My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 310

It feels like I have said a little too much. It is actually very dangerous to ask such a girl.

"Okay, you guessed it." However, when I was about to end the topic, the other party took the initiative to answer.


"——Do you really think you guessed it right?"


"To be honest, I think it doesn't matter for me to resolve Heya's doubts whether he has been in love or not. If it is about what attitude Heya should take towards Senior Xiaomuzhen--"

"——The main thing is not this. If it is just because of this, it should have been resolved when we communicated with you during the day."

"Huh?" Isshiki's voice obviously became unexpected.

"The reason for asking if you have ever been in a relationship - or if Isshiki has liked someone, is to know this: How long does it take for a girl to get rid of a relationship?"


"Well, this question is a bit difficult?"

"To be honest, I think girls who score different types, and also."

"An answer similar to what I expected!"

"Of course, if you are like me, you also know that from the beginning, you won't have any special emotions for any boy, so it must be quick to get rid of it," With a cheerful voice, Isshiki suddenly Become talkative-it’s as if the language has been organized suddenly, "So, this has to take into account the girl’s commitment to feelings. How to say it, sometimes I really feel that the middle school girls are a little too naive, emotional The investment was too strong, and the effect of backlash was not considered at all. It was really tragic at that time!"

"The emotional engagement of the girls of middle school students!"

I don't know if Isshiki's words point to it, but I always feel that she seems to have understood what I am doing.

"However, if you look at it from my standpoint, Kazuya, I think your current choice is correct."

"What do you mean?"

"Are you talking about Xiaochun? Your response is not wrong. Be soft-hearted and will only give her more expectations. Every time you talk to her, she will have the illusion of'you are gentle', and Let her have the idea of ​​"If she can work harder, she can change the status quo." This idea seems strange to you, but for girls, it is normal and must not be given from the beginning She has any chance of fantasy, don’t give the other party any chance to talk, otherwise, she will become more and more greedy. And the final result of greed is that even if she wants to restrain, she has no chance to restrain, you understand Right?"

"It always feels like this is more like your personal experience!"

"Yeah, yeah, I was seen through," I heard Ishiki on the other end of the phone take a deep breath, and whispered, "Well, what about the black history in middle school--you understand it. With this Only the history of the person can shape the me who appears, right?"

"So, you still have the experience of being in love?"

"To be honest, I don't know if it is considered a love experience. In fact, maybe after it is over, I am realizing that I may have a feeling of unrequited love?"

"Because of this vague experience, it would be very tiring to create such an image, right?"

"There's no way. If I don't create the image of appearance, I don't know what should I do!" Isshiki chuckled, but replied with deep helplessness.

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Chapter 19.25: Reasons to like

"Why do you want to like such a person?" She once asked her predecessors when that boy became the target of all the people in the school.

What she longed for was a senior who had bright long dark hair like herself, but was tied into a capable but vigorous double ponytail. At that time, she looked at herself in surprise.

"I'm not surprised by Senior's choice. After all, Senior has already broken up with him now. I think it's good." Seeing Senior's gaze at her, she shoved her close. Liu Hai, however, still insisted on saying this—this is the attitude she dreams of the predecessors who face difficulties.

"Sa, everyone thinks it's pretty good!"

"Of course, I'm not saying that Yubihama-senpai is not good. He does have a lot of attractions. The captain of the football team alone is enough to attract many people, but--" Hai Wei gritted his teeth and continued to explain his point of view. .

"--But after interacting with him, you will find that compared to these problems with him, his brilliance in his identity has no meaning, is it?" Xiaochun nodded and responded with a smile With.

"I didn't mean that." Some worried that his wanton comments would make Senpai dissatisfied, Umi continued to explain, "But, Yuihama-san, although he is a very charming person, he is For the boy and girlfriend, don’t you find it difficult to get along?"

"Well, it seems like this! It is really hard to come up with."

"Yeah, so why do seniors like him? Or, why," then she carefully asked the question she wanted to ask, "why, can't you let it go now?"

"Yes, so why?"

The predecessor she had always longed for did not give her an answer at the time.

"I think it's probably because there is always no reason for liking?" In the end, the senior who always pursued rigor and reason gave her this kind of answer without reason.

She knew that Senior Sugiura didn't lie, she really didn't know the reason, until the end, she didn't know the reason, so she could only struggle in this kind of pain, cover up, and couldn't get rid of it.

If she simply didn't like Yubihama's character before, from that moment, she started to hate Yubihama.She hated the guy who made the predecessor she dreamed of not look like she dreamed of until after the breakup.Although good tutoring made her hate that person only at the level of "hate", this was the first time that she had such a special affection for a person of the opposite sex—whether positive or negative.

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"Haimi, I have worked hard for you." The sound of pushing the door came, and Senior Sugiura's slightly tired and sorry expression appeared in front of her.

"Ah, no, it's nothing." Thinking of her embarrassed performance in the face of Yubihama Kazuya just now, a complex emotion suddenly rose in her heart-because she could not handle the task that seniors gave her. The guilt, because of his indignation for not being able to solve the problems of the predecessors, and the regret that he was shaken by the other's words at that moment.

Even if the state is not very good, Xiaochun can still clearly find the abnormality of his younger generation.

"Is it difficult for you to deal with him alone? Sorry, I should consider in advance that you are not very familiar with his style—"

"--No, that's not the case. Yubihama-senpai didn't actually embarrass me."

——It’s just that I’m embarrassing him, all he did was counterattack!

She retorted subconsciously, but immediately stunned-why did she refute?

"Really?" Xiaochun raised her eyebrows in surprise, "I don't provoke someone who doesn't actively provoke him, does that mean?"

"Probably?" Hai Wei nodded dullly.

"Well, that's not bad," Xiaochun blinked and replied, "However, people like him will come into contact with more people when you become the president in the future, and Kazuya--well, Yubihama-senpai Most of the time, it is reasonable. Although the effect is similar to that of his unreasonableness, you will at least think that he is a person who can talk to, but if you face some people who are unwilling to use reason with you—"

"——Senior Sugiura, I have a problem." However, she suddenly interrupted the teaching of her senior.

She realized that Senior didn't want to struggle too much with this issue.She should have obeyed her predecessors, and she should have understood the feelings of her predecessors, but she did not do so.

She interrupted what the senior said.

"Is there a problem? Then speak up?"

"Why do you want to like such a person?" She asked the senior she admired, and asked the same question she asked less than a year ago.

She felt that she was crazy, and she stabbed Senior Sugiura's sore spot, and, didn't she already know the answer?At that time, didn't Sugiura-senpai give himself an answer that he could never understand?