My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 319

"Then it's not a plan, right-because you will adopt it soon, will it?"

"Hey, Kazuya, after school, shall we go to karaoke together?"


"Well," he blinked his eyes and said earnestly, "People like you rarely go to karaoke with friends, don't you? However, at this time, you only need to sing once to vent your chaotic mood. Now, it can be much better-this is the personal experience of Caiyu sauce!"

"If you don't add the last half sentence, I might be more willing to believe you-don't you think that adding the second half sentence with your credibility will make people feel worried?"

"Then remove it."

"What a random woman—" I shook my head.

However, this is indeed the first time I went to karaoke for this reason. As Isshiki said, it may not be a good enough way to relax.

"--But since you said that, it doesn't hurt to try."

"Well, I will continue to go to the Ministry of Service classroom this afternoon, so it's equivalent to me being staring at you all the time-I want to release Miss Cai Yu's pigeons, and the impact may not be less than that of rejecting Senior Xiao Mu Shu! "

"Hey, I got it-although the second half of the sentence is as unconvincing as before."

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I have to say that girls’ obsessions are sometimes really scary. In the afternoon fight with Xuexia, Yishi broke out in addition to her amazing combat power. She usually left after she was poor, this time it was almost The shameless method was a bit arrogant and stayed in the Ministry of Service. In the end, Xuexia might be too embarrassed by this situation and announced the end of the club activities early. If the dispute with Isse continues, I think the Minister may doubt The significance of this club activity.

"This method can only be used once-if there is a second time, based on Xuexia's assessment of you, it is estimated that you will not be able to enter the ministry classroom-even if you have a real commission, you can't." On the way to the classroom, there was a blush on his face, I was obviously satisfied with his performance today, I reminded.

"With special policies in special periods, I always feel that He should also reject this kind of karaoke, so he will escape halfway."

"The flag is on the horizon-I'm not that bad social phobia."

"So you have to stare at you from start to finish-so you don't have to worry even if the flag is set."

"I really don't know how to evaluate you."

Yes, I don’t know how to evaluate Isshi. I once felt that I knew her true thoughts better than most people who were deceived by her disguise. However, in front of me like this, she still wore it without fear. The mask—so that, sometimes, I began to wonder if the true side of Isshiki I knew was part of her mask.In other words, she didn't actually wear a mask, but created an illusion in front of me that she was actually wearing a mask.She enjoys this process of virtual reality, but she will choose to end this game-style play when she is unexpected.

For such a girl, maybe the "reality" itself has been shaped by her own thoughts?Can the reality that is shaped still be called reality?

I separated from Isshiki near the shoe cabinet. The boy and girl's shoe cabinets were not together. Even if I was a cheeky classmate like today, I was too embarrassed to carry my shoes and stare at me-how much a sensation would letting her pigeon cause me I don't know, but if she does, I will be able to meet the next complicated situation.

When opening the shoe cabinet door, a note fell lightly.

I suddenly remembered the joke about "flag" just now.

——It would be great if it was a curse letter from someone who hated me.At that moment, I suddenly thought so.

However, when I saw the handwriting and content of the letter, I was able to understand that life is always more dramatic than you think.

I have seen it many times. Handwriting: After school, I will wait for you in the same place before.

It is not signed, but it is impossible for me to know who the author is.

Therefore, the world is always full of the most malicious multiple-choice questions.

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The first half of the transition may be a bit fast, but I really don’t want to write this kind of instant response anymore, so I just skipped a week to write the follow-up.As for the second half, I am thick-skinned anyway, and I am not afraid of Caiyu's bite (squinting eyes manually).


Chapter Twenty-Five: Each Tenderness

The so-called divergence point of fate often cannot be a divergence point. There are some alternative options, one of which is destined to be black and cannot be considered, which represents a mood that cannot be considered.

If possible, I don't want to live up to Isshiki's persistence, but I don't want to miss this opportunity given to me by Xiao Muzhen.

Yes, even if you meet, the final answer will be to continue to refuse. This is decided from the beginning. If you don’t meet, this also expresses my firmness from the side—so, according to the logic of rational behavior, no Meeting with seniors is the best choice.

On the other hand, the road to reach a tacit understanding with the predecessors has been sealed off in advance by Yishi.

So, what am I expecting after rejecting rational judgment?Senior Xiao Muzhen, what kind of reply will he give me?

When I came to the river bank near the school, I couldn't get the answer to the question.

Winter is not a suitable season for walking along the banks of the river. Therefore, in the sparse flow of people, I easily saw Senior Xiao Muzhu who was sitting on the rocks on the shore with my knees in my arms and looking into the distance.

She was wearing her favorite pink sweater, and around her neck was the pink scarf that had been given to me but changed hands many times.Some dry rivers, lack of lively branches, she is the only life in this landscape painting.Although I don't know if it is because of my illusion, the vitality of seniors has dropped a lot compared to the past.

Until I walked to her and sat down, Senior Xiao Muzhen turned his head like he was waking up from a dream.

I came here after participating in the club activities. Senior Xiao Muzhen, who has no club activities, must have been waiting here since school. In this cold weather, sitting by the river for a long time is not a thing. Good things.

"Sorry, I just saw the note left by senior."

"Well, it's okay, I haven't waited long here." I patted his slightly pale face, and then blew a breath of heat into his hand. Senior Xiao Muzhen said with a smile.

At this time, the gentleman's performance seemed to be to untie something to cover the girl. I hesitated, and when I was about to untie my own scarf, the senior stopped me: "There is no need to do this, I am not What about such a delicate girl!"


"——To make such an ambiguous move to a woman who I have already rejected will make the other party feel misunderstood, Heya." Simple but somewhat distanced words came to my ears, making my hands stiff Living.

Before I got used to the new way of getting along, the other party was already telling me to distance myself.

"What's the matter, if you refuse, you can still be friends, or be a talking sister and brother, and does Kazuo really believe that this situation exists?"

Senior Xiao Muzhen's eyes didn't look at me, so I don't know the true intention of what she said-it was a feeling of deliberately pulling apart, and some not wanting to separate completely.

"If it exists, of course it's good-but even if it exists, I don't think I will be satisfied-I am still very greedy, as long as I stay next to that person, I don't want to do other things. Consider, I don't like this kind of humble feelings. Otherwise, I would not take the initiative to confess to you from the beginning."

"Well, so, Kazuya, I have said so much, why don't you say anything?"

——I really don’t know what to say, am I?Having said that, I was called here by Senior Xiao Muzhen, and even I don't know why I chose to come here, let me take the initiative to speak.

However, feeling the cold eyes of the senior cast on me for the first time, I still spoke with difficulty.

"If, I mean if I can't come, how long do you think you will wait?"

"Sa, who knows--maybe you will leave when you think you can't wait?"

"Uh, this answer is no different from no answer."

"What's wrong, don't He also think that I am the kind who will wait here until midnight, and if the harmony doesn't show up, then I won't leave. I think you are really overestimating me, right?"


"——Actually, after that, I went back and thought for a long time, and I found that I was actually not as persevering as I imagined. The so-called liking may be a kind of attachment, but once I really give up, It doesn't seem to be that difficult."

I don't know if this predecessor's remark is truthful or a lie. I only know that the sorrow and sorrow in my heart is constantly rising when facing predecessor's remarks.