My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 325

I think I can understand her mood.

"Heya, I want to vent my chaotic mood." Picking up the microphone, he turned his back deliberately.

"ok, I got it."

This is the performance of the chase.

"Sorry, I just don't want to cry in front of you." His voice trembled, but at least it wasn't crying.

Before I left, the melody of a song rang.

This is an unexpected and somewhat ironic song that fits the mood of many people today.

Under different sky, different people, for different people, for different things, do a common thing, experience a common sadness and helplessness.

In the name of liking, "You Hush" (a gentle lie) said:

[Always waiting in coffee shops or always wandering in convenience stores]

[Unconsciously unable to remember you]

[If there is an afterlife until I die]

[Still promised to "be with you" when we parte]

[The last "white lie" is the most precious treasure you left me]

[My injured heart is now cured]

[The white snow in the sky is so beautiful I am with you under a sky]

[Whether the person you choose is envious or hate]

[I still can’t be that person if I try my best]


[I like you more deeply than anyone else]

[I still promise you "Don't forget" when we leave]

[The last "white lie" will be my treasure from now on]

[My injured heart is now cured]

[I look up at the sky and make a wish, wishing happiness will always be with you]

[I am the biggest liar smiling at that "white lie"]

[The last "white lie" is the most precious treasure you left me]

[My injured heart is now cured]

[The white snow in the sky is so beautiful I am with you under a sky]

[Don’t forget that "white lie"]

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I know that the most suitable song for this song is of course the snow vegetable version with the last two cg kills of the game Xiaochun line, but it feels quite suitable to put it here.


Chapter Thirty: Gambling

The Kamahara incident in the previous semester had a great impact on the student union of Kiyizumi Middle School. Although no one really wanted to embarrass their first-year juniors by attacking political opponents, a few first-year student union members other than Kamihara, After that, I was more or less silent in the classroom of the student union, but carefully carried out the tasks assigned to them by the predecessors, and stopped taking the initiative to speak. It is estimated that when these students enter the second grade, they will also Give up the student union job.

This is also the dilemma that the current vice president of the Qingquan Middle School Student Union, who is expected to take over from this period, is facing the dilemma. After graduating from the third grade, her future student union team is not solid, and she has repeatedly considered letting her two A friend joined the student union to help herself, but after Kamahara challenged the authority of the student union, anything that might cause the students' misunderstanding had already scared her.Not to mention the act of letting your friends join the student union, which seems to make the student union your own.

Therefore, even though Senior Kimura tempted her many times and asked her whether to use the president's final authority to give her some help within her capacity, she did not give a clear response to the other party, she just silently did her work.

In a sense, she learned this strict self-pressing requirement from Xiaochun.After the cultural festival ended, Xiaochun, who didn't need to be too concerned about the next work, still completed his work meticulously-even more seriously than before, as if he was using work to avoid something.Hai Wei is clearly aware of this, but she, who is powerless, can only work harder, as if such hard work can bring more comfort to the seniors she respects.

Even if they don’t have much work, the two of them have to stay in the student union office until the sky turns yellow. Sometimes, the two of them just look at the same document over and over again, as if trying to compare who can hold on longer. .

At first, Xiaochun did not realize Haiwei’s situation, but after several coincidences, she also realized the impact of her state on the younger generations, so she reduced her workload and went home early. At this time, Haiwei would rejoice as if he had defeated the enemy.

"Then, Hai Wei, the rest is up to you." When Xiaochun raised her head again, glanced at the clock on the wall, and let out a sigh of relief. Then, when she left, she listened to the words of senior again, Collapsed on the chair.

She knew that she was just using her will to force Senior not to make such an effort. She also knew that Senior's problem had never really been solved.In fact, this time, compared to the one ten months ago, Xiaochun’s condition is even worse. Hai Wei knows. The previous time, Xiaochun believed that she had hope. This time, she had given up, but because she didn’t Knowing how to resolve the pain of giving up, he was a little confused.