My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 317

"If I make this answer in school, I have no choice--" Senior raised her head, although her eyes were a little red, her expression was the same as before, "Because, at this time, anyway, There is no way to cry, right?"

"Actually, I want to ask why, but if this is the case, doesn't it seem a bit too reluctant? So, I won't ask."


"——So, I won't ask," Senior Xiao Muzhen turned around and whispered, "But, relative, I won't accept it either."

"It's just that, I found out that this is the first time I can't judge the truthfulness of Kazuya's words."

Leaving these last words, Senior Xiao Muzhen turned and left.

I have noticed that there are a few classmates nearby who seem to be shaking their heads and looking here.

I was prepared for all the reactions of the predecessors, but the last words of the predecessors still pierced my heart fiercely.

It was a desperation that was forcibly ripped apart by unexplained force when everything was going well, when the mind was closest to it, but could not stop it.

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A recent wave in the comment section said that I was tired from watching. To be honest, I was tired from writing these plots myself.

Regarding the plot, everyone has repeatedly complained about it. Is the emotional life of a good high school student so complicated? Does a good high school student have so many scheming?I also admit that of course not, but in this case, forcibly inserting a daily routine will have a sense of violation, right?Of course, the tune of this book has always been like this. It’s a bit depressive and hypocritical. Everyone wants to see it here. I think it’s not that you hate this tune. If you feel tired, it still means changing to the end. Up.

On the other hand, as the direct blog and further academic progress are on the agenda, I myself have less and less time to write now, including whether the new pit I was preparing enthusiastically before can be opened. I have to reassess. Having said that, I do not make value judgments in this era of commercialization of otaku, but, in any case, I am already an outdated and outdated author.

Of course, there are still two volumes ending, including this one. You can rest assured that I will not continue to hang people with this kind of tangled plot. In addition, if I can’t accept reading chapter by chapter, I still It is recommended to treat this book as a light novel and read it after each volume. It may be more effective.


Chapter Twenty Three: The Expected Daily

Life itself is boring. What people do the most is to repeat the process of eating-work-sleeping. As for the entertainment activities, it is the most dispensable link. Few people regard entertainment as a higher priority than work. A meaningful thing is a value judgment naturally formed in the world.

Of course, this does not mean that life is always immutable. Behind the routine life, there will be many unpredictable embellishments. When we find these ups and downs outside of daily life, we will feel that we are experiencing What a complicated and meaningful life.

However, does the meaning of life lie in the daily routines that we can easily give up, or in these endless surprises and accidents?Everyone has different answers, and even every person has different answers at different times.

I think, at least for now, my answer is that I want to return to daily life.

Don’t have to be too complicated in life, just like what I experienced when I was in the late second stage of secondary illness just entering high school. I was boring and talking nonsense in the class, meaninglessly quarreling with Xuexia in the club, at home. Feel free to complain about Yui sister, and look forward to every unexpected arrival of Senior Xiaomu Shou while working, but it’s good to recover to that time.

Recovered to the time when some people couldn't stand my second disease, and some tried to correct my second disease.Although I have experienced a lot now, although I no longer have the naive attachments I had at the time, the daily life that I had neglected at the time is rapidly disappearing.

Do you aspire to be the hero of the novel?If so, I want to tell you that the protagonist in reality is the protagonist who feels extremely depressed. It is not the kind of effort in the boy manga that has been able to pay off, and it is not the protagonist in the light novel that always saves danger. Everything in reality that revolves around you will only make you tired.

When you struggle until your mind feels the most exhausted, sometimes you will realize that you are the luckiest audience to be the audience who has been watching you and can unscrupulously complain about your actions and the actions of others.

The unique geographical location of the Ministry of Service classrooms allows it to symbolically restore the original place when necessary.In this place where the whole environment is only constructed by a few people, as long as everyone wants, we can repeat the same daily routine.

Especially, when I opened the door of the classroom and saw Yuushita sitting at the table, quietly reading the book, and Yui sister who was busy sending emails, I felt that everything in this world seemed to be lost. There has been a change-just ignore the guy who should have been absent for the third consecutive day who often sits in a dark corner with nothing to do.

"Sa, I originally thought someone was going to be absent for no reason for the second day in a row!" Even Xuexia's words when he pushed the door seemed so familiar.

"If I am absent for two consecutive days for no reason, what can the minister do? Is it expelling me from the club? Of course, I think if I am to be expelled from the club, I might as well make that one more time than my unexcused absences Let’s get rid of the guys — I remember that the minimum number of people in the club is three. If you want Minister Xuexia to find a new member temporarily, it’s probably very difficult!"

Yukoshita raised her eyebrows with dissatisfaction, but she didn’t seem to find a good way to iron me—after all, saying “absolutely no problem” at this time would only give people a kind of A sense of powerlessness while being strong outside.

Although I don’t know if Yukoshita is really dissatisfied with my absence the day before, or as I thought at that moment, it seems that I want to use this similar dialogue to restore the anger of the community, but he has not quarreled with me for a long time. She has lost the original spirit of holding herself and not relaxing.

However, I still like this kind of Yukoshita. When I was still enjoying my daily time, Yukoshita's words from Yukino hit the soft spot in my heart.

"Of course, if you trouble other people, it's not difficult to find a temporary staff member. The problem is that the temporary staff member is not what the minister wants--"

"—So, what if I join as a temporary member who doesn't want to make up the number?"

"Please knock on the door before entering the classroom, classmate Isshi."

"Well, I think this is weird. Yukoshita-senpai, Kazuya didn't lock the door when he entered the classroom. I just pushed it and saw what you were talking about." Isshiki lightly jumped to us. At the table.

"Unfortunately, classmate Isshiki, judging from your lack of basic respect for the minister just now, I will not allow you to join the ministry."

"Hey, but if I'm not mistaken, isn't Hiratsuka-sensei's permission the most important thing to join the Ministry of Service?" Isshiki rolled his eyes and said with a smile, "If I get Hiratsuka-sensei's permission, then There should be no problem, right?"

"Although the teacher forced the club members not once or twice, every time a new member joins, although they violate their own wishes, they still get my permission-please don't put the cart before the horse." Xue She raised her head and responded with the arrogant and conceited voice that she has rarely seen in recent times, "What's more, I don't think you can get that teacher's admission permit."

"Hey, can you become a trainee or an observer member?"

"No, no, I'm still the minister for the time being, and I have the power to refuse new members who don't meet the standards to join the ministry."

Isshiki and Xuexia faced each other like two naive children.In situations where the personnel are more complex and dense, they must not be able to do such things that destroy their personal image-but in this specific place of the Ministry of Service, this kind of basically non-existent side of their character So exposed.

——But, is it really that they "exposed" the other side?Looking at the expression of Yishi who seemed to be simply enjoying this doomed quarrel, I was stunned.

When her eyes quickly swept over me, I understood what she meant and let me dispel the idea of ​​stopping her.

Isn't this kind of unscrupulous, rather than cautious dialogue the daily life I desire?

You are supporting me in your own unique way. At this time, you have already done it. Thank you very much, Yi Huishu.

"Senior Yukoshita, I don't think you want you to create an atmosphere of your own words in the ministry? Isn't it important to ask the opinions of other members if I join the ministry?"

"When did you have this illusion that you have bought all my staff?" Xuexia asked with a sneer.

"Then, let's try? How does Yui-senpai think of me?"

"Eh, this, that," Yui sister, who has always been wondering what kind of expression should be used to face the current situation, was faced with Isshiki's questions, and was obviously dizzy, "Of course, I think Xiao Caiyu will be a A very reliable person. If Xiao Caiyu is really willing to join the ministry's activities, I think it would be good."

"Ha, the one vote from Yui-senior is mine!"

"Yuhihama just mentioned the qualifications. The premise is that you'really' willing to join the Ministry of Service. From your expression when you first entered the classroom, I can feel the feeling of playing tickets in you."

"Sa, then am I sincere, shouldn't Yui-senpai judge by himself?"

"Well, is Xiao Caiyu serious? I'm actually not sure about this..."

"Then Yui-senpai's opinion should be put aside for now, what do you think of Kazuya?"

"The younger brother over there won't be so confused with his sister."

"Woo, Xiaoxue, this is too much!"

"Actually, I don't object to Isshi joining the club." Looking at the other side looking at me with a smile, I nodded gently-if this is just a lively game, then it makes the battle group here. It's better to be more intense.

"Well, Yubihama," Yukoshita raised his eyebrows, "If you deliberately express the opposite attitude to me just because of the grudge with me just now, that's a very bad attitude!"

"I'm not that bad, Minister, I don't object to joining Yishi, if the Minister feels uneasy, you can let her observe for a while, can't you — and believe me, as long as this guy wants, she can use a rogue way Came here for various reasons, and then somehow stayed behind and became an actual member of this society."

"That's another problem. The problem to be solved now is a procedural problem. The current situation is that I oppose it. It is supported by the younger brother Hihama, and the sister abstained. The all-in-one joining motion failed to pass—"

"——Hey hey, isn't there another member?"