My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 315

Using Biqigu's method, the path of thinking must be the same as that of Biqigu.

I began to partially understand the reason for the decisive behavior of Biqigu.Perhaps what he himself did not anticipate is that he needs to act quickly and quickly, without leaving himself room for regret and hesitation.

And now, what I need to do is not hesitate after talking to Isshiki the day before, but make a decisive decision.

Of course, what is different from him is that I didn't do it because I expected others to save me. I did it because it was the only way to be saved.

I once said that as a last resort, a leader cannot choose self-sacrifice-but when the leader's self-sacrifice is the most efficient method, this is the "last resort" situation.

What's more, I didn't lose anything, did I?

"Have you made up your mind?" Ishiki patted my shoulder and asked calmly.She was well-informed. When I came back from Class F in the second year, she had already got some rumors from the second grade.

So, when I expressed my decisive determination with her, she was not too surprised.

"After school in the afternoon! I think that this kind of thing needs more time."

"Obviously you were still hesitating to do the last struggle yesterday?" Isshi looked at me with slanted eyes.

"The situation is different, and no one knows what will happen next. If it continues to ferment, my behavior has no effect, then it will be troublesome. I can't influence the situation of other people, but my situation is mine. It can be manipulated, as much as possible to include this matter into the category related to me, no matter what happens next, I can work hard to solve it instead of being a spectator."

"You know, and, in fact, what you did yesterday is the most sensible way. You don't need to change your thinking because of the current situation. You have a more secure choice."

"Obviously you made this proposal to me?"

"These are two different things," Isshiki lowered his head and said softly, "Or put it this way, it is precisely because I proposed this plan to you, so I want you to be more cautious in adopting this plan. I know Its effect on the whole thing and on you personally, so I hesitate."

"You may be right," I nodded and responded, "Perhaps, you are more aware of the follow-up impact of this incident than I estimated, but it is meaningless."

"I said, I will be responsible for being your backup in this matter—"

I don’t understand why Isshiki behaved more nervously than I was at this time, but this time, unlike the past, she didn’t use roundabouts, she just bluntly expressed her attitude, which surprised me and felt a little happy. .When someone is willing to do this, it means that the other person has taken off the mask in front of you.

Therefore, in the face of such a color feather, I have to convince her even more.

"I don't know how many issues you have considered that I haven't considered, but I just want to ask you another question. When you decide not to cooperate with me during the cultural festival, you have considered all the problems you are about to face. Yet?"

"Considered, but—"

"--But, I didn't consider everything, is it?"

"Of course!" Isshiki glanced at me with some irritation, "Until I left, I realized that all my authority on the committee was brought to me by you, and Senior Xuexia gave it to me. I have some powers that are not painful or itchy, but besides that, am I really a chairperson? Even people like Sagami-senpai can't stand this kind of puppet position. I work very hard to help. The document, but no one takes my opinion as decisive. You can't imagine how desperate I was at that time, right?"

"Yes, I can't imagine. But in the end, you solved many problems with your own strength, right?"

"That is, of course!"

"Yes, I also see it in my eyes. In areas that I and Xuexia can’t take care of, you help other executive committee members, and you let those executive committee members who disobey suppressed by Xuexia slowly slowly Turning to your side, their demands can not be directly notified to Xuexia, but can be expressed indirectly through you. These things may not be realized by Xuexia, but I see it in my eyes!"

"Not to mention, at the end of the cultural festival, Chairman Yi Hueiyu made a steady speech when the plan of the other chairman was completely disrupted. Isn't that true? With this part of the executive chairman. With your support, coupled with the sense of presence in the final committee, you can stand here independently and become a strong candidate for the student council, isn’t it?"

"Have you paid attention to me like this?" His brows frowned, as if he didn't know what kind of expression to show.

"I haven't deliberately paid attention to it, but I need to pay attention to the performance of those opponents under Xuexia. If something happens to them, I will smash the conspiracy of these people in advance. Therefore, when you have contact with them , I really thought about solving you together."

"Finally, you didn't!" Yishi said with a complex expression.

"Yes, of course not. Because your appearance has an objective effect to appease those people. Moreover, what you did was not to fight for power with Xuexia and pull these people to sing against Xuexia. While leading these people, try to cooperate with Xuexia's work."

"This is because, after all, the collective interests of the committee are the most important."

"So you are really amazing. You can still find yourself in that mood. To be honest, after all, you are a former partner. I can't understand your giving up. So, for a long time, I took a look The joke mentality looks forward to when you make a fool of yourself."

"That's really sorry, I let you down, Kazuya!" Isshiki raised his eyebrows and said confidently.

"Yes, it's disappointing in a sense, but it's more shocking-the possibilities you have created, after you get rid of the best path I have shown you, you face these own principles. I really admire you for the possibilities created by insurmountable difficulties."

"So, my approach now seems to be a little different from what you did at the time. What I am following is the so-called'optimal solution' road, but in a sense it is the same. I am the same as you. I need to face the next more unknown risks, and these risks, before they actually come, I cannot prepare in advance."

"But if you could do this at the time, then why can't you trust me now? I don't think I will be worse than you!"

"I didn't think you were worse than me! You are much better than me? Faced with my situation, you can do better, right?"

"Doesn't that solve the problem?"

"But," Isshiki bit his lip, making the final excuse, "At that time, I could find the opponents of Yukoshita as the object of the alliance to solve the problem. Now, if you do this, you don't have any alliance. It's a target--even Yubihama-senpai might not be on your side, right?

"Yes, I know this. But, didn't you say it, would you help me?"

"I'm not enough!" Isshiki closed his eyes and said softly.

"It's better to have one more person to help than no one to support. What's more, I used to be alone, but now, I have twice the strength!"

"My ability and yours can't be regarded as equal weight."

"So, can't the abilities of those idiots who are only led by rumors be ignored?"

Isshiki's body leaned against me abruptly, as if for a moment he wanted to get angry at me unreasonably because he didn't know how to refute me.

However, the moment she was close to me, she retracted her body again and collapsed on her chair with some helplessness.

"Don't trust me too much, otherwise, I will abandon you, Heya-I have done it once before."

"So, when necessary, I will abandon you in advance and not give you this opportunity." I smiled and looked at Yishi.

As a friend, I thank you for your kindness to me and for the enlightenment you have given me. Therefore, persuading you is my greatest respect for you.

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The giant giant is huge and will immediately collect the flag, eh....


Chapter 22: What you expect forever

A long time ago, although it may be only a few months ago, it is already a long time ago for me. I once watched an interview with Yuki Morikawa, the original singer of "white-album" with Mr. Xiao Mu.Ms. Morikawa, who is already well-known throughout the country, talked about her emotional experience in front of the camera with a bit of shyness. Her boyfriend, who has been together since college, combed with each other after she became a singer, in the era when mobile communication methods were still scarce. , The two used every opportunity to clarify their feelings for each other, and then, like a dream, they finally overcome the hardship and walk together.

I also remember my evaluation of Ms. Morikawa's experience at the time: a unique and beautified relationship in an era without mobile phones.If Ms. Morikawa and her boyfriend could know each other's situation instantly through mobile phones, many regrettable misunderstandings would not happen.

However, I also remember the somewhat unpredictable smile that Senior Xiao Muzhen showed after watching that interview.

However, I am looking forward to the experience of Miss Morikawa!Senior said so.

"This is yet another ironclad example of the older generation of Xiao Mu Shu or the obsolete woman of the Showa period!" Then, I gave such an answer.

The predecessor smiled and did not speak, so the conversation ended here.