My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 303

It's just that the same idea doesn't just appear in me alone.

Maybe it was because I was complacent about the success I concealed, so I ignored my sister's abnormality.

Because of concern, so conceal, because of concealment, so alienation.

The tacit understanding between the siblings includes many aspects, but the mutual concealment of the same incident is only ironic.

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Everyone has to get involved, no one is allowed to run, that's it.


Chapter: Chapter 15

Chapter: Chapter 15: The Help of Accidents and Helplessness

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"Hey, Dongma, when will you be able to show your enthusiasm!" Kitahara said with some helplessness looking at the neighbor sitting on the table as before.

However, what was returned to him was the movement of the long-haired girl who buried his face further into his arms.

Obviously, Dongma Hesha can hear her own words, and the reason why she ignores herself does not seem to be simply because she is unwilling to contact people, but more like she is fighting herself.

I originally felt that I should have gotten closer to each other a lot, but now it seems that Dongma and Sa are the same as Dongma and Sa, and his self-righteous intimacy with each other is really stupid.

However, it was never Chunxi’s style to give up here. Just as he was able to win over Xiaomu Shuxuecai to his side under almost hopeless circumstances, now he has to work hard to persuade Dongma Hesha and let She studies hard.

"I know you are still angry with Xiao Muzhen's performance during the cultural festival-indeed, as a partner, performing such a performance without notifying us at all has a very bad impact, but now you don't know the reason. Isn’t this all the result of the persecution of the second-year student? In all fairness, if I stood on Ogizuma’s position, I would be very helpless. Moreover, Ogata Rina was also on stage, so we gave up singing This decision was made after -of-destiny, didn’t it?"

Of course, it is impossible to say not to be angry with Xuecai.However, Chunxi feels that one of her greatest strengths is that she is good at thinking from the other side's perspective.There must be a reason for Xuecai's practice, and he already knew the reason.

This shouldn't be a problem. Chunxi knows her partner very well, that girl is not so easy to like a guy, just because someone forced her to do so.Accepting this point, resolving the contradiction between the three is not a problem.Similarly, after the performance of the cultural festival, some things that can be done by three people can continue.

However, the problem is not with Xiao Muzhen, but with his stubborn neighbor.

"Or, Dongma, you can't influence your study simply because you are angry with Xiao Muzhen. Although it is agreed that everyone will help you with tuition after the cultural festival, but the key issue is that you have to go to school. Do you still need to practice? At least pretend to listen carefully in class-you can do it, don't you want to go against the teacher?"

However, Chunxi's painstaking persuasion did not seem to have a good enough effect.

"If you are really angry with Xiao Muzhen, I will ask her to explain this matter. However, as you can see now, Xiao Muzhen's situation is more embarrassing. If you care about her, you have to take care of her. Your condition is adjusted, isn't it?"

Chunxi is still very clear about the situation that Yukina is facing now. After the second-year Higiya Hachiman who had a relationship with him pierced that layer of window paper, at least the scandal against Yukina was better than before. A lot less.What happened before was not what Haruki wanted to see. The Minister of Information Watanabe has a very good relationship with him. When he has good news materials, he helps him and provides him with some information. A matter of course.People like Takeya will also try to burn their last youth in the third grade. So, as the president of another club, Watanabe must have similar ideas?

It's just that what happened afterwards was a little bit beyond Haruki's expectation-Watanabe Kotaro, who burned his youth, collected the information in detail beyond his expectations.Involved in the scandal of the three girls, it is no wonder that Yubihama Kazuya classmate tried to negotiate with Watanabe.

Of course, as a senior, Haruki just felt that Yubihama's performance was a little impatient. He knew that Yubihama's relationship with the three girls involved in the incident was quite good, the partner of the club, the biological sister, and the close seniors. This kind of brainless negotiating with the Minister of Information does not make much sense.Moreover, if things get out of control, he will definitely take the initiative to clarify the relationship between Ogisaki and Yuihama's sister-after all, he doesn't know if Yukoshita Yukino and Yuihama have any discussions.He, who has been doing club activities with Xiao Mu Xiao, can be sure that Xiao Mu Xiao Xue Cai must be innocent in this incident.

The practice of Higiya Hachiman was beyond his expectation, but this somewhat cleared out Ogishu's suspicion. From the results, it was not bad.

"Did the preaching stop unexpectedly?" came the unexpectedly lazy voice of the girl next to her.

"Ah, it's not, just because I just thought about the situation Xiao Muzhen is facing now, but Dongma, you--"

"—Oh, I just remind you that someone is looking for you."

Looking back, Chunxi saw the girl with red hair.

"Well, senior Kitahara, hello, although this is not the first time I have met, but this should be the first time I introduce myself, I am—"

"——Yuihama Yui in the second grade, the name of the new Miss Takeshi Takeshi, I think I've heard of it." Chunxi nodded, looking at Yui who unexpectedly appeared in front of her, said.

"Although Xiaohe—well, senior knows Xiaohe? Xiaohe always doesn't want to bother us to ask Senior Kitahara for help, but I heard seniors in third grade say that Senior is a very reliable person."

"Ha, forgive me! I don't like this kind of rumors. But Kazuya seemed to be biased against me from the beginning, probably because I was too strict with him when he first joined the light music club, right? To be honest , I think for someone like Heye, being a senior is better. But I can also understand that my image in his heart is not good enough."

"Ah, it is really troublesome to take good care of Xiaohe's temperament. Even if I didn't take care of it, Senior Ogisao was--" Yui's expression dimmed.

"Sorry, I reminded Yubihama of something bad, but I think Kazu is still a very good brother, isn't it? At least, yesterday I saw him and the Minister of Information, Watanabe in our class. The negotiation scene!"

"Well, I know, Xiaohe also told me about this. I came to see seniors for this."

"Does it have anything to do with me?" Chun Xi raised her eyebrows. The girl in front of her was not the kind of particularly decisive type, but her tough attitude at this time was somewhat unexpected.

"I heard that, regarding the previous incident, the first-hand information of Senpa Watanabe from the Information Department was provided by Senpai Kitahara. Is that true?"

"Does Yubihama want to blame all the problems on me? Of course, I admit that when I disclosed some things I knew to Watanabe, my approach was a bit unreasonable, so there were some unwillingness to let you "Accepting the result," Chun Xi frowned. He thought he might already know the purpose of the other party. "But, don't you think, I blame all this regrettable fact on me. I am responsible for this. But some can't afford it!"

"But, obviously Senpai knew more things but didn't tell Senpai Watanabe, which caused a misunderstanding, didn't it?"

"Yes, this is my mistake, but I didn't expect Watanabe to use the questions so much. So, after the accident, I was ready to explain to everyone, but another thing happened beforehand. I The current explanation is meaningless, right?"

"Small business things, right? Seniors think that small companies will really do these things to Xiao Muyu senior?"

"Sorry, Yubihama, I haven't had too much contact with that Higiya student—not to mention, there are many people in this world. In addition to the impression left on the surface, there is a real Looks like you may think you are a friend of Biqigu, but do you really think you know everything about that Biqigu classmate?"

It's not that Haruhi doesn't understand Yuihama Yui's feelings, but he can only say that, like her brother who visited the day before, Yui's work is really unscrupulous.Let’s not say that you are not the mastermind in this matter. If you are the mastermind, wouldn’t it be more ridiculous to let him proactively admit his mistakes?

Yui's expression became rigid.

Although he has full sympathy for the new Miss Chief Miss Wu Gao, Chunxi feels that this is indeed an area where he can do nothing.

"To be honest, whether or not that Biqigu student said the truth, but for you, you should not be affected by any scandal now, right?"

"But, small businesses—"

"--So, that was the choice made by Biqigu himself, wasn't it? That classmate should have already considered his current ending before saying that?"

Enough motivation is a good thing, but with enough motivation, there should be enough plans.Looking at Yuihama Yui's current practice, if there is no more meticulous plan behind her to make suggestions for her Miss Chief Takeshi election, Chunxi can hardly believe it.If Yukoshita Yukino, who had had many confrontations with herself many times before, her friend who was calm and thoughtful, hadn't played a role behind her, it would be hard for Chunxi to believe.

Of course, Chunxi is not the kind of person who is ruthless and unwilling to help other people, but this time it’s an incident. It’s a bit too complicated. He paid too much for someone who doesn’t know him well. Kitahara Haruki thinks he has no saint. To this extent.

"Okay," Yuihama Yui lowered his head, very reluctantly, as if accepting his own fate, and whispered, "But, I think this matter still involves Senior Kitahara? Senior Xiaomusuo, now Still at the cusp of the storm, aren't you? As a partner of your former club, you should be willing to help Senior Xiao Muzhen, right?"

He stopped when he wanted to turn around and leave.

Yuihama Yui and Ogizuma Yukina's relationship should be at the intersection of Yuihama Kazuya, and to what extent the relationship between the two is really close, Haruno does not know.

If it is said that this is Xiao Muyan asking for help, and he is not willing to let himself notice it?

Indeed, among the three involved in the incident, although the scandal has been washed away, only Xiao Muzhen is still on the cusp of rumors.

Moreover, Chunxi needs to gain a dialogue with Xiao Muzhu in exchange for a chance to change Dongma.

"Is this the opinion of Classmate Xiao Muzhen himself?" He asked cautiously.

"Even if this is my opinion, do you think she will ask you for help?"

This is a very cunning answer-but if it is really a request from Xiao Muzhu, Chunxi feels that she can't refuse the other party.