My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 314

"It doesn't matter whether I agree or disagree, but today I came to Senior Biqigu, and I didn't want to ask why you did this--" I raised my eyebrows and looked at Biqigu's indifferent mocking expression. "What I want to ask is, when did the predecessors of Biqigu start to regard this kind of remarks as a lie?"

"Is this important?"

"Well, it's very important. If the predecessors of Biqigu have been adhering to the view that the world is not gentle at all from the stage when they have just recognized love, then I have nothing to say, but according to normal people Behavioral logic, you should always have a stage of imagining the gentle emotions from outsiders that may exist, right?"

Biqigu's mocking expression slowly collapsed.

"So, is this important?" He asked again and again, "If this world is such a not gentle world, then when will it be important to recognize this? It should be said, not the sooner you recognize The better, isn't it?"

"So, it's time for Senior Biqigu to admit that he had expected the gentleness of others, right?"

Biqigu did not nod his head, but, in contrast, he did not shake his head either.

Silence is the default.

"That kind of experience is not good." Slowly, he said with a trembling voice.

Uncovering Biqigu’s mask of self-concealment layer by layer, and then slowly touching his angry nerves, for such a person who pretends to see through everything but also looks down on everything, this is already great Insulted.

But this is not enough.

"Of course, I don't want to know what kind of dark history the predecessors of Biqigu have, whether it is proactively confessing to the girls and being used by the other party as a tool to stimulate the boys they like, or the simple girl's gentle language for her as a good impression. Something stupid happened, or it helped other people but others didn’t appreciate you-so I realized the cruelty of the world, none of these are important.” When Biqigu was about to reveal his past, I once again Rejected him.

"So, what is important?"

"The important thing is, why, after recognizing the cruelty of the world, is so gentle than the senior Qigu who asks for help in this world?"

"Yuhihama, what you said is disgusting and will make people doubt your sexual orientation."

"Ah, you mean that if Totsuka-senpai tells you this, you will fall?"

"Two different things."

"Well, if you are unwilling to answer, I can tell you the answer, Higiya Hachiman," I think, I have grasped Higiya's current mentality, "I keep shouting about the cruelty of this world, but it will To help others by sacrificing yourself, what you yearn for is the response of others, or the help of others. When you see other people dissatisfied with what you have done, you feel other people’s Your gentleness. After all, you are just looking for kindness in this intense way in a world where most of the circumstances are not gentle, right?"

The reaction to the same kind of injury can be varied, the same being deceived, some people will choose to never trust anyone, and some people will use a more obscure but more intense way to find what they can trust People.Some people will shut themselves off from interacting with anyone because of this, and some people will use desperate contact with all kinds of people to find the possibility of trust.

Biqigu is the kind of guy who screams the former, but actually plans to practice the latter.

"So, let's go back to the original question?" I looked at Biqigu who was silent, and continued, "Actually, this is the purpose of my coming here. Your initial judgment was not wrong."

"Using this way of hurting yourself to gain the care of others will make people who try to treat you gentle. Wait until they are afraid to refuse, when you feel that these people have been kind to you before. 'When it is false, have you ever considered that you are wasting the kindness of others to you?"

Don't always feel good about yourself as the protagonist of this world, think that your willfulness can be forgiven infinitely by others!

This sentence applies to Biqigu, and it also applies to myself.

Before, I did so many ridiculous things because of the "rationality" that even my own behavior had to be denied, but in this case, I named it "correct".

However, many things in this world cannot be defined simply by being correct and incorrect.

"So, does Yubihama want me to save this situation?" After a long time, Higiya raised his head and looked at me calmly, "Do you think there is still room for me to intervene? "

"That's not the case. I just hope that this time, Senior Biqigu, don't use redundant behavior to add trouble to my next actions."

"I was completely disgusted, is that right?"

"Maliciously understanding other people's words is the expertise of Senior Biqigu!"

"If this is the case, then I can only hope that Yubihama, you still have time to save it." Hichigu smiled helplessly. To be honest, if he didn't routinely laugh with dead fish eyes, he should still be able to. Many are popular.

"Too late to save?"

"Of course, because the current Higiya Hachiman has a worse reputation than when he confessed two days ago!"


"Well, listen carefully to the people around you, Yubihama, oh, just listen to the Sagami trio."

"That's Yui's younger brother, right? What to say to Higiya?"

"They are members of a society!"

"Wow, that's really pitiful, talking to that insidious and silent guy, I don't know when I will become a stepping stone to that guy's famous reputation."

"Even with a bad reputation is better than obscurity. It really is impossible to understand the values ​​of these people!"

"Yuyi didn't talk to Biqiya today, did you? Yui's younger brother, tut, is this a gathering of human beings?"

"So, what's the situation?" Maybe it's because the first grade news is too closed, so I overlooked something.

"Does this need to be said? Brother Yubihama," Biqigu stretched out and glanced around. "My lie was exposed, and why should I tell this lie?"

"--Of course, it's for grandstanding!"

Biqigu just sat in his seat like that. It was only then that I realized that, in fact, everyone in the classroom was focused on me and him.

Things have changed far more drastically than I thought.

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Don't always feel good about yourself that you are the protagonist of this world, thinking that your willfulness can be forgiven infinitely by others....Although the atmosphere throughout the chapter is heavy, I couldn't help laughing hhhhh when I wrote this sentence, the feeling that the fanboy robbed the halo of the original male protagonist and taught each other seriously, ah, so shameless.


Chapter 21: Decision

When explaining why things happen, people always like to attribute it to a certain kind of necessity.Someone has the motivation to do a certain thing, and somebody has the ability to do a certain thing, so the other party will definitely take the only action in the end.This kind of rational predictive analysis is very popular because everyone is unwilling to admit that many times, the situation they face can actually be avoided.

However, we can find that this kind of explanatory analysis of events is often produced after the event, and in the predictions before the event, no one can predict the outbreak of a certain emergency. After a certain event, people are also very It is difficult to predict its follow-up results.

This is because when people make decisions, in fact, they are not as rational as we analyzed after the fact, and they did not have as much material as when we reviewed the problem.

People on the sidelines may complain about the simple high school life, why people who focus on learning show such complicated interpersonal relationships and problems.However, this is based on post-mortem analysis.Does the person who creates the problem want to make big news from the beginning?People who are keen to cause trouble, their original intention is to create an incident that involves all the students in the school and cannot solve it by themselves?Of course not. No one can predict the follow-up impact of the incident, because in more cases, the same problem is solved in the first time when it is triggered, so no one cares about it, and due to various coincidences, This problem has changed because of the interference of different people's different behaviors, and finally it becomes huge and makes people feel powerless, nothing more.

Let me go back to the beginning of the question, is anyone really responsible for the status quo?If we think that everything originated from Yukoshita Yoshino who invited Rina Ogata, who would have expected that Ogisaki-senpai would take advantage of this opportunity?If we were to blame Senior Xiao Muzhen, who would have expected such a news report to appear when the storm has calmed down?If we blame Kitahara-senpai for the problem, how can he judge that Minister Watanabe, who has been able to do so before, will concoct such a report?No one can predict what will happen next. Everyone thinks that their actions are the end of a series of events. However, everyone underestimates the impact of their actions. This is the case.

Let your own problem-solving method be called a once-and-for-all method. It is of course necessary to eliminate more negative effects, but we can never rule out any uncertain factors.

However, we cannot give up the possibility of solving the problem because of this concern, because there are too many uncertainties in the future to stop, and the end result is that we can only continue to flip in the abyss of despair.

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I can't describe the expression of Higiya Hachiman I saw at that time. Although I saw everything on the surface, I was just facing the rumors of other people.However, he is not indifferent, no one can completely do not mind hurting, not to mention that he has started to regret it now.

As long as he understands his thoughts, then salvation is meaningful.

Of course, there are many things I don't know yet, such as who manipulated the last public opinion change, why did he do it, and how did he do it?For example, what happened to Yui sister, and is her strange behavior related to the current situation?For another example, Senior Xiao Muzhen or Xuexia, how would they view the current situation and how would they respond?

These are very important, but the more you know, the more energy you will lose, and the more you will be afraid of uncertainty.