My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 321

Fortunately, Yi Hueiyu is a person who has a very clear judgment on all aspects of her state. She can easily perceive the danger of her feelings. After she realizes that she has a blind trust in He also, Although it was painful, she still withdrew and left-Heya's oppression of her was not the only reason for her to leave. The fear that she might fall into the trap of the game she set deeper and deeper was also an important plan for her to choose to calm herself.

She didn’t know how to deal with her potential liking for other people, which was not covered in her philosophy, but she was smart enough to quickly think of a solution-let the other person like herself first, Let the other party be the one who takes the initiative to oneself, let the other party's emotional dependence on oneself higher than one's own emotion on the other party, the result is still the same.

Provided information for Kazuya restrainedly, and after telling the other party the only answer to the question, she seized the opportunity to get closer to the other party. She did all this carefully and carefully, using Yubihama Kazuya's way of not misunderstanding. Let the other party have a sense of dependence on themselves.

Is this a kind of scheming?If so, then so be it-anyway, in the eyes of that guy, she herself is a girl who is good at using this kind of cautious machine, which is in line with his own image in his eyes.

She felt that she was approaching success. She received an emotional call from Heya towards herself for the first time. She knew that in the past, the person of this kind of call should be Xiaomu Xuecai.Although she had never beaten that senior in the Miss Zong Wu Gao competition, but in another position, she was cautiously encroaching herself.

She knows Yubihama Kazuya, understands Kazuya's love for Yukina, but also clearly knows Kazuya can not express this kind of love, this is her opportunity-of course, she gives the boy himself the final choice.

He would definitely go to see Xuecai. She made this judgment when she saw the note, but after the meeting, she was not sure what he would say.However, if he continues to refuse after the meeting, then it is her opportunity-the mail is sent with this mentality.

Seeing Yubihama Kazuya who walked towards her with a wry smile, she pursed her mouth gently, knowing that, at least so far, she has done nothing wrong.

It is a good way to create an image that he does not like the other party but is willing to help the other party out of return, so that the other party has a sense of dependence on himself-just like he accidentally treated himself at the time, and is now doing it to Xuexia That way, the sense of dependence can easily develop into another emotion.

"What's the matter?" His expression on the corner of his mouth was probably noticed by Heya, and he asked strangely.

"It's nothing, just wondering how He Ye's singing skills are."

"I sing very badly. Anyway, Senior Xiao Muzhen said that--" After a pause, he realized the embarrassment of his remarks, and he quickly chose to change the subject. "Is there only one Karaoke in this world? OK?"

"Well, what does this mean?"

"I chose this karaoke place far away from the school to work as a part-time job in order to be unobtrusive, but in this karaoke house, I have seen too many acquaintances-and today you choose here again, really It makes people feel a little skeptical!"

"I think this is normal! This karaoke is a certain distance from the school, but it is not too far away. The price and configuration are relatively reasonable. For the general Wu Gao students who don't want to see acquaintances after school, this is normal. It's the first choice-think backwards, everyone wants to avoid the karaoke near the school because there are too many acquaintances, and this place happens to become everyone's first choice."

"According to this, when I used to work here, I might have received many guests who were actually students of the General Wu Gao?"


"This world is terrible." Heya patted his head, "But you shouldn't come here often-at least this is the first time I have seen you here."

"Well, of course, my friends and I don't worry about meeting acquaintances when I go to a party. We will definitely go to the karaoke next to the school, right?"

"Tsk tsk, the current life!"

"I think Heye's life is much more colorful than the current one-have you ever seen Senior Ye Shan have such complicated relationships as you?"

"Hey--" Heya smiled bitterly, but he couldn't deny Isshiki's words.

"Let's go!" Shaking her head, Yishi didn't continue this topic. She knew that the other party needed to confide these words to herself.

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"I have to say, your singing level is worse than I thought!"

"Evaluate me at the level of Heya, you are sure you are not stressed." Singing is indeed a very effective way to express stress, not only for Heya, but also for Isshiki himself. After a few songs, his face became flushed. She did not speak carefully at first, but became more casual.

"But you should be the kind of person who often goes out to sing with boys and girls-the sound is very nice, but listening to you sing is a feeling that every song is sung very reluctantly, and it is shaky on the edge of out of tune and not out of tune. Make sure your singing has not been complained by your other friends?"

"Because karaoke is not a professional place in the first place, the important thing is to sing happily, not to stab everyone!" she said grimly.

"But you know, Isshiki," Kazuki said, spreading out his hands, "What I listen to most in this karaoke is the singing of Senior Xiao Muzhen, that karaoke queen, so this contrast gap."

"Ahhhhhh, I just can't compare to senior Xiao Muzhen-but Kazuki, can you call senior here?"

"Uh-" Kazuya grinned reluctantly, and then took a deep breath.

Isshiki also suppressed his smile, and the change of atmosphere was almost instantaneous.Both of them understand that the purpose of coming here is definitely not just to relax, but to communicate with everything before.

"The specific situation is a bit complicated, but the conclusion can tell you that I once again and firmly rejected the predecessors. I think there should be no problem next. The public opinion deceiving everyone should be firm."

"Well, I've worked hard for you." The fearful heart fell heavily. It was only then that she realized how weak she was actually before, and it was precisely because of this sudden relaxation that she made her for a while. I couldn't think of any comforting words that I was good at, the last nondescript comforting sentence made a bit heavy and a bit uncontrollable.

"Things like'Thanks for your hard work', it feels like you are calling me to work-this is my own behavior and my own choice!"

"Well, in short, I think you have to make this decision very hard." She said in a jealous voice. For a while, she didn't know if it was because of the joy of Kazuya's refusal again, or her anxiety about what she might need to do next. , She suddenly lost her calmness as always.

However, Kazuna's words are still going on.

"However, to make Senior Xiao Muzhen give up completely, she needs a reason why I reject her."


"In other words, she couldn't understand. If I didn't accept other people's favor, why would I reject her?"

"Ah, so, to be honest, I can't understand it!" She suddenly became nervous.

"So, I need to have a partner now-whichever is just a disguise."

Is this implying?Isshiki swallowed softly.Yubihama Kazuya had always been that dull image, and suddenly collapsed.The suggestive plot in the girl's comics came to her mind.

——She shouldn't be so naive, she knows.

However, after He also said that, he didn't say much.

Waiting for the girls to take the initiative, this is too much!

However, at this time, I can back down.

She sorted out her expression and showed a lazy smile, and then carefully asked: "Since I have announced that I will be your backing, then at this time, I can only help to the end!"

Just once, just take the initiative once, just worry once when the final victory is about to be won, shouldn't this be a problem?

She pretended to look at Kazuya's face somewhat indifferently. She was expecting the boy to scratch his head, patted his face helplessly and said, "That's nothing else!"

She was looking forward to it.

However, she only saw Yubihama Kazuya's wry smile.

The red-haired boy stood up, touched her head, and said softly, "Is it true?"

What is it like?

"Yoshiki, you are still too impatient!"

She stared at each other blankly, and looked at Heye's sorry face.

Then, she remembered her rule: the person who likes the other party first will definitely lose in the end.

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Ahem, this plot is indeed designed in advance. In fact, people who know me can easily guess my routines. No, you can compare the chapter 297 of Jiao Jiao with the previous chapter 25, which is exactly the same situation.

Also, I hope the person sending the blade will put it into action (laughs)