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My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 311

However, she has a feeling that maybe the predecessors now are different from the predecessors at the time.

"Why are you asking this question?" Xiaochun smiled bitterly at Hai Wei, but didn't mean to refuse her.

This is a familiar sight.

"No, in fact, after having more contact with Yubihama-senpai, I can actually understand the reason why Yubihama-senpai likes him better. In addition to the external title of football team captain, Yubihama-senpai is really a very Ability, a person who is very good at problem-solving, many times, when I feel desperate, I can't help but want to ask him, thinking he can solve..."

Slowly, her words became lighter.

She was begging Yubihama-senpai because of the scandal of the seniors at that time. This was something she never wanted to mention to Sugiura-senpai.Maybe the senior can more or less guess the role she played in it, but since she tacitly chose not to reveal it, then this matter has always been a secret.

Indeed, for herself who always hated Yubihama Kazuya, she didn't know why she naturally felt that this was the only way to save seniors.

"Yeah, Kazuya, um, Yubihama is a very capable person!" Xiaochun didn't care what Haiwei said, she just nodded with nostalgia, and said, "He is not actually good at making elaborate plans. Man, in fact, the way he solves the problem is quite simple. However, his simple method can often work-in other words, because of his ability, the simple method is enough to work."

"It seems so."

Sure enough, Senpai still knows Yubihama better than me!She thought so, somewhat unnaturally.

"So, such a person can easily make people feel dependent, and the emotion of dependence can easily deteriorate!" Xiaochun blinked and replied.

"Just because of this reason?"

"Of course not-although this situation is very common, but it is not for him, even if you have this vague sense of dependence, if he finds that your sense of dependence is dangerous, According to my judgment, he should cut it off without hesitation."

"Cut off?"

"That's right, before you are fully mentally prepared, use his own way to completely draw a line."

"It feels really bad!"

"Very bad, but it will be very effective." Xiaochun nodded and shook his head again, "Didn't I say it? That is his consistent way of dealing with problems, a simple but effective method."


"So, I like it, there should be other reasons," Xiaochun stroked her temples in a daze, and continued, "because he really looks too invulnerable, so when he has a problem, You will involuntarily appear a kind of gratification. Even if this problem can be solved in the end, but as long as it cannot be solved temporarily, as long as it temporarily makes you feel that you can help him, such a sense of accomplishment is not Comparable. Then, after helping him once, you will involuntarily want to help him more, and want to discover more weaknesses behind his strength, and then you will fall into it."

"Actually, if you like it, it’s easier to like it because of the previous reason, because you don’t know much, so when he cuts off the connection between the two, you will only have a pure disgust for him. , So it’s easier to get rid of it. But when you like him for the latter reason, it’s a sense of mission that is full of complacency and conceit, even if the other party has a problem, I will be his only way out. Sensation, so, on the contrary, it is even more difficult to get rid of."

"So, why did Senpai like Yubihama Senpai?"

Although she asked, she already knew the answer.

"Does this still need to be said?" Xiaochun blinked, a drop of helpless tears quickly fell, and then disappeared, "Of course it is because of the latter one."

She began to regret the question she raised.Although she got a more correct answer this time, she didn't want to see the appearance of Sugiura Koharu who saw so clearly.

"If this is the case, Senior, if this is the case—"

"--Since this is the case?"

"Then why did Senpai give up? If Senpai has such a sense of mission and such a sense of conceit, then why doesn't Senpai stick to it! Only Sugiura Senpai is the one who knows him best, right? Senior Sugiura, can you see these issues most thoroughly, right? Why don't you stick to it?"

She became excited, as if she was simply dissatisfied with the surrender of her predecessors, but she always felt that there might be other faint emotions in her heart that needed to be vented with such excitement and dissatisfaction.

She still knows too little. Compared with Senior Sugiura, she actually knows nothing.

This feeling is really annoying!

She looked at the senior looking at herself in surprise, and then smiled softly again: "It is because of knowing that I can't hold on!"

"What is the logic?"

"When you have been believing that you are his only savior, when you discover the weak side of that person that you secretly happily and exhaustedly discovered through your relationship, the other person all knows--and When he took the initiative to expose to another person, would you still have trust in your sense of mission?" Xiaochun's eyes did not look at his junior, but looked out the window.

Maybe she didn't think of this layer when she left at that time, but she was able to realize this more clearly afterwards.

Then she knew, maybe, she didn't have a chance when she worked hard from the beginning.

This time, her junior just stared at herself with his mouth open blankly.

Have you ever experienced it?So, it is incomprehensible after all!She smiled softly.

"Why can you be so certain?" Unwillingly, Hai Wei said, "Why, can you think so with such certainty? Even if it is the object of active expression of emotion, but in terms of the perception of vulnerability, you are not Are you still standing on the same starting line? Why, there is no way to keep going and keep working hard?"

"I remember, you don't like me being with him?"

"It has nothing to do with likes or dislikes, I just think, I just think," Hai Wei said excitedly, "I have worked hard to this extent, and I have worked hard to be able to stand on the same starting line with the opponent, but I gave up at this time, which is really, so strange!"

Xiaochun lowered her head and said nothing.

Hai Wei knows that this is not what she admires, whether she is stubborn or stubborn, but the Sugiura Koharu-sen who will definitely stick to her goal.

"I won't accept it. I won't accept this. Only the seniors give up, I can't accept it." She kept saying this.

If the predecessors give up, then I will replace the predecessors to maintain the situation-just to give the predecessors a chance to compete again.

She thought so.

Maybe, there are more ideas

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Chapter 19.5: The Ministry of Service alone

As always, I came to the club activity classroom on time, as always, I sat down by the window with good light as I liked, and as always prepared tea for four people. This is what Xuexia Xueno adapts to after school life Rhythm.

Any activity has a process from adaptation to discomfort. From the very beginning, with almost everyone at war, afterwards, you can discuss all issues in a relatively relaxed atmosphere. Yukino realized that his attitude towards this society is Change slowly.

From the very condescending to the present mutual cooperation.

Although for a period of time, due to various accidents, there have been many setbacks in the activities of the Ministry of Service, and even temporary suspension of activities, but in the end everything was resolved smoothly.After the cultural festival, it is a matter of course to resume club activities, and of course to do all but interconnected behaviors after school. This is the normal rhythm of life.

Of course, the problems in recent times have been more serious. The election of the president of one's own student, the scandal between oneself and other people, and the series of phenomena that followed have obviously disrupted the peace of this society.However, in general, Xuexiaxuena felt: In fact, these things are not a big deal.

Even when everyone is arguing over the scandal most intensely, she still prepares tea for everyone.Of course she is aware of the seriousness of the problem, but she feels that, as usual, the society she leads has unlimited possibilities and everyone can solve all the problems.

Until Biqigu adopted the incomprehensible behavior again, she did not show excessive anger-compared to the previous time when Biqigu did this, she was more fully prepared, and she believed in herself. Can solve the problem well.Higiya Hachiman's initiative to avoid the Ministry of Service was nothing. He was absent on the first day. On the second day, as long as Yuihama Yui blocked his escape, that guy would naturally compromise in the end.

As for the follow-up impact of this matter, as long as everyone continues to discuss it, the problem will definitely be resolved.

Therefore, Yukino under Xuexia was just sitting in the classroom with peace of mind, holding the library book, and waiting for the arrival of others with peace of mind.

——It’s just that, it seems that today’s other community members have had some problems.