My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 307

I lowered my head and did not dare to look at my face. I could only listen to her voice coming slowly: "Heya, I don’t know. For you, it’s more important to solve the current problem, or to agree that Senior Xiao Mushu will do more. Important, the two can overlap, but if the two really conflict, I can't give you the answer. I'm just as a bystander, putting the road in front of you."

So, is it the bystander?Bystander, can then be rational?It turns out that when I was a rational spokesperson, I always played such a role!

Although I have always known that I am cruel, it is impossible to truly understand the feelings of the injured person in that state without personally experiencing my cruelty.

"Sorry, Isshiki." I said softly.

Although the focus of the discussion at this time is not this, but I can't help but want to say that.

In the process of optimizing the effect in the name of rationality, I used this method more than once to hurt a color feather, and she just endured it silently at the beginning, and the final collapse and the final farewell were also taken for granted, right?

"Now that I say that, it's a bit late and a bit too much, isn't it, Heya?"

I still didn't have the courage to look at Yishi's eyes.

"But, speaking out, it’s better than being paralyzed by myself, isn’t it? I admire you, Isshiki, able to stand up again after so many such incidents. You are really, very strong. what!"

"It's been so long, and then there is an apology, are you really a stupid boy?"

"Because, I just realized it now."

"It's hard to persecute you with the same choice, right?"

"Well, it's hard."

"Actually, I don't want to persecute you."

"I know."

"But, you chose yourself, so, this is Kazuki, right?"

"I agree, in most senses."

"Very well, then we have sorted out this question, then, the next question."

"Is there another question?"

"Yuhihama Kazuya-kun, do you really think that now apologizing to me and complimenting me is a good opportunity to attack me? Although I may be moved, but—"

Isshiki's voice slowly became choked.

"--But, this is not enough, Kazuki-kun, if I like this, my previous efforts will be completely wasted!"

Of course I don't think so, but I just want to apologize.Moreover, you are a color feather, you will always walk smoothly among all the boys, and you will never reveal your true thoughts, a color feather!

"Yeah, so don't like it!" I lifted my head and looked at Isshi

Isshiki did not cry, if she cried, it would not be Isshiki.

"Yes, I'm sorry, I can't like it anymore!" She just looked into my eyes and replied.

"I didn't like it, so it's the best, right?"

"If you like it, it's very painful, isn't it? Because, from the look in your eyes, you just saw the pain of Heya!"

"Yes, it's painful."

"Why do you do that--"

"—Of course, it’s not your fault, Isshiki, you just showed me the way, you are different from me, the choice you give me is not the only one, you are not as bad as me, you are not as bad as me, you It really gave me the opportunity to choose."

And this time, the choice was made by me.

Because, I still remember, what I made to Senior Xiao Muzhen was probably the most important agreement I made with Senior.

The problem will definitely be solved.

I will definitely solve the problem in my own way.

If rejecting seniors can transfer all the pressure to me alone, then I will accept it with peace of mind.If self-sacrifice is an optimal solution, then I can only face the difficulties.

This is not self-satisfied self-sacrifice, but the path I actively choose.

"After all, I'm about to graduate. Many things can be more free and easy."

Senior Xiao Muzhen told me this. I thought she made sense at the time. But, in fact, it was quite the opposite. He was about to graduate. Who would want to make the last memories of his high school life so embarrassing?

"I will reject the predecessors, and then, I will bear all the pressure alone." I looked at Isshi seriously and told her my answer.

"No, Kazuya--" However, with a smile all over his face--with a smile that looked a little unreal--holding my hand, said, "You can't bear it alone."

"Do you remember? Before, although you always gave me the only option and forced me to move forward, you still stood behind me. Now, although you told me that I gave you the option, you After making the choice, just like you at the time, I will stand behind you all the time."

"You don't have to do this."

"This is my own choice, He Ye", Yishi blinked and was always full of cunning and agility, but at this time he had only sincere brown eyes, "because, I don't want to, I owe you something!"

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After writing, I don’t know if the heroine of this chapter is Isshiki or Xuecai (Wangtian)


Chapter 18: Intermission

I triggered your painful choice, so your choice and your pain will be borne by me to help you.I understand what Isshiki means, as she said, because I know pain, so I won’t be so cruel to others.

I have no reason to reject her.In this incident, I did not have enough self-confidence to allow me to restrain myself, and I did not have enough self-confidence to strengthen my beliefs all the time, so I needed a bystander to make me sober.As long as she can play a role as a warning person, that is enough. Of course, I believe that the current Isshiki, with this ability, can also do it.

The key question is whether she will behave beyond her own framework.

I looked at Isshiki's eyes. I don't know if she has considered this level, but I chose to believe her.

I should give more trust to others.

So, back to hold the hand that stretched out to me.

"Thank you."

"So, how many times has this been our cooperation?" Isshishi tilted his head and said with a smile.

"Sa, who knows?"

"But, Kazuki, you stand at the level of the protected, and I stand at the level of the helper, this is the first time!"

"Will it affect your election of student council president? Isshiki student?"

"If I helped you, you would hesitate to help Senior Xuexia, right?"

I don't know if I should tell Isshiki, I am ready to give up supporting the status quo under Xuexia.