My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 306

It was precisely because of this feeling that I was able to realize how powerful the Isshiki's heart that had been dependent on me at the time was.

"Uh, Heya, if you look at me with the way other boys look at me, I will be a little disappointed."

"Isn’t it happy? Even I’m obsessed with your charm." Since the previous ice-breaking dialogue, I can occasionally communicate with Isshiki very easily, depending on the tone of the other party’s initiative. , For example, like now, I am obviously in a good mood, and the dialogue is normal.Of course, it doesn't feel bad to be able to have a series of normal conversations with Isshiki now.

"To be honest, it's like this, but you are obviously not of that type, not to mention that I haven't done anything worthy of your admiration lately, so the look in your eyes will only make me uneasy--" raised his eyebrows , Sitting back in her chair lightly, she asked, "What's the problem?"

"For someone who has treated you so badly, don't you think your tone is a bit too gentle-on the contrary, I am upset because of this."

"Well, it does not rule out that I am in a good state of mind, so I want to take the initiative to help you when I have problems, so that you can feel more guilty. Of course, it may also be to listen to your current problems and then laugh at you. Both are possible. Which is more sex, do you evaluate it yourself?"

"Although you are a person who likes to make bad jokes, you are not a person who likes to gloat. The former kind."

"Wise judgment." Isshiki nodded, "So, was the last information wrong?"

"The information last time was correct, but don't you think that the current situation is out of the control of the trader behind the scenes?"

"So, you mean, that Xuexiayang is senior, is she really?"

"Yes, at least she provoked all this, and then smiled and watched everything ferment. From this perspective, she is worse than you."

"Comparing me with that predecessor, I really don't understand whether this is your praise or criticism of me!"

"You can understand it yourself."

"Of course, I also heard the rumors," Isshiki has put away his humorous expression, "It should be said that it is indeed the predecessor of Higiya-because of the Kazuya in the Ministry of Service, I ignored the possibility of that predecessor. It was a big mistake."

"After solving the problem, I will re-introduce you, he is not good at dealing with girls with your style."

"Then there is no need. I think it is enough for this type of boy to deal with one and only one. Too many will make me doubt myself."

I don’t know why, when talking with Isshiki, it’s always easy to run away from the topic. Although neither I nor she have the ability to remember the center of the issue, we don’t seem to be serious about solving the problem—in a sense , More like a relaxing chat?

"So, let's go back to the problem itself! What Biqigu said is not the truth, and what he said has caused trouble to Senior Xiaomuzhen. I need to solve this problem-but, at present, in addition to using the power of authority Besides, this is a dead end."

"But, is this situation really a dead end?" However, almost immediately, Yishi denied this judgment.

"I don't need roundabout hints."

"In other words, from my point of view, this game is really easy to crack. I don't know how to break the game because I haven't noticed it all the time."

I stared at Yishi blankly.I don't know if it is because she has been outside the circle of this question, so she sees it very clearly.There was no joking air in her eyes, she really believed that there was a solution to the problem.

"Hey, Kazuya, no matter what the predecessor Biqigu said is true, it is ultimately just a lie. Senior Xiaomuzhen, but there is no way to respond to the lie." Isshiki smiled softly and said to me, " However, in this matter, lies facing the truth are really just bubbles that burst at once, don’t you think?"

——Does the words mean to go back to the original solution?

"Furthermore, truth often needs to be combined with lies in order to exert its greatest power. Because the sender of the truth can be true, but does the specific response really need to be true?"

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Chapter 17: Breaking the Ice, Reconstructing

I never thought that this question would be thrown right in front of me by such a person in this way, and it would be so direct.

Even Biqigu only hinted, and didn't point it out directly, and Isshiki just pierced through my cautiously seemingly relentless.Being able to ask such a question means that she has completely walked out of my shadow, right?

Mr. Hiratsuka, in fact, the one who has grown the most is a color feather!

"If I didn't guess wrong, Kazuma, you should be about to give Senior Xiao Muzhen a reply, right?" Yishi dragged his head and looked at me lightly-like a complete outsider.

I nodded.

"Then, the answer can be a little earlier-I ask you by the way, what is your answer?"

"Ah, well," she continued, as if she didn't care what answer I would give her, "in fact, whatever answer you give, it can effectively alleviate the current crisis. Although now The focus is on the predecessors than Qigu, but he is only an accessory of Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai. People are more likely to pay attention to the people Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai likes, rather than the people who are thrown away by Xiao Mu Shu Xue Cai-the latter is really too much and overdoing There are a lot of them."

This is actually the first solution proposed by Biqigu to solve the rumors. Although there have been many changes, it is still effective.

"Of course, with the following remarks, you can choose to accept or not, because this will actually have some connection with your real thoughts-of course, I am not trying to interfere with your thoughts. ." Yishi continued with a deep voice.

And I have vaguely realized what she wants to say.

"It’s up to you to give Senior Xiaomushu an answer, and the problem is really completely solved? Of course it is in an ideal state. But, it’s a bit too coincidental, isn’t it? Kazuya, Senior Xiaomushu, Senior Biqigu, you three It’s not difficult to find out the relationship between the two people. Senior Biqigu acted as Xiaomushu-san to relieve the siege, and Heye relieved Biqigu-san. Because of his good relationship with Heya, Senior Xiaomushu chose to let the situation develop naturally. If someone is willing to think in this respect, it is very dangerous-dangerous enough to link the entire ministry of the predecessor with everything before."

In a sense, I think Isshiki is exaggerating, but since she can think of it, it means that others can think of it.

"So, even though Kazuki's response was true in the end, it was easy to turn into a lie. Sometimes, a lie is easier for people to believe."

"You mean to say--"

"--Yes, the best way to solve the problem for Kazuya is to respond to Senior Xiaomushu--then reject her."

Respond, then reject?

The sentence that I said so easily from Isshiki's mouth made me subconsciously want to catch her. Although I anticipated this possibility in advance, my heart was strained when the sentence was really said. Up.

"It seems that the answer to the previous question is no need to ask!" Isshiki lowered his head with a wry smile, "Sorry, Kazuya, it's fine to do the same as before. There shouldn't be another one in the school who thinks like me. People who are too complicated."

Put forward the possibility first, and then refuse to continue to explain, Yi Huishu, do you know that your approach is very bad.

Speaking of it, it seems that when I helped Isshiki before, I also used this kind of routine, seeming to enumerate many options, but I put the best, and in a sense, the only option in front of Isshi. Then, full of evil fun, waiting for her to make the only choice.

She also obeyed my intentions, constantly doing the options that I had decided in advance - until the end, she chose to leave in a resolute manner.

And now, the same choice appears, but the object of the choice has changed.

"Go on."

"Heya, I don't want to persecute you." Isshiki said softly, "After knowing your answer, I no longer want to persecute you."

——Because you have experienced this kind of helpless choice before?Please, expect this before this happens!

"Go on."

"The other answer can solve the problem, don't you know why? If you don't know, I think you can ask Senior Biqigu, isn't he doing such a thing before?" Isshishi smiled reluctantly. Make a joke that doesn't make people laugh.

"Rejecting Senior Xiao Mu Xiao, all the pressure is on you alone, He Ye. There are countless people rejected by Xiao Mu Xiao Xue Cai, but you are the only one who refuses Xiao Mu Xiao Xue Cai!"

——And in this way, everyone can be free, right?

However, this is a rejection of Senior Xiao Muzhen. If this can be done easily, then this solution is not a solution.

Moreover, this is the "self-sacrifice" option I have ever looked down upon, isn't it?