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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 308

Of course, the last choice is to retain this fact. I don't want her to have the illusion that "Yuhihama Kazuya finally gave up Yukoshita to thank her for the help she has given now."

Isshi likes the current process of active help, so don't let her feel that this kind of help is not perfect, and don't fall into the endless cycle of "mutual debt".

"If possible, I think you can expect more." I said.

"Expected more?" Isshiki's expression was a little complicated.

I think she should understand my thoughts.

"From historical experience, Kazuya, there is often no good result for more people you expect!" She said mockingly.

"If I said it was accidental, would you believe it?"

"Well, let's believe you for the time being-after all, you are still a person who doesn't tell lies!"

"Then," I stretched out my hand to Isshi again, this time, I took the initiative, "This time, Isshiki classmate, please advise."

"I am very honored."

Crush the frozen relationship at one end, and then lead to a new future.

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Of course, although the plan is basically drawn up, the actions taken must not be too radical. It is definitely a radical option for people like Biqigu to just think of a solution.But I also admit that this is part of my selfishness-if I can, I hope to think of other methods before adopting this solution.

Isshiki clearly understood my thoughts, so she did not urge me to implement it, but continued to prepare for her student council election.

Compared with the previous cooperation, both of them appeared to be more cautious, because the previous too close relationship led to the consequences of the entanglement afterwards, so we both kept a distance very tacitly, only discussing that we should discuss Problems, and not too much communication in other areas.

As a result, it seemed that I was deliberately trying to fill the gaps in this period of time. I received the task of the senior city tour patrol who was about to step down from the position of student council president.

"In the beginning, it was more appropriate to send someone to the student union or to let Xuexiajia go than to let you go. However, considering that it is a sensitive period for the presidential election, if the party and the president are elected If the relevant people go there will definitely give people a tendency to'who am I supporting'. So after considering these things, I feel that it is still troublesome for Yuihama-san you to go there. In fact, there is nothing to do. School-level cooperation is already The board of directors discussed the issue. This time it is only about the formation of a fixed exchange mechanism for the student unions of the two schools. Because it is a preliminary discussion, only intention is needed."

I can’t complain, "If it’s just such a simple problem, in a society where communication methods are developed, it’s only a phone call." I can’t say, "The student union secretary on the other side was just completely dumped by me." Declining, in the end, just like the situation that always happens when the chairman of the city persuades people, despite all the unwillingness, I was somehow persuaded, and then I came to the door of the student union office of the familiar Qingquan Middle School.

Compared with the busy schedule during the preparation for the cultural festival, there are already fewer people in charge of the various clubs in and out of the student union office. After all, at this stage, the work of the student union is mainly to transfer classes.As a middle school, the student union of Qingquan Middle School generally adopts an internal shift system, without any fanfare election farce.

I don’t know if it should be considered lucky or unfortunate. Xiaochun didn’t show up in the office. The one who stayed in the student union office was another member of the student union who was relatively familiar with me, Vice-President Umi Sonoda, who was sitting at his desk carefully sorting out. The document, set off by the deserted atmosphere, makes people feel a little pity at first glance.

However, this situation does make people agree with Chairman Cheng Ye's "this matter is not important" evaluation.

However, I don't know if it was because it was too deserted. After I walked into the office, Vice Chairman Sonoda ignored me and continued to process the documents in his hands.

Until I coughed gently.

"Actually, Senior Sugiura was here before." Then she replied with such a sentence.

——The subtext is because I knew that you were coming, so I left.There must be a limit to admiration for one's predecessors!

"Xiaochun, um, if Secretary Sugiura's absence will not affect our discussion, I actually have no objection."

"Isn't there anything touched by Yubihama-senpai?"

"So, according to your statement, what should I be touched? Or if I was touched, what kind of results do you hope my touch will bring?"

To be honest, I'm a little tired of this girl every time I see me, I have to struggle with this matter. I really don't believe that a girl can be obsessed to this degree for her predecessors. If you like it Forget about her, I don't care about this aspect of behavior, but, because of my senior's love affair, it is not necessary, is it?

"At least, give Senior Sugiura a chance."

"This kind of illusory opportunity is the most dangerous. Xiaochun left because she understood this. Why should you worry about this for her?"


"——Please pay attention, Vice President Sonoda, I am here to discuss work with you. It is better for you to communicate with your friends for girls’ awkward ideas."

"I know!" As if he had blown up his hair, Sonoda glared at me angrily. "Does Yuihama-senpai really think I am a fool who knows nothing?"

"At least in this respect, I think you are much worse than your predecessors."

"So, what about Yubihama-senpai?"

"Well, what problem are you referring to?"

"After the last meeting, I deliberately asked about the situation of Zong Wu Gao." She raised her head high, with a small pride of showing off her abilities to her predecessors, she said solemnly.

If this guy can spend the time doing these boring things at work, her predecessors will surely be more pleased?

"If Yubihama-senpai thinks my way of dealing with problems is terrible, then what's the matter with Yuihama-senpai himself? According to the situation and my understanding of the situation and my understanding, the Yukihama-senpai, The object of the confession should be Yubihama-senpai, right?" The accented voice echoed in my ears.In the same day, the second person in a row revealed the problem to me in this naked way.

"Since Yubihama-senpai has already rejected Sugiura-senpai's words so decisively as you said, why hasn't he responded to the favor of Ogisaki-senpai so late?"

"Respond soon."

"Really?" Sonoda's expression was obviously stunned, but she still cheered up and continued to ask, "So, what is the response?"

However, it was this questioning that hit me.

The complicated situation facing him cannot be explained clearly to her in a short time.

"If Yubihama-senpai's idea is to refuse, then why can't Sugiura-senpai be given a chance?" Then, the question of chasing after victory was naturally thrown over.

She is really a tough girl!

"The problem between me and Xiaochun is between us. However, I think that for me, there is another problem that I am more curious about, and that is why you pay so much attention to the affairs of me and Xiaochun. At the beginning, you I am simply fighting for the injustice of my senior sister, which I can understand, but now, do you know what Xiaochun thinks? Without knowing her thoughts, just do it without authorization. Are you thinking about her, or Are you satisfied for your own self?"

Yes, I can feel it. Although the girl in front of me, every word of her is paying attention to "Senior Sugiura", but "Senior Sugiura" has increasingly become her umbrella and all her problems. , Not so much helping Xiaochun, it is better to say that she is simply questioning me, and Xiaochun is only questioning an object I borrowed.

She obviously helped this child solve many problems, but she didn't appreciate it enough!

Yizhengci's stern expression was stunned. This time, Sonoda didn't hold on to the question as much as before.She just looked at me blankly.

I think that maybe even she has not thought about this issue carefully.She might really be thinking that she was defending Xiaochun.

After all, he is only a middle school student, and he hasn't deeply analyzed his own heart while being upset!

However, at least she didn't force her sophistry, compared to her before.

Seeing Sonoda's somewhat embarrassed, even bewildered expression and suddenly flushed face, the original dissatisfaction disappeared a lot-after all, the younger generation has a natural privilege of being forgiven.

"Shall we discuss work?" I tried my best to show a kind expression and brought the topic back.

"Yeah." Sonoda lowered his head like a little sheep.

So, wouldn't it be enough?

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