My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 318

"Biqigu is not here and will be dealt with in absentia."


"The opposition of non-members of the community cannot affect my decision!"

"Ah hello, how is this different from the dictatorship just now?"

"Sorry, as a leader, you have to have this sense of independence and determination. As you are preparing for the election of the student council president, you don't even know this point, right?

"That's good, as an outsider, can I give some advice to your club activities?"

"turn down!"

"Well, that's what I think." Amid the opposition from Xuexia, Yishi insisted on his disregarding tactics, and continued, "Senior Xuexia, I think the Ministry of Service lacks collective cohesion. Absent today, absent yesterday and for no reason, this is a good proof—"

"——How do you know that guy didn't come yesterday?"

"Don't care about these details--" Yishi smiled and continued, "Senior Yukoshita, why do you think they don't come to participate in club activities."

"The reason--" Xuexia shook his head hesitantly. The correct reason is not an easy topic to raise.

"——The reason is because there is no accommodation in the Ministry of Service!" Isshiki replied solemnly, "Hosting is the best activity in the world to enhance collective cohesion. And as far as I know, the Ministry of Service has followed the peace with the exception of the summer vacation. The activities that Mrs.Zuka went out did not have any separate accommodations. Because of the addition of too many irrelevant people to the activities during the summer vacation, it could not be regarded as the accommodation of the Ministry of Service in the strict sense. If the Ministry of Service should strengthen its cohesion--"

"——I think the nonsense on your side can be stopped." Finally, the unscrupulous performance of classmate Isse was exchanged for her expected visit order from Xuexia.

"Hey, this is tyranny—"

"Wait for you to become a member of the society before complaining about my tyranny!" Regardless of the usual graceful demeanor, Yukoshita stood up and stared at Isshi coldly. The kind that has been missing for a long time may freeze people. Lost eyes.

"That's why--" While complaining casually, Yishi took the initiative to walk out of the classroom, "Anyway, I will come next time. Don't think I just gave up, Senior Yukoshita!"

"I won't agree to it in the future!" Xuexia sternly replied to the door, then turned around.

"Well, cough, that, I think she came here to make trouble on purpose this time, and she has to be more harsh in facing this situation." She coughed, as if to cover up her embarrassment.

"However, I think the suggestion that Xiao Caiyu just made is quite good!" My sister squinted her glasses and smiled, and turned towards Yukoshita. "The accommodation of the four members of the Ministry may be surprisingly interesting, right?"

"About this matter, let's wait for Qigu to come back!"

"Well, when these things pass, the small business will come back. Let's find a weekend to organize a stay together!"

Regardless of whether this sentence is sincere or just a casual idea, but compared to the dull atmosphere of the community for a long time, today's ministry is undoubtedly more like the one I like, the daily ministry. .

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Chapter 24: Malice

Every time I lift my head, I will notice the angry eyes of other people, so the last days when I was forced to lower my head are not unfamiliar. If only time is counted, this is still what I face until 9 months ago. Normality, although in a sense this past has passed for a long time.

I can easily face the current situation.After all, unlike 9 months ago, no one can accuse me of "making mistakes." Everyone can only use this as an example of Yubihama, who has become a lot of normal recently, as a weird person, while expressing feelings about the cleanliness of Yukisa Yukina. In the last days of high school, she had such a series of accidental encounters, and she was somewhat thankful that she was not persecuted by these weird people in the end.Of course, compared to the first withdrawn person who is relatively worthy of sympathy, the second person who can see through the nature of his lunatic with a little knowledge of him is undoubtedly a more worthy of criticism.

However, apart from complaining that the weird person will fall into trouble when Xiao Muzhen’s own psychological pressure is very high, other people seem to be unable to hold me accountable for a legitimate reason. After all, the other protagonist of the incident has always wanted to calm down. .Therefore, apart from the weird dissatisfaction gaze that does not exist all the time, no one has a direct conflict with me.

This is also the effect I want to achieve. People’s anger is all transferred to someone who doesn’t have much to blame. Slowly, their nowhere to express their anger will naturally dissipate—although in When meeting that person, many familiar things will come to mind again.However, this is still the end of this series of gossip.

——At least in the week after that, people who have experienced the twists and turns of the previous situation can finally realize that there is no new material to expose, and Yuihama Kazuya has become the last people’s after-dinner talk. .

"From this point of view, Senior Xiao Muzhen is much more famous than Senior Ye Shan," Isshiki said jokingly while tidying up the tips of her hair, "Look at the two big news you made, and Ye Shan Senior's football game did not make too many people remember you, and rejecting Senior Xiao Muzhen made your name known throughout the school!"

Isseki’s outstanding popularity in the class made her maintain a normal attitude towards interacting with me, but it only made others feel that "Even if they are problem children, Xiao Caiyu can treat them equally", thus showing her from the side. Kindness.However, what I am most grateful for is that after that, she who appeared in the activity classroom of the Ministry of Service every day played the role of atmosphere regulator. Yukoshita and her sister were tired of coping with the endless "provocations" of this guy. There is no time to give me a deep reprimand. This atmosphere makes my sister always give me a wry smile and give up questioning even when she comes home.

"The difference is big-one of Ye Shan's countless defeated generals, and the only one who rejected Senior Xiao Muzhen, is the topic too far off?"

"But didn't you lose to Senior Ye Shan?"

"If you don't win, you lose, and you see the final result at that time."

"Well, it's true," she asked casually, twisting her hair into a very complicated hairstyle, "Kazuya, what do you think of this hairstyle?"

"Well, any hairstyle suits you anyway."

"Tsk tusk, the standard harem male protagonist's routine when attacking girls!"

"Is it? Isn't this the typical unintentional paradigm of'everything is good, everything is good' that three-dimensional girls hate most?"

"If you know this, give me a little compliment!"

"Are there any rewards for losing heart?"

"If you leave your heart--" Isshiki's eyes rolled, "The reward is that I might have some beautiful misunderstandings about the love-lost He who is too sympathetic, and then I really love you!"

"However, this is contradictory--it is impossible for someone who just fell in the mood to compliment another girl’s haircut. If you want to capture another girl’s hairstyle and praise her, how can such a person behave? In a state of broken love?"

"Hey, the logical madman as always, only this has not changed at all."

"Maybe this is my core character, everything else is constructed."

For a whole week, this kind of ridiculous conversation with Isshiki became my only entertainment.Perhaps the scandals have come to an end after the disturbances, but I know that the real issue of feelings has not stopped.

For a whole week, after the predecessor's "I will not accept", I did not receive any further feedback from Senior Xiao Muzhen.If I accept this reality, the problem may be much simpler, but those words always make me feel unrealistic yearning.

Based on what Senior Xiao Muzhen knew about me, she couldn't help but doubt it. If she really chooses to continue to doubt me, it should be time for her to give me the next hint.

If you can understand each other——

"——Heya, you know? The most important point now is that Senior Xiao Muzhen must completely believe in your lie. If you hold that expectation, it will not only destroy your reputation, but also Senior Xiao Muzhen-people are willing to express their anger for girls without asking for anything in return, but when they discover that this anger itself has been exploited, then their anger towards those who deceived them will reach another peak."

As if seeing through my inner thoughts, Isshiki said suddenly.

"Is this feeling really exposed so obviously?" I responded with a wry smile.

"After all, I have spoken to you the most during this period of time, isn't it? Besides, I have deduced the entire plan and subsequent reactions-which of course also includes your reaction."

"Then, can you tell me---senior Xiao Muzhen's reaction you deduced?"

"I haven't analyzed the possibilities, I just listed all her possible reactions, and then told myself what measures should be taken against you at that time, nothing more."

"It's already done this way!"

"Otherwise, I can't be your backing--" Isshiki smiled lightly and said, "Didn't I say it? What I do now is the same as what you did for me at the time, I will consider it in advance In all circumstances."

I didn't ask Isshiki why she did this, because I knew that even if I asked, she would use a clever way of changing the subject to prevaricate the past—just as she did in the past.

"However, I can tell you about the way in which He is at this time!"