My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 323

Presumably, it is very hard to maintain this kind of tired mask, right?

Maybe when we first met you, you could still hide your feelings with a smile to the end, but, sure enough, Isshiki, you have changed a lot-no matter whether this can be counted as growth.

So, since you can be calm, then I can no longer allow myself to escape.

All I can do is to completely refuse.


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I want to say a few more words here. In fact, when I first wrote this volume, I really didn’t realize that Xiao Caiyu would be the first person to officially leave (I still owe an official card), but I wrote The plot is almost logical. The Cai Yujiang in the rumored incident is actually like a final counterattack. If it fails, it will be benevolent.

The transition from the last chapter to here may make people feel a bit abrupt, and it feels like I’m pushing the plot forcibly, but if you look a little more closely, and you’ve looked at Hoya’s previous emotional tendencies towards Cai Yu, it’s obvious that I have always In emphasizing, this is a paralytic dependence.Caiyu’s exit method was set by me. When I wrote the 20th chapter of this volume, I realized that it should be this time. For a person like Heye, he cannot accept himself for a long time. This kind of paralysis is dependent, so when he wakes up, he will tempt, and for the current Caiyu, as long as she tempts, she will fall into the trap, and the final result is the current result. There is no other possibility.

So I have been saying that this plot seems to have many if lines, but it is actually one-line. In the final analysis, the final development of the book is actually one-line, partly because of the author’s will and partly because of the protagonist’s character.

There should be a few more chapters in the follow-up of this episode, but after this episode is over, it should mean that Isshiki has completely retired from the emotional line. I like the female characters in this book that have emotional lines, and I refuse. When I was in, I was definitely more uncomfortable than He, but I could only write like this, and I couldn’t understand and pretend to be confused after Xiao Caiyu clearly expressed her feelings, and Xiao Caiyu could not continue with ease. Her own game, but, in a sense, for her, this kind of relatively clean relief is not necessarily a good thing—well, I am definitely not suggesting that Yukino is still hazy about her situation...


Chapter 28: Determined and Unexpected

There was a moment of astonishment. Then, Isshiki's face with a delicate smile at the right time slowly stepped down. She didn't want to try to hide her meaning anymore. A smart person like Isshiki wouldn't When I realized that I had failed, I was the last one to resist.

She should say goodbye very freely, I think so.

Just like in Europe in the 19th century, those diplomats who wandered between courts, but no one could understand their real ideas, the wave of the Great Revolution attacked the nobles who belonged only to palace diplomacy and secret diplomacy. To lose face, tell them that their time is over, gently take off their top hat, and bid farewell gracefully-even if the people's rotten eggs of their disdain have actually hit theirs. Face.

Maybe they have countless resentments and dissatisfaction in their hearts, but the elegant life that starts with a smile must end with a smile.

At that moment, I felt Isshiki should be such a person.

I didn't hate her mask from the beginning. From the beginning, I admired her that she always understood her pursuit and used her own persistent means for this.Since I met her, she has changed a lot, but from the beginning to the end, only this, she has not changed.

Of course, she doesn't have the grace of the so-called nobility, and many times the clumsy tricks will only make people feel a little embarrassed, but it is also a kind of pride to always carefully maintain that state.

However, this kind of thought is only a momentary-even those noble diplomats, when the storm of the Revolution drove them from the focus of their sight, would they have a sense of relief?The so-called elegance and etiquette, the so-called mask in front of people, do they enjoy this process?

For those nobles in the 19th century, I have no way to detect, but I can vaguely perceive that Isshiki does not enjoy this process.

"Since I have announced that I will be your backing, at this time, I can only help to the end!"

She said this sentence with a long sigh of relief and a mentality of accomplishment.

When I found that what I was looking for was close at hand, I didn't hesitate to say it, and then, of course, I failed.

"Sure enough, I am used to speaking in a mask. I shouldn't tell the truth - even if it is the truth disguised as a lie." This was the first sentence that Isshiki said after that. The distress of failure is still a kind of calmness after failure.

"You just shouldn't be telling the truth at this time."

"Really?" She asked curiously, "In other words, if I choose to hesitate a little at this time, won't you doubt my mood?"

"It’s not that I don’t doubt, but I don’t have the energy to doubt—for me, this is also a gamble. If you don’t fall into this trap, I shouldn’t have more energy to set a trap for you, so I just said that you are too impatient. I am also very fragile. I should only be stronger than you expected."

"Who do you think of me?" He smiled a little helplessly, and said, "Don't have an attitude as if I have preset your reaction every step of the way. Today you go to meet Senior Xiao Muzhen, completely It's an emergency. I just sent those emails purely because I thought you might be hit harder-I didn't expect you to set up a trap in the end. Innocent people are me! Think about it, If your meeting with Senior Xiao Muzhen was sweet and sweet, you would not think anything unusual when you read my emails?"

I looked at Isshiki's eyes, her eyes were very sincere—the same sincerity as usual, and the same sincerity that makes people unable to discover the truth or lies.

"Then just as you said!"

Whether it's the truth or not, perhaps, this one color is a normal one color.

"Well, as I said." Isshiki's eyelids drooped.

"I have a question, and also."


"If you are allowed to choose, what kind of me do you like better-the me who had a unique mask in front of you before, or the me who is willing to tell you the truth, without reservation?"

"I admire the previous you."

"But this is not the answer to this question. What I want to ask is, from a perceptual point of view, which one do you prefer?"

"From a perceptual point of view, boys should like the latter one-after all, it makes people feel superior, doesn't it? Girls just open up to themselves or something."

"So you said earlier that you appreciate the former type of me more, because you didn't use intuition to judge likes and dislikes?"

"Basically it is."

"So, why?" Isshiki put down the microphone he had been holding tightly since just now, raised his head and looked at me, "Why would you reject me when I was telling you the truth?"

This is not a question, because soon Isshi gave her own answer.

"So, I know, it means that you have never judged me from an emotional point of view. Your knowledge of me is limited to the inclusion of "Yi Huei Yu is a girl" when analyzing my personality. Consider the category, but you have never treated me in the same way as a true opposite sex. The strategic alliance between us from the perspective of interest is really thorough, isn't it?"

Isshiki explained it mockingly, and I listened silently. This is a cruel answer. Although it may be exaggerated, it may be true.

Otherwise, in the face of a girl who is truly emotional, how could I use this cruel way to induce her to tell the truth.To explain in a nice way, I'm asking Isshiki to lay down his burden and stop doing things that make me feel tired. However, if I explain it from another angle, my approach is just a malicious one. The method cuts off the hope of a girl, is efficient, but lacks gentleness.

"Hey, Kazuya, I hugged you, should you remember?" He slowly leaned his body to a sensitive position, and said in a low voice.

Of course I remember, the gentle and lazy afternoon of the sun, facing the work of the executive committee, a tired, unsustainable plume gently hugged me.

"At that time, you didn't worry about me at all, did you?" She said with a mockery as she stretched out her hand.


"Yes, of course I know, because you think I was simply tired and tired at that time, so I wanted to find someone to rely on. I didn't think I was a girl who had other ideas for you that exceeded the interests of you. You know this too well, so you don't mind my hug at all," Isshiki asked, wrapping his hands around my waist again, with his crimson face pressed to my body, "So, this time, Are you worried?"

"The truth or the lie?"

"Of course it's the truth."

"Sorry, I still don't worry." I replied softly.

"Really?" He just paused next to my body, and then said helplessly, "I should let you choose the answer you want to say-and you won't be so disappointed."

"Sorry, but—"

"-Needless to say, but, I know what you want to say, you already know that I have given up now. Therefore, the hug now is more intense than the ambiguous mood. It is the same as it was then. It is also exhausted. I am just looking for a Annoying, the person I want to rely on is just giving a hug—because you know this clearly, you don’t have to worry about it, because you don’t have to worry about what outrageous things a color feather will do. ?"

"--But, you were wrong! Only this time, you were wrong!" The hands that surrounded me tightly clasped my neck. Before I could react, she lowered my head. With a break, she brought her face close to mine with a fearless momentum.

I could only see her cherry-colored lips getting closer, and the girl's unique fragrance made me a little lost for a while, and I couldn't push her away.

The pressure on his neck suddenly loosened, and Ishiki's arms retracted.