My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need a White Album Chapter 302

"There is no way, right? After all, people said,'If Xiao Muxiao doesn't show that he has someone he likes in public, then you are rejecting me with excuses, I don't accept it!' This is the case!"

"What if it's an excuse? That guy wouldn't be the type that classmate Xiao Muzhen likes, right?"

"But it can be regarded as ruining Xiao Muzhu's Miss Chief Wu's third consecutive championship, hey, what a pity."

"However, the rumors that Xiao Muyan and the other two classmates have an agreement won't come true?"

"Hey, I have always believed in them, Yuihama Yui is the Miss Chief Takeshi candidate I support!"

The conversations in Class A of the third year passed in disorderly, irritating my eardrums.

What the hell is going on?

The phone rang. It was an email from Watanabe.

"Sorry, Yubihama, I have more important things to do after school. I think you will soon know what this is. However, congratulations to your sister's problem has been solved."

Just five minutes ago, I still felt that everything was under my control.However, the current development of the overall situation is completely beyond my expectations.

I can only think of one person who changed the situation, and who changed the situation in such a drastic way.

I somewhat understand the feelings of Xuexia and her sister the other day.

This kind of self-satisfying salvation, when are you willing to stop?

Also, I hate people who pretend to disrupt plans!

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The second part He also pretended to be forced to die.Moreover, this volume temporarily opened up the brain hole of the runaway plot, and the chaos from the beginning of this chapter made me feel that it may be poisonous...


Chapter 15: Mutual concealment and mutual estrangement

For Higiya Hachiman, all problems that can be solved by self-sacrifice are not problems.Whether it was his full confidence in his own ideas, or as a fierce response to my previous accusations against him, he ended the incident in the fastest way he was good at.

It’s very simple. I came to the door of Class A for the third year, called out the unknowingly-looking senior Xiao Muzhen, and said to himself, "I’m sorry, I really believe that seniors have someone they like. It was too offensive to you," and then, when Senior Xiao Muzhen didn't even have time to react, he left quickly-leaving behind a "shy boy" who was really embarrassed.

Thinking about it carefully, there are too many doubts about this matter: Zong Wu Gaoli has countless boys coveted by Senior Xiao Mu Shu, why this person has been silent before, and then chose to actively expose his identity at this time?Why didn't he respond to the cultural festival event for so long, but in the end he appeared in front of people with such a big fanfare as to clarify the suspicion?Someone who knows a little bit about Qigu will wonder how this person who has no sense of existence at all feels that he is good enough to confess to Xiaomu Yu Xuecai?

——However, all of these doubts from others cannot answer one question: that is——If it’s not because I really like Xiao Mu Yu Xueca, then it seems that it has nothing to do with this matter, why did you do it? So much self-sacrifice to clear the other's stigma?

Because no one will believe that there will be someone in this world who sacrifices his campus life in order to solve other people's problems.

In Class F of the second year where Biqigu was in, he needed to bear more pressure: Just as his front foot confessed to Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai, his hind foot had some thoughts about Ebin Himeina, and after being rejected, he made a new response to Xiao Mu Shu's predecessor. Show good things-this kind of behavior can no longer be described as a simple "scum".If it were not for the top caste group of the class headed by Ye Shan to express silence on this, then Biqigu might become a typical case of campus bullying.Of course, whether Ye Shan's silence is because he believes in Biqigu himself, or because he is showing kindness to Yui sister or other people in the whole ministry, I don't know.

In the afternoon, Biqigu did not ask for leave, but did not come to participate in the activities of the Ministry of Service-which at least means that if he has a sense of guilt and troublesome thoughts about this matter, at least he still cares about the Ministry of Service.

Xuexia was sitting in front of the window as always, holding a library book that hadn't been turned for a long time, as always, as if calmly in a daze.In the absence of the person involved, she couldn't even express complaints and satires, but again, she did not calmly state the intention of "want to continue to solve the problem".In other words, when she found a problem and tried to solve it, the first reflection in her subconscious was "I may not be able to do it", right?

The older sister who forced a smile to make no sense just sat in a chair blankly. After explaining to us what happened to Biqigu in the class, she has always been in this state-if her brother is going to do one In the case of dangerous things, then her other partner has completed this dangerous thing without her being prepared, and has paid the final price.

The human mind is this kind of ridiculous thing that you can never predict. Has Xuexiayang expected such a result?Obviously not.Did Haruki Kitahara expect it?Of course not.

In the end, Higiya Hachiman once again demonstrated his abilities in a way that was both proud and self-destructive, and then laughed at other people who follow the rules.

There is no winner in this game.

"I think, I still have to talk to Senior Xiao Muzhen." Suddenly, my sister stood up and said.

"Do you think it is useful to let Senior Xiao Muyan come forward to deny this matter? With the impression she usually gives, coupled with the catalysis of Biqigu's incident, I am afraid it is just to add a "Xiao Muzhen" to her is too gentle. Even if I refuse, I don’t want to hurt people who like me, right? Biqigu has already calculated this."

"But from her point of view, is there no way for small businesses to solve their problems?"

"How can the senior who is particularly prone to sympathy at this time not hate this situation? But how many times do you think she has faced similar situations? She can't solve it. As a party to the incident, her The excuse is the weakest."

"So it's just silence?"

"So, what would you do if you changed to Yui sister?"

"If it were me—" My sister bit her lip in dissatisfaction, but she knew that after the momentary impulse was suppressed, all that was left was helpless.

"That, Xiaohe mentioned, it seems that Senior Kitahara knows a lot about this incident. Although I don't know why Xiaohe doesn't like him, it seems that many people say he is very reliable—"

"——Do you know what the Kitahara-senior is thinking?"

"What's Xiaoxue's opinion? If it's Xiaoxue--"

Yukoshita shook his head silently, and then looked at me almost naturally.

Don't even think about the last dying struggle, just give up?

"Three methods." I said, "There are three solutions to this level of rumors-in fact, the situation this time is the same as the previous one, that is, the fake news in the newspaper, or this time, The situation is a follow-up to the last fake news situation."

"In the previous incident, Biqigu seemed to analyze the breakthrough points of the three issues-but the essence of these three points is the same, they are all attacking the validity of the rumors themselves and letting their authenticity disappear. Then, the rumors Naturally it dissipates. There are two other ways, one is to use lies to round up the lie, that is, to put forward a logical situation that sounds more reliable-generally a lie, because if the logic of the truth is more attractive If the lie at the beginning will not exist. Another method is to dilute the rumors, and this method also has two directions, one is to use multiple possibilities to prevent people from forming a definite and individual impression, and the other is to use Big news to dwarf the previous news. Biqigu is now adopting a combination of these two methods. On the one hand, it uses a new lie to prove the falsity of the old lie; on the other hand, it creates a new one. News comes to attract people's eyeballs-now, all eyes have been focused on Biqigu himself and his seniors, especially Biqigu himself. At least the pressure on his sister and Yukoshita has been relieved, which is in line with his interests. Way, isn’t it?"

"So, what are you going to do, Yubihama?" Yukinoshita nodded and asked—a conversation that seemed familiar.

"Sorry, there is only a directional solution path, but no specific implementation method. It is simple to replace a lie with a lie, but this is not the solution to the fundamental problem. Dilute the news, if it is not the news that is sufficiently topical and related to it If you don’t, you won’t be able to solve the problem.”

"It makes sense." Xuexia nodded and continued to think.

"But this time it feels better than the last time. After all, Xiaohe has begun to analyze the problem seriously. If Xiaohe can analyze the problem seriously, then the solution to the problem will be close to halfway. Isn't Xiaohe always like this? "However, my sister seemed to be relieved, nodded to me confidently, and said.

"My sister trusts me too much!"

"Is there anything wrong with trusting Xiaohe?"

——It's not wrong, but obviously I didn't trust me to solve the problem by myself before, and now I have such an expression of relying heavily on my brother. Should I say that girls' psychology is really unpredictable?

"What's wrong, Xiaohe don't think I should trust you?"

"Ah, it's nothing, it's the best if Yui sister can trust me, then I won't live up to Yui sister's high expectations!"

In short, although I don’t know the reason, it’s a good thing to regain the trust of my sister—maybe it’s because Biqigu’s problem was discovered by her. At least, I, who will tell her that I’m about to take action, take it without warning. An unprepared solution is more trustworthy than Qigu.

"Well, so Xiaohe, we must solve the problem!" My sister looked at me with serious eyes, "It must be!"

"No problem!" I rarely felt my sister's expectation. Then, this time, I can solve the problem even more without worry!

Of course, I'm sorry, sister, this time, I lied about what you were expecting not to hide from you.

The solution exists, but we did not disclose the facts. This is partly because I don’t want to do this if it’s not necessary. But, more, it is to prevent you from worrying or suspicious.

No matter how blamed Biqigu's behavior in this incident is, he taught me one thing: When you can solve the problem by yourself, try not to involve irrelevant, especially those who miss you, otherwise , They will only become factors that bind you.

Solving the problem quickly, forming irreversible results, and using the results to force the other party to accept it is the most cruel and effective method.