My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 320

——So, are we going to dump each other?

Maybe this is the real relief for both parties.

"But, if it's today-only for today, I will wait."

"What do you mean?"

"Because, I can't accept it! If I just express my liking to Heya normally, and then refuse Heya, then adjustment is my problem, but I think I can also feel the feelings of Heya for me, It’s definitely not just the respect of the predecessors you mentioned."

Is it seen through?No, it’s actually too easy to be seen through, right?

"So, I think the reason why I cannot accept Heya's refusal is that He also did not give me a sufficiently reasonable reason-if I give me a sufficiently reasonable reason, then I can accept it."

"Senior's reason, what do you mean?"

"For example, you have accepted other people's favors." Senior Xiao Muzhen stared directly into my eyes and said, "This is understandable, and there are many excellent girls around Kazuya, I also know. In the final analysis, What I can feel is Heya’s feelings towards me. I don’t know Heya’s attitude towards other girls. If Heya finally chooses someone else, then I can accept it. For example, if Heya tells me that you have been with Sugiura When the classmates are together again, I can understand."

"It's impossible for Xiaochun, I have already refused."

"So, since it has already been rejected, is the reason for rejecting me the same?"

——Of course not the same!However, I cannot answer that way anyway.

I feel the look of the senior's expectation, she is expecting me to give an answer.

If the answer at this time is yes, then maybe this is my last and most decisive rejection.If the answer at this time is no, it means that I still have to fall into the endless entanglement with the predecessors.

What is my choice?

"Heya, you know? The most important thing now is that Senior Xiao Muzhen must completely believe in your lie." It seems to be revenge for not going to the karaoke with her today. Isshiki's words are like a curse. , Jumped out at the most critical time.

I think I understand the meaning of my coming here.

Instead of rejecting it by avoiding it, but using its own decisive way to cut off the final possibility of a resurgence of the problem.

Although, one lie needs to be concealed with the next lie, which itself is an extremely bad cycle, but this lie should be the last lie, right?

"Senior, you are really sharp!"

"If that is the case," Senior Xiao Muzhen looked at me with complicated eyes, "may I know the girl's name?"

"Girl's name?"

"And there should be no reason not to tell me, right? And, you know, if you don't tell me, I won't believe it so easily!"

The scope of lies is getting bigger and bigger.

"If this is the case, can I discuss it with her before telling you?"

I can only grudgingly replied.

"Do you need time to prepare?" My voice with a wry smile made my voice hesitant in response.

"Well, that's it."

"Then, I will give you this period of time and hope you can give me a satisfactory answer."

——Surely not a satisfactory answer, right?

Looking at the back of the seniors leaving, I kept my last question in my heart.

A lie can never be a satisfactory answer.

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When I took out my phone, Yishi gave me a few emails that immediately caught my eye.

Compared with the emails sent to me by my sister when she couldn't find me, Yi Hue Yu appeared to be more restrained. However, even so, the number of emails she sent to me in such a period of time exceeded that of our previous contacts. The total number of messages.

"Hey, where did you guy go? Did you run away so quickly to prove that my previous care of you was ineffective?"

"Ok, I surrendered, I can't find you, or would it be better to show up?"

"Hey, Heya, are you sure you just let me dove this way?"

"Even if it is to release the pigeons, you have to tell me your reason-if you don't have time to come back, we can still go together. It's boring for you to leave me alone in school now!"

"In order to detect your whereabouts, I need to peek at your shoe cabinet. If you don't come back, the consequences will be very serious!"

"I see. Actually, you can explain it to me and I can understand it, isn't it? Why don't you trust me? I also expected this situation-by the way, you don’t even think about it. It’s a big heart to deal with the evidence!"

"If it's over, I hope to get a result. I know you are not the kind of person who will do stupid things that will make your own previous efforts fall short."

"In addition, I just want you to believe that even if this is the case, I am still your backing, nothing more."

Hey, hey, hey, Yi Huishu, you have done too much.Compared with what you have done, my previous help to you has been too insignificant.If you do this, I won't believe that this is a simple report to me, I will be a little moved, and I will misunderstand it!

The gentleness generated by the misunderstanding at this time is a poison that people want to immerse in!

"I am going to take the car home now. There is no other meaning. I just hope that if I can see this email..."

If I could read this email-I didn't say the second half of the sentence.

I dialed her phone.

"Student Isshiki, although it is a little late, our karaoke agreement is still to be counted?"

Although there are too many dangers in this kind of gentleness, but at this time, I have no resistance to gentleness.

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The option is malicious, and the expansion after selecting the option is also very malicious (spread hands)


Chapter 26: The Criterion of a Color Feather

In a relationship, the person who first likes the other person is the greater victim.Because, the person who likes the other party first needs to endure more difficulties from the object who may not like him. It is true that the other party may respond to strong feelings out of obligation, but there is no doubt that this An unequal emotional relationship will make the party who pays more feel more pain-until he feels it is not worth it, and when he feels it is not worth it, the relationship is about to end.

Therefore, it is a taboo to like the other party first.Reality is not the same as girly comics. In reality, boys who show a cold side to you do not hide a latent hot heart-to take the initiative in feelings, you must let the other party first like yourself and let yourself enjoy The feeling of being pursued by the other party.In this way, even if the other person is bored, he will not be unable to get out because of too much investment in the relationship.

Another rule derived from this rule is that you should not have too much interest in boys. The liking often comes from too much contact, and the too much contact often comes from your own interest.

Yi Huyu knows this deeply.

In most cases, she also practices this very well-the only exception is Yubihama Kazuya.If there is a reason to be given, Yishi feels that this is just a huge joke made by Lord God.If she’s not the guy’s next door, and she didn’t see his test paper which was obviously a deliberate mistake, she might not have noticed this person who rarely took the initiative to communicate with girls. If she was not the manager of the football department, she had never seen it. Ye Shan attaches great importance to him. She may not pay more attention to how many secrets this person hides. If this guy is high-profile enough to show all his talents, then she may be interested in an unreserved person. .However, if all did not come true, she inadvertently became curious about the boy.And this curiosity finally led to the result she least wanted.

Yuihama Kazuya is also keen enough to see his mask in front of his classmates, but Yuihama Kazuya is also dull enough, so dull that he feels embarrassed by his own wavering. Indifferent-if he were to stand in a neutral position again, he might be able to detect his own strangeness.However, as the client, he was easily kept in the dark by her like other fool boys.