My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 304

"Understood, Yubihama-student, I will consider it carefully." He nodded lightly.

He looked at this sister Yubihama with admiration, although at first glance, she was more innocent than her younger brother, but, likewise, this person also has a thoughtful side.

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The chapter from the main perspective of Brother Chun, this is the second chapter.

Brother Chun: Well, really, I didn't do anything. I didn't anticipate all the current situations. I definitely didn't want to get a wave of favorability in front of Xuecai, I just want Dongma to study hard.

Author: We have to believe Chun Oh!The author is never a black brother Chun, the brother Chun in this book has always been white.


Chapter 15.75: Help and Ye United Front

Rumors are terrible, but for different people, the degree of terrible rumors is different.People who are not good at coping with rumors will be more afraid of rumors. However, for Xiaomu Xuecai, who is easy to be on the cusp of rumors anytime and anywhere out of their own will or against their will, rumors are not terrible enough to annoy themselves. Degree.

As long as you keep a good distance from other people, whether it is rumors that are beneficial to yourself or malicious slander to yourself, you will ultimately affect yourself, and if it only affects yourself, then you only need to adjust Her own mentality is nothing more than - and three years of exercise have taught her how to face any problems calmly.Rumors that do not affect social relationships only affect your own state of mind.

As long as there is no close social relationship in the school, rumors will not affect her, she pays special attention to this.The initial communication with Heye also started from a long time outside school. Through his network of personal relationships, he learned a little bit about other people's news, and that was all.The Light Music Club is indeed a place where close social relationships arise. However, given that she has discovered the fact that the other two in the Light Music Club are conscious of each other, she does not feel that she will have too much influence. What's more, this club The relationship derived from the activity itself is not her focus.

She was just constructing a relationship with Yubihama Kazuya.Every step of her cautious, or bold behavior, she is working hard to build this relationship.

However, even if she was so careful, she was stabbed by unprovoked rumors.But when the stigma was once again held on her head, she realized that the state of mind that she thought was invulnerable was actually so fragile.At the same time, the other conditions that occurred made her even more uneasy. She clearly knew the importance of her sister to Yubihama Kazuya, and her position in the entire scandal might really affect her. To and also comment on himself.

After all the trump cards were released, Xuecai realized how ridiculous her previous self-confidence was, and her lack of self-confidence and fear of herself completely exceeded the range she could bear.

Therefore, what Heye said to her at the time was correct and incorrect.She was indeed under great pressure because of the rumors, but, in the same way, she was also sincerely panicked about the situation Yui encountered, and truly felt that she had made a mistake, and no one was more important.

The harmony at that time also moved me.

"I like the gentle lies of seniors, but, if possible, I hope that senior Xiao Muzhen in the future will not be forced to show a false but gentle smile with a lie in front of me!"

When Heya shook his hand and said this, Xuecai felt that she had fallen.

She doesn't like the feeling of being depended on, but, in any case, relying on other people is a luxury and worthy of peace of mind.

Although this is not a response to her own confession, it is also a very happy thing to let her watch him work hard with peace of mind.

Only by being thoroughly protected once, can we overcome the delicate gap between the two people's sister and brother.So, this time, she would choose to watch silently.

However, she believed that the situation she faced later was definitely not Heye's solution to the problem.

She knew Higiya Hachiman, but she was limited to knowing it, and she was limited to making complaints about her partner in this community.

Therefore, almost at the moment when the other party’s words were spoken, she realized that this was Biqigu’s unique solution to the problem: all the stigma should be borne by herself, and the hatred attention should be transferred to herself, thereby letting People who were under pressure before can relax.

Faced with such a situation, she was a little at a loss.As the situation becomes more complicated, can she really relax herself and wait for Heya's rescue?

And when she saw Yuihama Yui standing at the door of the classroom, she felt that she might already have the answer.

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In the competition of Miss Chief Wu Gao, the three-year group A is a supporter of the hardcore Xuecai-this is not changed by the confession of Xuecai, this is the collective identity of the class.Therefore, when Yui came to Class A of the third year and tried to express her thoughts, what she got was an impolite response from Yukina's "friends".

Before the commotion spread to the whole class, she took the initiative to get up, and rescued Yuihama Yui from the heat with the expressions of people who didn’t know her, "Even so, Xiao Mushou would be willing to make friends with each other." Yukina suddenly felt herself Some are tired of this misunderstood life.

"Sorry, Yubihama-san saw something unpleasant." She stroked the hair around her ear, blinked her eyes, and said softly.She could probably guess where the other party came from.

"Well, I can actually understand it. After all, I grabbed the title of senior." Yui shook his head, revealing a complicated expression.

"It seems that they care more about that title than I do! Having said that, this should be the first time we have met since then. Congratulations to Yuihama for the champion! It will be hard to deal with sudden suitors. ?"

"Well, I was very troubled at the beginning, and I didn't know how to deal with it. Then Xiaohe said at this time,'Sister, you should learn from Senior Xiaomuzhen's experience' and so on——"

Yui's voice became slightly jerky.

"Actually, the rejection skills in this area are usually that when you reject too much, you will naturally form, and I can't teach you too much attitude."

Trying to pretend that nothing happened, Xue Cai said softly.

However, the other party's response was only a weak nod.

Once it comes to the person that the topic wants to mention, the meaningless greetings are not very meaningful.

"That," Yuihama Yui finally became the active one, "Does Ogisaki-senpai know about Owa's recent situation?"

"In the case of Heya's recent situation," looked at the other party's eyes, Yukina knew that what the other party wanted was not a roundabout answer, "I think I should understand what you mean."

"So, Senior believes that Xiaohe will make a difference in this matter, right?"

"I believe this."

"Then, do you know what Xiaohe will do?" Yui asked softly with a little hope.

"In this regard, I don't know! We know him well, don't we? If he is going to tell us what he is going to do, we won't need to test each other until now."

"Well, I think so too," his eyes faded a little, but Yuihama Yui quickly adjusted his emotions, "So, for this kind of Oto, don't Senpai plan to do anything?"

"Do something?"

This kind of unrelenting inquiry and showdown at the crucial moment seems to be the characteristic of Yui Bihama. The previous Yukina had already experienced this in the three-person discussion before the cultural festival, and now she I felt the attack from the girl on the opposite side with no room for maneuver.

"Yes, since Xiaohe didn't tell us what he is going to do, it means Xiaohe must do something that worries us, doesn't it? At this time, as a senior and sister, can Xiaohe be alone? Do you fight alone?"

Two months later, the same question from the same person once again appeared in front of Xuecai.

"I believe his ability to solve problems is also a kind of help from Hihama-student as a sister, right?"

Unlike two months ago, this time, she gave the other party a relatively clearer answer.

"Really? Is this the answer from the predecessor Xiao Mu Shu? The same answer as the previous one?" Yukihama Yui asked with a lowly provocative smile in Yukana's eyes, "Then , The previous time, did Senior get the result he wanted?"

——It looks the same as the previous time, but it is actually different.

She convinced herself gently in her heart.Before, she trusted Heya because she wanted Heya to realize her feelings; but now, she trusts Heya because Heya took the initiative to give herself a promise.

"——If Senior gets the desired result, Senior should know what Xiaohe wants to do now, because Xiaohe should have no reservations about Senior."

However, Yuihama Yui's words pierced her heart deeply.

Looking at this girl who is one year younger than herself, she has always given a gentle impression, but now she is so sharp that she can't stand it.

Then, she understood that Yuihama Yui also has this kind of persistent, desperate side-it should be said that it is precisely because of this side that she can still show it next to Ogata Rina With her own charm, she was able to win the election of Miss Chief Wu Gao.

Girls who don't show their charms persistently can't win even with the influence of more off-field conditions.

And Xuecai knew that the reason why this girl was so sharp was because of whom.