My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 324

"Are you surprised?" she asked with a smile.

"Yeah, I was taken aback."

Indeed, the first time I saw Isshiki's fearless and ruined posture, I was really taken aback by this unexpected situation.

"All night, my reaction and thoughts were in your expectation, so I should have something different!"

"To be honest, if you really kiss, you really don't know how to end it."

"So, no!" Isshiki's smile faded, "It can only scare you. I have given up. Because I gave up, I can't do extra things, and can't do extra things that embarrass you. ——Even I myself admire my calmness at this time."

"Will it be better if I didn't have this kind of calmness?" She muttered to herself with a cry in her voice.

"But with this calmness, you are yourself, right?"

"What about the lines that deceive girls in standard animation-unfortunately, these lines will only work in the animation, and will not have any effect on me. Moreover, after all, it is a girl’s first kiss, so I shouldn’t just be casually kissed. A person who doesn't like himself cheated away, didn't he?"

"the first time?"

"Yeah, ah-remember it, it seems that I told you a vivid and vivid emotional story from the middle school period-sorry, you don't think that is true, do you?"


"--However, when I meet other boys in the future, this material can come true. It's a story about how I liked a person who didn't like me at all, and was devastated and humiliated by that person. Can I tell you this way? Hey?"

"Whatever you want!"

"Well, it's so agreed!" Isshiki held out his finger symbolically.

"This kind of agreement or something." I reluctantly stretched out my finger and held her finger.

Isshiki's palm opened flexibly, holding my hand, and then quickly approached my body.The sweet fragrance of the girl drifted by, and she stood on her tiptoes and gently printed her lips on my forehead.

"You can't give the first kiss, but this kind of kiss should be fine too?"

When leaving my body, she said leisurely.

Yi Huei Yu was still stubbornly searching for tonight's memories that belonged to him.


Chapter Twenty-Nine: Uhhhh

Perhaps a complete tearful farewell experience can make the memory of rejection deeper, and perhaps a sad look can make the other party feel more guilty, but, obviously, Isshiki is not letting go of her pride for such a pleasure People.

As she did in the end, her memory must be expressed through her unique actions, and this uniqueness must be in a distinctive style.

The girl’s lips are very soft, just the touch of the light touch on her forehead does not give people too much physical feeling, it is more a kind of spiritual shock.When Ishiki withdrew her head, took three steps back, and opened the distance that a normal relationship between male and female students would normally maintain, I knew that her farewell was over.

I understand the kind of memory she wants. Although there is no need to touch the place where there is still a trace of temperature on her forehead, I can truly feel her emotion.

"By the way, we always seem to be in a cycle of drawing up contracts and then breaking them, right?" A normal, long voice came over.

"It seems so!"

"In fact, it seems that I am the one who proposes to break the contract every time, but in fact, He is the main person responsible for breaking the contract. Do you admit this?

"It cannot be denied."

"Since you admit this, then I will show mercy to you," Isshiki blinked and whispered, "As for what you will do next, please allow me to give you mine. Final help!"

"Last help?"

"Hey, Kazuya, are we still friends?" Isshiki asked suddenly.

"If you want to—" I stunned for a moment before answering.

"So, are you willing to accept a suggestion from a friend?"


"Well, it's just a suggestion. After all, I have some ideas to tell you about this matter that has been in charge for so long-to be honest, I originally wanted to hide all these ideas in my heart, but sometimes girls It’s just so emotional."

I didn't make a sound, and listened quietly to Isshiki narrating everything in a calm tone.

This is respect for her. I believe that there must be stormy seas and heart-piercing pain in her heart. However, if she is unwilling to show it, then maintain her dignity to the end. It is meaningless at this time. Gentleness will only bring unrealistic hope to people. Calmness and cruelty at this time are true gentleness.

"In fact, this request of Senior Xiao Muzhen was in my expectation, so I think if you really carefully considered the possible consequences of this matter, it should also be in your expectation-maybe you don't I am willing to admit this possibility, but you must have considered it and considered it, so I agreed to the request of the senior, and realized that you need to find a fake girlfriend who can help you get through the situation."

"Looking at it later, when you set this trap for me, you actually knew very well the conditions that this so-called'temporary girlfriend' needs to meet-one of the most important conditions is not to be too strong on you. Feelings. You can see very clearly, although you rejected the predecessor Xiao Muzhen, your rejection is a strategic rejection to solve the problem. You can't accept the betrayal of the essence of the emotion, so you are trying to guard against the'fake play' Possibility, right?"

Analyzing the frustration that I just experienced in a calm tone, like an outsider-this suddenly reminded me of the closing speech of the cultural festival, Isshiki also thanked everyone in the same tone, thank you The executive committee members who embarrassed her, thanked me who abandoned her, and thanked Xuexia who ignored her meaning.Using an almost cruel way to temporarily close a relationship may also be a cruel growth.

"Maybe so."

"If you are not sure, then I can tell you that the first condition of your goal next is this. The relationship with you is okay, but it will never rise to a girl who is at the emotional level between men and women."

This is not an easy task. In fact, I always felt that you were the best candidate for this object, didn't you?

"Next is the person who must be able to fully understand the core of this matter-that is, you still like Xiao Mu Yu Xuecai, your refusal is forced by helplessness. I don't know how many people in your social network know about this. , But people who don’t know this must not be able to form a tacit understanding with you."

"It feels that the scope is getting limited."

"Then it is someone who is willing to do something that seems a little boring-that is to say, someone who doesn't have much influence on her. Being asked by you to such a thing means that the goddess is likely to be To a certain extent, it is implicated in this turmoil with the predecessor Xiao Muzhu. For that person, what is the meaning of being involved in this turmoil meaninglessly? This can be related to the first question. If a girl is willing to unconditionally To help you take this risk, you need to consider what her intentions are."

"It feels like I have screened it according to your criteria, and all the girls I know can pass!"

"I'm just telling what I think needs attention-in fact, I also told you, I didn't think these points need to be said at the time, because if you choose me from the beginning, the problem is already solved."


"——Of course, if you really feel helpless, you can come to me again."


I am going to spit at this joke as usual, but I forgot that the person who would make this kind of dangerous joke with me no longer exists.

"Sorry, it's just a joke, I know you won't accept it," Isshiki's raised eyebrows sank. "Besides, I can't say this easily."

"Sorry, Kazuya, I'm really sorry, although I have worked very hard, but I can no longer do everything to face you calmly and calmly."

The last sentence, like a final declaration, seemed to drain all the energy of the same color in an instant, and the illusion of easy chatting before it ended.

Can I still become friends after I refuse?Can you still talk peacefully after breaking up?This is all deceptive.

Involved in feelings, looking forward to a response, and finally failed-there is no option to reconcile here, at least not in a short time.

When you look at the other person, you may be able to temporarily freeze a memory that makes you feel unforgettable, but you cannot deceive yourself for a long time.

When I looked at Isshiki's eyes, I instantly understood the meaning of her words.