My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 305

"If it weren't for knowing that you are Heye's sister, I would definitely feel that you are in love with Heye." She whispered softly.

Although he was sharp, he didn't have any thoughts of being angry at Yuihama Yui.She was just embarrassed.She wants to make herself greedy once, she just wants to feel the joy of getting it.

"I know that seniors may have confidence in Xiaohe's problem-solving ability, but after the small business did that, do you really think Xiaohe can easily solve this problem according to his ideas? ?"

However, Yui's last words passed lightly like the last straw that crushed a camel.

This is the deadly place of Xuecai.

He Ye's assurance to himself came before the Biqigu Incident, and after the Biqigu Incident, how much can he do?

In other words, after he was involved in a stranger topic because of Qigu's "confession", what would Kazume do?

She has been hesitating all the time, right here.

And now, Yuihama Yui clearly mentioned this hesitation.

She knew that she had no choice.

"You succeeded in persuading me, Yuihama-classmate." Yukina opened her eyes and looked at the girl who she had simply defined as "Kaya's older sister" as she observed Yui Yui for the first time .

She is the same as the title she owns, dazzling enough.

"Then, have we reached the united front that helped Xiaohe with senior Xiao Muzhen?"

"Well, if this is your idea, Yubihama-san." She smiled, but nodded more mixedly.

I want to rest assured to leave all the problems to you. This is my greed and indulgence of myself, but when I really see the high wall you are facing, sure enough, I still can’t let myself Become enough peace of mind!

Also, and also, even if I don't play the role of your sister, your sister can already do well enough-or that she has always done good enough, but you have been reluctant to trust her.

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You may also see that although the perspectives of these two chapters are very strange, they are both home to Yui sisters.


Chapter 16: Dangerous Breaking Skills

If you want to select a high school with the most tolerant school spirit, I think the current General Wu Gao will definitely be on the list.Starting from the cultural festival, a dazzling series of scandals and gossip incidents have enriched the amateur life of the students in this school as a mixture of political circles and entertainment circles.

In other words, it is a miracle in itself that it is a miracle in itself that there are so many incidents in the after-school life of high school students who are actually not so important as high school students—if there is a God of Creation in this world, then I believe that this creator god has certainly not figured out the age limit and background environment limit of the students.

If the ability of modern high school students has reached the level of building a small society, then the question is, are the teachers in this school all decorated?In other words, even though most of the teachers are furnishings, why the guardian of the student activities, the passionate, older female teacher who tried to teach me a long time ago, hasn’t moved yet?If it weren't for the previous executive committee meeting, she still had a good onlooker, I would have felt that Hiratsuka had been expelled from the school.

"After all, the teacher didn't stop Biqigu's two rampages. Isn't that weird in itself?" He was summoned to the second-grade teacher for a long time because of the inexplicable "the report of the cultural festival is still problematic". Office, but found that this is not the case. It should be said that for the instructor of the Ministry of Service, this kind of oblique method is needed to question the current state of the club. This is really a sadness.

"This is my dereliction of duty. I don't deny it." The older young female teacher frowned slightly awkwardly. "But this is also an expression of your optimism about Yubihama's ability, isn't it? After all, during the cultural festival, you The handling of these crises has been outstanding."

"Tsk, I'm throwing the pot." Although I don't know what caused Hiratsuka-sensei to hide for such a long time, but under the current situation, it is a bit unreasonable for her as a teacher to not come forward to mediate the problem. "To be honest, from the school’s point of view, even if other people’s issues are not important. However, as an elite student in the elite class and whose father is still a member of Parliament, Xuexia was affected by such a serious scandal, and the school did not come forward. Isn't it just a bit unreasonable?"

Although my sister’s dilemma was caused by my sister, I prefer Xuexia’s parents to not know the specific facts.

"What you said is not wrong," Mr. Hiratsuka nodded. "Although Yukoshita's parents don't seem to know about it yet, if they realize the seriousness of the problem, the school will be embarrassed. "

"So let's use school pressure for compulsory suppression!" To be fair, this is the most effective way to solve the problem in my opinion-although this matter cannot be solved by myself, it is more important to solve the problem than who solves it.

"However, Zou Wu Gao is still a school that flaunts student autonomy. Including a series of other scandals last year, the school was very cautious in its intervention, and in the end it was the students who resolved it themselves. If teachers are used on this issue this year The authority of, that is likely to give students a feeling of crossing the boundary, and the final consequences are unpredictable."

"Please, do you think it was during the student movement in the 1960s? How can students now have such a sense of resistance?"

"Isn't there one in front of me? If Yubihama has something to pursue, you must take advantage of this opportunity to make students protest, right?"

"Unfortunately, I don't have this awareness."

"I just want to prove that this possibility is not non-existent." Mr. Hiratsuka folded his arms and said seriously, "As managers, the follow-up impact we have to consider is much greater than that of students."

"It's very old to say these things, Hiratsuka-sensei."

However, the teacher ignored my intentional stimulation.

"Moreover, Yubihama, you should also be aware of it? The current focus figures are Higiya and Ogisuo. Yukoshita can already prepare for the election of his student president. In other words, the school may be possible due to external factors. The greatest possibility of intervening in the incident to solve the problem has disappeared."

——Finally, I realized it.I deliberately blurred the difference between the two incidents before and after Bi Kegu’s confession, just to make the teacher make up his mind, but Hiratsuka-sensei could not fail to notice, that is, although the incident is very closely connected, the central figure of the incident , The deviation has occurred subtly.

At the cusp of the storm, Hachitani Hachiman, who has attracted everyone's attention by his own power, is mainly.

And I know that the reason why Hiratsuka-sensei came to me was also to compete with Qigu.

"To be honest, when I asked the three of you to gather together in the Ministry of Service, I didn't think you would become what you are now. I don't think you will cause so many dramatic incidents."

"I just think we are three freaks. The freaks should be playing in a club classroom, right?"

"If you are willing to make such a harsh evaluation of yourself, I have no objection." Mr. Hiratsuka habitually took out a cigarette from his pocket-and then found out that he didn't bring a lighter, so he put it back angrily- Continue to say, "Of course, I also expected that you will continue to compete to prove your correctness, but I think that this kind of competition will make everyone with a sharp edge become smoother, think more about other people. Position."

"However, from the first day I joined the department, I could understand that this kind of thinking is not feasible. The friction between each other will only make each other's views more clear and more stubborn-such as the current Biqigu. ."

"Oh, is it?" Hiratsuka-sensei gave me an intriguing look.

"If you say Xuexia, she has disappeared even the basic corners and corners that a person should have, but she has been polished too smooth!"

"Ah, what Xuexia said is true."

"So, if you let it go and if you don't guide, the final result will not be what you want, teacher!"

"But is it not a good thing to re-grind after it has become smooth to grind out specific edges and corners?"

"It is difficult to sharpen the edges and corners after it becomes smooth-unless you smash the stone, you can reshape it more effectively, but this is a very troublesome process."

——So, I hate these unexpected situations now.

No matter who it is, is it not okay to settle things down quickly?

Of course, maybe this "who" does not include Hiratsuka Shizuo.

She seems to want to solve the problem, but, like her previous practice, she does not want to use preaching and coercive methods to solve the problem.She is trying to be a teacher who can communicate with high school students and is "entertainment and fun".

This is really great-but now, it is really troublesome.

"Going back to the current problem, Yubihama, if you can solve the problem very effectively, isn't this the best opportunity for you to prove your correctness to Higiya?"

"——The premise is that if the problem can be solved effectively, you also know this? Hiratsuka-sensei?"

"I'll believe in your possibility, Yubihama." However, the answer to me was a sentence that seemed a little irresponsible but full of romanticism, "Because you are among the three hard rocks, The one that has been polished most successfully."

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I am not grateful for Mr. Hiratsuka's high evaluation of me at this time. It is obvious that she has cut off my hope of seeking help from other directions.

This feeling of restlessness except for relying on myself has really been a long time since I realized it.