My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 322

Chapter Twenty Seven: The Like Named Deception

Moving is a very strange existence.Many people may feel that they can clearly cry for the affection between their family members on TV, but cannot show enough touch to their parents when they experience the same thing; they can obviously do it for the virtual The peak of the feelings between men and women turned to be touched, but they always complained that their feelings lacked a heart-warming place.

Is this because virtual is more exciting than reality?I don't think so. I think this is because in reality we are too familiar and too close to each other, so we are paralyzed.For example, for the same date, in the few days after the date, we may not be too excited, but when we recall the beauty of the time after a long time, we will cherish every detail we remember.

Relying on the media, things that rely on distance are easier to move people.However, after reacting, what we need to recognize is reality.

Of course, boys may be animals with low EQ. Of course, boys can be fools who can’t understand what girls think. However, there is only one thing that all boys can’t make mistakes-that is, girls’ affection towards them For most stupid boys in adolescence, a little bit more attention from girls to themselves will be mistaken for their goodwill, so when the real goodwill of girls is revealed, it is impossible for them to be unconscious.

Not realizing that it is not that they have not considered this possibility, but that they have denied this possibility with other principled judgments in their minds-but since there is a possibility, there is a possibility of judgment error.

Yi Hueiyu is one of the girls I have ever seen who can conceal her feelings. She is good at using her own language and face to make boys have unrealistic fantasies. At the same time, she uses her own flirty attitude to give others a good impression. Kind of mysterious feeling.To be honest, if you stand from a neutral perspective, this attitude is really bad.

However, as everyone who comes into contact with Isshiki, they may not be aware of this. They will believe that she is sincere to them, and they will believe that she is the "special one" who understands Isshiki's true side.The same is true for me, even if I know Isshiki may conceal something from me, but subconsciously, I still believe that I am a "special one", and I judge this point more strongly than others .

However, it is precisely because of the belief that something is concealed, so that the abnormality can be detected more easily.

That's right, vaguely, I can feel that the same behavior is derailing.

As she said, she did too much to help me, but I did not wait for her to ask for repayment: the farce of the election of the student council is an unrealistic promise after all, for a school with no ending. The return of the sacrifice is even more ridiculous. After excluding all the reasons she helped me for the purpose of seeking profit, I found that I could not find a proper reason for the goal of maximizing the benefits — the time to help me. And emotional investment, if you put it on other things, you can get better results.

I was constrained by the same fixed impression of the profit maximizationist before, and because I was fragile and had to find someone to rely on, I gave up thinking, so I easily accepted Yishi’s appeal for interests. However, when I resumed the review, I could clearly realize that the ratio of this investment and return is not balanced.

When I saw those emails that moved people to give up thinking for a while, maybe at a certain moment, I was about to fall-with a paralyzed attitude, with a cynical mood, accepting her gentleness-no matter this What is the reason behind the tenderness, no matter what purpose I use this tenderness for.But that was only a momentary matter.

This is a kind of irresponsibility, irresponsibility for one's own feelings, and irresponsibility for the other's feelings.

At this time, I think I have a clear understanding—perhaps, many of the lie that I once thought was actually just a cryptic expression of emotion.

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When I first saw Isshiki, it was a girl who was so confident that it made people feel a little headache. Although it was different from Yukoshita’s confidence that she could solve all problems, she could make everyone feel the same. The fascinating confidence in herself is the most obvious sign of her.

Isshiki is changing. She has become more like thinking about problems on her own, becoming more mature in thinking about problems, but the original arrogance of trying to play with people between applause is no longer there.

I don't know if this is good or bad, but I suddenly felt that if she was the girl who could easily hide her feelings in front of me, maybe it would be a better thing for her.

Different from her current appearance, Yi Hueiyu's singing skills are really beyond compliment, but when she sings seriously, I can realize that she is indeed a very cute girl.

This is not to say that I didn’t think Isshiki was cute before, but that before I, the perception of Isshiki’s “cute” came from external impressions. Everyone else thought Isshiki is cute, so I also think Isshiki is cute, but in essence Above, I have not judged this from my own aesthetic standards.

However, she is indeed a beautiful girl. Her brown eyes follow the subtitles on the screen seriously, and her cherry-colored lips reveal the lyrics that are crisp but with poor pitch. The whole person twists and works hard. , But she was a little too weak. This is her true and lovely side.

"I have to say, your singing level is worse than I thought!"

Seeing her look at me, I commented so.

"Evaluate me at the level of Heye, are you sure you are not stressed?"

"But you should be the kind of person who often goes out to sing with boys and girls-the sound is very nice, but listening to you sing is a feeling that every song is sung very reluctantly, and it is shaky on the edge of out of tune and not out of tune. Make sure your singing has not been complained by your other friends?"

"Because karaoke is not a professional place, the important thing is to sing happily, not to stab everyone!"

Isshiki said somewhat irritably. It seemed that she was a little dissatisfied with my comment, but it also showed that she was completely invested in this state.

So, next, she should set a trap.

Strictly speaking, whether this is a trap or not depends on Isshiki himself.If, as I thought with hope, my judgment of her feelings is my misunderstanding, then this question is not a trap, but if it is, according to the state I created before, I believe she will jump Come in.

In fact, I don't want to give up either-such a person who supports me unreservedly, if you really support me for the same reason as you said.

"But you know, Isshiki, what I listen to the most in this karaoke is the singing of Senior Xiao Muzhen, that karaoke queen, so this gap in contrast."

"Ahhhhhh, I just can't compare to senior Xiao Muzhen-but Kazuki, can you call senior here?"

I felt the atmosphere of silence, and raised questions that I had already thought of.

"The specific situation is a bit complicated, but the conclusion can tell you that I once again and firmly rejected the predecessors. I think there should be no problem next. The public opinion deceiving everyone should be firm."

"Well, thank you for your hard work." Isshiki's expression seemed a little hesitant.

"Things like'Thanks for your hard work', it feels like you are calling me to work-this is my own behavior and my own choice!"

"Well, in short, I think it's very hard for you to make this decision."

The breath of speaking has become unstable. At this time, you show your usual agility!

"However, to make Senior Xiao Muzhen give up completely, she needs a reason why I reject her."


"In other words, she couldn't understand. If I didn't accept other people's favor, why would I reject her?"

"Ah, so, to be honest, I can't understand it!"

Now, I became nervous.I think I might realize the answer to the next question.

"So, I need to have a partner now-whichever is just a disguise."

I looked at a colored feather.

If your answer is volunteering, I can only cut off your hope.However, I hope your answer is to continue to discuss with me, so that this relationship between us, even if it is out of misunderstanding, even out of deception, can continue.

"Since I have announced that I will be your backing, at this time, I can only help to the end!"

This is her answer.

Although not very accurate, the expectation in her eyes represented her true feelings.

Very annoying, but my judgment is correct.

Of course, I actually considered the necessity of a disguised communication partner—Isshiki was of course also under consideration.However, there is a principle that cannot be wrong, and that is-the disguised object must not like me.For a girlfriend who is just a tool and destined to break up, it is a taboo to be emotional.Therefore, the one who proactively and pretending to propose this plan casually will be rejected here.

Perhaps it was her feelings for me that even vetoed it.

"Sure enough?"

I stood up and rubbed her hair, helplessly, but somewhat spoiled.

I now know the concealment and disguise of your previous efforts. I now know your fear and caution. I now know your attachments and your feelings.

"Yoshiki, you are still too impatient!"

But, yes, you are still too impatient-if you can take a step back at this time, if you can show your maturity and your wit as always at this time, then I will believe that my own judgment is wrong- —I will convince myself that my judgment is wrong, because I am much weaker and rely on you more than I have shown.

So, if you are the same as your previous self, stop one step here, the result may be different.

However, you have chosen to confess here.