was a member of a club of your elder sister and classmate Yukoshita who knew the situation, um, the second grader, a guy with rotten eyes, but reasonable, his The level of negotiation is really bad, isn't it?"

Is it better than Keiya Hachiman?But what is the purpose of his coming here-he had already negotiated a solution to the problem yesterday, right?Moreover, those who are good at analyzing people's interests are worse than Keiya Hachiman's negotiation level?This joke is not funny at all.

"To be honest, Yubihama, after writing this manuscript, I certainly had doubts about my reasoning. Of course, it may not be the case. For this, I can apologize to you in advance. But if you just Just talking about the so-called'truth', I have no reason to believe that the truth you are talking about is the real truth. It is more effective to point out the loopholes in my reasoning directly, or to produce stronger evidence, no Is it? The Department of Public Information report welcomes the collision of various views-but only if these views are valid."

"I fully understand this, Watanabe-senpai, and what I bring to you today is a topic that you will be very interested in-that is, don't you want to know the source of the photo you got at the beginning? ?"

"The source of the photo?"

"Yes, a photo that appears for no reason is a weird thing in itself? If I know who gave you that photo, are you interested?"

"There is a certain interest-but this is not enough. After all, the reason why the person who gave me this picture is anonymous is to avoid affecting my reputation?"

"Of course, but what if it's more than that?"

"Yuhihama, what do you mean?"

"The real intention of the person who gave you the photo is much more complicated. The identity of this person is really interesting. Therefore," I handed over the note with my mobile phone number to Watanabe-senpai, "If Senpai If you’re really interested, let’s talk after school, how about?"

Watanabe blinked, and in the end, he didn't reject the note I gave him.

"I will consider it." He said simply, "I will give you the answer before school is over."

——This is promised.

When you agree, the problem is almost solved!

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The corridor from the third grade E to the first grade needs to go through the third grade A, which is the class where Senior Xiao Muzhu is.In retrospect, I used to pass by my senior's class unconsciously for a while, trying to find her for help. It was really a terrible time that was purely dependent on my senior.

But now it's different. It's my turn to help Senior Xiao Muzhen solve the trouble.

"Ah, in that case, Xiao Muyan is really too pitiful, isn't it?"

"Indeed, ordinary people who pursue Xiao Muzhen will feel calm as long as they are rejected by her? And Xiao Muzhen's way of rejecting people is very tactful!"

"By the way, that guy's performance is worthy of crime, right?"

"Indeed, Xiao Muzhen is too kind, so no one told him."

"But, isn't it a little too excited?"