My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 312

The phone rang.

"Xiaoxue, I'm really sorry! I have something to solve temporarily, can I ask for leave for today's club activities?" This is an email from Yuihama Yui.

"Yes." Replied quickly.

"Aha, that's great, I will compensate Xiaoxue. Is there anything Xiaoxue wants to buy recently? I can go with Xiaoxue!"

"There is no need for now, but I will remember this."

"Hmm, that's it!"

Yui’s email came to an abrupt end. Although she didn’t seem to have asked her about Biqigu, from the perspective of her state, Biqigu, who was in the same class as her, should not be a big problem. Otherwise, based on Yui’s personality, I guess Will cry to myself very anxiously!

She remembered what happened when she had just met President Shiro. President Shiro seemed to have arranged a mission for Yubi Hama Kazuya, so that guy should arrive a little later.

So, this means that, at least for a while, I can only stay in the classroom alone.

Of course, a person’s club activities are very boring. Although Yukino doesn’t hate loneliness, the situation in the club classroom that is not popular but is actually very energetic is the situation she adapts.Letting her stay here alone would still be somewhat uncomfortable.

However, Xue Nao did not choose to notify or cancel today's club activities.

——After all, the number of clubs is small. If there is such a precedent, it will be difficult to maintain club activities. As a minister, I must prevent this from happening.She thought so.

Of course, she had never considered that Yubihama would refuse to participate in club activities without notifying herself—the last time he did such a thing, it was when he first joined the department.The guy at that time, and the self at the time, were still naive, naive and conceited, so the two clashes constantly.

Conflicts can be dissolved. Isn't the current state of cooperation also a good state?

This state cannot be sustained, Xue Nao knows-after all, Kazuya had told her personally that after the election of the student council was over, the cooperation ended.However, she felt that He Ye's words did not have much practical meaning.The election of the student council is over, and when you become the president of the student council, you naturally need to organically integrate the activities of the Ministry of Service and the activities of the student council. At that time, as a member of the club, Kazumi will cooperate with himself because of the obligations of the club. This is not Is it a matter of course?

Therefore, it is really meaningless to hear that the president of the city still hopes to participate in the election of the student union.As long as he can win—of course, there is no doubt about it at this stage—then Yubihama will definitely become a member of the student union from the fact.

It's just that, even if it will come later, Yubihama Kazuya today seems to be too late.

She glanced at the time anxiously, 5:00, under normal circumstances, it was already time for the end of the club activities.And until this time, Yubihama had disappeared just like he did, without telling himself any information about his trail.

I checked the phone again and confirmed that the signal of the phone is good. I did not miss any calls or missed any emails. However, this can only further prove my previous judgment: today, Yubihama will not come to the club. The classroom.This also means that today's Ministry of Service classrooms are empty, and the activities of the community alone are meaningless.

In an instant, she tried to make a phone call to ask about the guy's situation. However, only then did she realize that she had never actively called Yubihama Kazuya because of her own thoughts.What's more, as the president of the club, when the member is away, he takes the initiative to call the other party, which may give the other party the impression that he is oppressing him.I don't know why, Xuexia didn't want He also to feel that way.

The two are now an equal cooperative relationship, and she is not qualified to force him to do a certain thing-this is the reason she found for herself.

So, what about sending an email to ask about the other party's situation?This may seem okay, but it involves the issue of one's own identity. Is he the minister of the Ministry of Service or the identity of a partner?If it is the former, it will inevitably fall into the predicament of making a call before, and if a partner is qualified to interfere in the private life of the other party?

——So, what if it is a friend?

The definition of a friend is vague, depending on whether you think the other person is your friend, and whether the other person thinks you are the other person's friend.For example, Yukino believes that he and Yui are friends, because both of them clearly expressed this identification.However, she really couldn't be sure if she and Yubihama's brother were friends.

Although the other party does not use the title of "senior" or "minister" to call himself, but this should be to clarify the equal relationship between the two?If the other person thinks he is a friend, should he take the initiative to call himself by name like his sister?

Yukino Yukoshita realized that she was a little uncertain about the relationship with Yubihama Kazuya.

She had never thought about this problem before, and this problem is her psychological blind spot.

Perhaps, it is more conducive to positioning simply to use the non-emotional identity judgment of the cooperator or the ministers and members of the association.

However, she somewhat disliked this positioning.

There are so many common experiences with the other party and so many common goals of cooperation. However, in the end, it is impossible to give the other party an identity position emotionally. What is this kidding?

The next time you meet Yubihama, ask his judgment.She thought so.

The clock on the wall of the classroom indicated that the time had reached 5:30.Yubihama should not be here either, she can be sure of this.

A subtle, bitter emotion slowly rose from her heart.

Then, she realized that the reason why she had such confidence in solving the problems of the Ministry of Service was because Yuihama Kazuya seemed to have been telling herself that there was no problem, and the reason why she compared the judgment of the same behavior of Kotani twice It is so different because, for the second time, Yuhihama saw what Higiya did.

She felt that as long as she waited until He Ye, she could safely discuss a result.Therefore, she is willing to wait patiently in an empty classroom.

——But that guy, this time failed her expectations.

But that's it for today.

Xuexiaxue was not the kind of person who would compete at this time. After realizing her situation, she chose to leave the classroom-leaving behind a sip of tea she hadn't even drunk.

Next time, after clarifying the identity of herself and him, this situation will happen again. She believes that she will never hesitate like today.

The hesitation is not the style of Yukino under Yukoshita.

However, to be honest, there is no one in the ministry classroom, and there is no one standing with me in the ministry. In fact, it is a bit scary!

This is her somewhat unreal feeling.

On this day, she felt for the first time the possibility of fear caused by loneliness.

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Well, this chapter is a bit shorter. I have committed laziness during the Ching Ming holiday. It is not easy to code a chapter.In addition, the purely psychological description of Yukino is also very subtle, and it is also a mixture of truth and lies. After all, Yukino is also a troublesome character who often doesn't know her mood (shangshou)


Chapter 19.75: The Enlightenment You Need

Following in the footsteps of Yuihama Yui, when Yukina Oki saw Haruki Kitahara smiling and waiting for the two, she frowned slightly at an unnoticeable speed.

In fact, she doesn't hate this light music club, who has long-term cooperation with her guitarist. If she is asked to give Kitahara a comment, she still appreciates Kitahara Haruki very much.The unhappiness arises because she knows that Kazuya has always had a prejudice against Kitahara.

If helping Yubihama also meant going to Kitahara Haruno for help, then Yukina can be sure that this is definitely the result that person doesn't want to see.Yui, who is Kazuya's sister, should also be aware of this, but why she still chooses to turn to Kitahara for help, which makes her a little puzzled.

However, she can't say anything right now. Ever since she was persuaded by Yuihama Yui, she has been caught in the rhythm of Yui. Even if she really has concerns, it is not convenient to leave in person.

What's more, if you remove the complicated relationship between Heya and Kitahara, Haruki Kitahara is indeed a good target to discuss and solve the problem.

"Long time no see, classmate Xiao Muzhen." As always, the refreshing and reassuring smile of the boy always seemed a bit awkward to her-after all, in a sense, she did a terrible cultural sacrifice The ground ruined Kitahara’s final performance.

Including after the cultural festival, for various reasons, she did not have too much contact with the students of the light music club. The friend Yixu of Beiyuan in the same class occasionally talks with herself about Beiyuan, but in general, she The handling of the relationship between these two former partners is still very bad.

However, Kitahara Haruki greeted herself as if nothing had happened before, which embarrassed Yukina instead.

"Sorry, Beiyuan, what happened some time ago--" Xuecai is not used to being ashamed of each other in this kind of conversation. While sitting opposite Beiyuan, she also tried to explain her previous behavior. .

"--It's okay, it's okay," However, her words were interrupted by Chunxi's hearty voice, "Student Xiao Muxiao always has his own consideration, doesn't he? What's more, even if Xiao Muxiao doesn't do that, He Yubi Compared with Bin’s performance, we are indeed still far behind!"

"That's just Miss Ogata's performance, I'm more of it as a foil." Yui lightly echoed Haruki's words, which made Yukina a strange feeling-the other two thoughts were a little strange Clear, and he has completely become an outsider in this so-called "discussion" by the three.

"Of course Yuihama's performance is brilliant enough, isn't it?" Chunxi smiled relaxedly, and then looked at Xuecai, "Also, student Xiaomushao, I wonder if I can trouble you something?"

"What trouble me?"

"Well, I think you guessed it too," Chunxi said, scratching his head embarrassingly. "The only thing that troubles me is that guy's thing."