My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 309


Chapter Nineteen: Irritability

At least in the public and private work style, Sonoda has inherited the fine tradition of Xiaochun, and the cooperation between the student union is ultimately only a preliminary intention, and there is not much substantive content. After entering the work agenda, the problem soon solved.

Reminiscing about what Isshiki said to me before, I think that the president of Cheng Yee asked me to come to Qingquan Middle School. It is not so much that she can’t find a suitable communication candidate, but she is using her own way to suggest that I participate in the student union activity.

Of course, some specific issues are still debatable.

"Organized by the student union, it provides a platform for regular exchanges among club members? Does such an activity make sense?"

"Previously, the excellent performances of Zou Wu Gao have been very popular in the school, especially the performances of the acting department. Whether such a communication platform can continue depends on the follow-up operation, but our idea is at least I should try it, right?"

The chairman of the city was responsible for the final exchange of the program. I have no special impression of the performance of the acting department. I vaguely remember that the third-year director of the club also took the initiative to shorten the performance time. "The expressiveness and impact of drama It has nothing to do with time", she once said confidently such a sentence, judging from the current situation, she seems to have completed her declaration very well!

"To be honest, I didn't get much authorization, but I still feel that this plan is open to discussion. The so-called community exchange platform is difficult to institutionalize, and compared to the superficial exchanges, more activities are involved. More important." I spread my hands and replied.

"This opinion was made by Sugiura-senpai." Sonoda bit his lip and said this reluctantly.

"Can't change my judgment."

"I knew it--"

"--Of course, the final decision-making power is not in my hands, but in the hands of the student president—well, maybe the new student president in the future."

"The new student council president?"

"Yes, now it's time to change the term of the student council. People outside the government like me may have fallen out of favor after the new president!" I replied half-jokingly.

"Doesn't this mean that, seniors will not come here because of work in the future?"

"Well, I don't think I have been here very often before."

"That's what it says--"

"The renewal of the student union of Qingquan Middle School is done internally. From the current feeling, I don't think Sonoda has any competitors? Do I need to congratulate you in advance?"

"I don't care about this," Sonoda gave me an annoyed look, seemingly distracted, "I just--"

——But he stopped talking again and again.

I feel that what I said just now seems to be a bit out of bounds.

"Sorry, I won't interrupt you anymore."

"It's nothing," However, Sonoda still didn't say the words behind his "just", but stiffly raised his tone and changed the subject, "Sugura-senpai is going to Sotake High."


"——This sentence has no meaning, I just want to say that," she interrupted me, and she continued on her own, "So, because Senior is there, I am also going to Zongwu Gao."

"There is no need to decide so early in the second grade. You still have a whole year to change your mind."

"No, it was decided in the second grade. It's actually not too late." Sonoda touched his hair casually, as if he was answering my question, but not as if he was answering my question.

I always feel that although I have been working hard to maintain the state of work, the conversation between me and Sonoda has been developing in a strange direction.

I began to feel that I should refuse as much as possible the future exchanges with the Qingquan Middle School Student Union, perhaps because everyone here has too close contact with Xiaochun. It is difficult for them or myself to maintain communication. Normal mindset.

"If Senpai can stay here for a longer period of time, I can meet Senpai Sugura. She will definitely go back to this classroom. It is impossible to avoid you so deliberately." When leaving, Vice President Sonoda said to me. of.

"Since I know that she is deliberately avoiding me, then there is no need to fight her, right? The situation is painful now, but this is the most effective way to solve the problem." I responded. .

---------------------------------------split line--------- ---------------------------

Maybe it was because of Sonoda’s words and Xiaochun’s problems that affected my mood. After leaving this alma mater that gave me unpleasant memories recently, I chose to go straight home.It wasn't until this time that I realized that I didn't ask Xuexia for leave. It felt like a long time had passed since I did this last time.

I was about to reject the predecessor Xiao Muzhen, thinking of Xiaochun again, coupled with the inexplicable sense of fear and alienation from the Ministry of Service, all things mixed together, and I was slightly annoyed.

I think the biggest reason I chose to go straight home is because I want to hear some clumsy care from Yui sister.At this time, maybe just a simple greeting like "Xiaohe, what's the matter with you?" from my sister, can calm me down.

Although I complained more than once that my sister couldn't solve my problem at all, maybe solving the problem is not the key. What I need is the kind of peace of mind that lets me know that someone is supporting me behind me.

What my sister said is right. Like Yukinoshita, I am actually a person who relies on the support of other people. Yuihama Yui is actually unconsciously, even unaware of it. Plays this role.

However, when I returned home, I did not see the familiar red hair.

Maybe it was because he had not returned from participating in the club activities, and Yukoshita together criticized Yubihama's unexcused absence again.

At this time, she must be on the side under the snow!

Then, while Kankan was eating dinner, Yui sister came back.

After dinner absently, she returned to her room.

Yuihama Yui did not notice my abnormality.

——What an international joke is this!

This situation only happened once in all previous daily routines. It was when my sister was preparing for the performance of Yukoshita Yono's band. Because it was too busy, I often ignored my situation. Of course, I was at the time. , Does not need her care.

"Like you at the time, I will, standing behind you all the time."

As if to respond to my current state, this sentence appeared in my mind.

To be honest, this is really bad, after all, I never planned to rely on Isshiki in this sense!What's more, now that you just reconcile, just ignore all the previous hurt and pray to her. Isn't this a bit too much?

However, I still dialed the same number, even though I knew that I should not do this.

"Hey, Kazuya, just call me when you have just established a friendly relationship. If you don’t know you, it’s easy for girls to misunderstand. Be careful in the future!" A cheerful voice from Isshiki spread from the other end of the phone. Come here.

"So, thank you for not misunderstanding!"

"What's the matter, what's the problem?" The fatigue I showed was so obvious that the other side noticed my problem almost immediately.

"Well, I just feel a little irritable, so I just want to find someone to talk about it, okay?"

"..." After being silent for a while, the other side whispered, "Well, I'm fine."

"In fact, I have always been curious about one question, that is, although Isshiki has many boys like it, have you really fallen in love?"

"Hey, this kind of problem is very dangerous!"

"Well, have you ever been in a relationship is very important to solve my doubts-the main reason is that you are the kind of setting that often looks like a bitch but in your heart is very pure and doesn't like to be extraordinary!"

"This is the way to talk to someone you've finally found when you are upset and talk to someone?"

"Um, sorry."