My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 326

Yubihama Kazuya, after the last meeting, she lost the intersection with that person again, as if the previous visit to the student union was a deliberate provocation by him, the next time she received members of the student union from Sotake High School, They were all the well-behaved seniors who made her feel a little boring, and they discussed some irrelevant topics.

However, if you inquire a little, she can also get some news from these people: For example, the damn Yuihama Kazuya also rejected the senior Okisaki after making Senior Sugiura sad, just like a scumbag, so that all girls have hope. , And carelessly expressed that the other party’s understanding was wrong.

——Senior Sugiura gave up only after believing that he had no chance, and the person who made Senpai feel that there was no chance is now rejected by Yubihama. What an international joke is this!So if you reject that person, then accept the senior!

I don’t know how many times, she tried to dial the guy’s phone and question him harshly, but at the end she hesitated again—according to what she knew about that person, he would use an unacceptable but invulnerable one. The reason to refute her, but in the end it made her feel uneasy and even needed Xiaochun's comfort.

Usually at this time, she will choose to sing. Although she has rarely come to karaoke alone since forming a fixed trio with her two girlfriends, but recently, the number of times she comes here alone has increased significantly.

Occasionally, she would actually see that Xiao Mu Shu Xuecai, and this karaoke seemed to be the place that Xiao Mu Shu senior liked to come to.She just looked at the girl who had both the charm of a girl and the maturity of her older sister from a distance. She knew that person, but the senior probably didn't know her, although she occasionally felt that the other person’s sight seemed to stay Think about it in her body, but she believes this is just an illusion caused by some tension in her heart.

According to her deliberate or unintentional observations when registering information at the front desk, Xiaomu Zhaoxuecai's karaoke activities are very regular, appearing on even days of the week, two hours each time, in a fixed room.However, after the suspected rejection by Yubihama, time became very uncertain.Although Hai Wei still doesn’t care about Xiaomu’s action time like a stalker, she still pays attention to it when she might meet that person—though she doesn’t know why. .

Of course, she didn't find any trace of that senior today.

However, to some surprise, when she finished singing and was about to leave with some complicated emotions, she saw an object that surprised her.

——Perhaps it is not too surprising, because she suddenly remembered that not long ago, in this karaoke, she also had an encounter with Yubihama.

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When Umi Sonoda and Yubihama once again sat in the cafe where the two had discussed before, she thought it was crazy-not just herself, but also the boy with a wry smile on his face and a little nothing to do. .

Obviously the other party did not see him, why did he take the initiative to rush up to talk to him? And this guy, with a full of absent-minded expression when talking to himself, why did he agree to talk to himself again-he obviously should know what he wants What to say.

Yubihama didn't ask for a drink, he just looked out the window in a dream.The waiter put two straws into Haiwei's iced coffee with a little too thoughtfulness. This kind of extravagant attitude made her face red.However, even when she pretended to take out one of the straws quickly and naturally, the boy named Yubihama Kazuya did not show much interest in her behavior-there is quite a way if you do not take the initiative to speak. Then I would just enjoy myself, which made her feel like a clown.

Squinting his eyes and looking out the window, the joke smile he used to face him turned into a melancholy wry smile. His red hair was a little tangled up, holding her arms casually. The one she hated, likes Showing off his omnipotence in front of him, Yubihama Kazuya, who liked to point out his mistakes easily and easily shattered all her pride, suddenly disappeared.

I don't know why, for this somewhat special Yubihama Kazuya, she felt that she couldn't say too harsh words.

"Because he really seems too invulnerable, so when he has a problem, you will involuntarily appear a kind of ecstasy. Even if the problem can be solved eventually, but as long as it can't be solved temporarily, just temporarily let You have a feeling of'you can help him'. This sense of accomplishment is unparalleled."

Xiaochun's words, like a curse, overflowed from her heart little by little.This sentence that she has been unable to understand, after she experienced this situation firsthand-she didn't even need to ask for help, but she understood it when the other party showed this similar emotion.

So, all the impulses merged into this sentence: "Is there anything I can help? Senior Yubihama?"

As soon as the words were finished, she covered her face in despair-this was the second consecutive mistake she made today.

She was expecting the other person to look at her with the same chuckle as before, and answer her: "Hey, little sister, don't try to be self-righteous about things you don't understand."

The other party's words were similar to what she had expected, but emotionally, it was completely in another direction: "The adult's world is very dangerous. It would be better for you to remain innocent."

"It's just two years older than me. I was a middle school student a year ago. Why do you say that I can't understand you?" So she blurted out her response.

Under normal circumstances, Yubihama would also glance at her dismissively, and then leave her angry without saying a word.However, this time, he glanced at her deeply, as if he was going to suck her whole person in.

"Actually, I do need to communicate with someone who has little to do with this matter," he said. "People I know are too deeply involved in this matter to communicate. Do you think you are like that? For?"

"Just treat me as a stranger you met on the Internet, is that all right?"

"I hope you don't make yourself regret it."

"Will not."

So, she listened to Yubihama Kazuya’s venting narrative like this. Even when the emotions fluctuated greatly, he still maintained the narrative rationality that he should have, so she gradually understood the development to the present Happening.

The successive scandals, the constant misunderstandings, the choices, the help, the abandonment, the doubt, and the letting go.It was indeed a world of adults that Haiwei could not understand.

Once she felt that Kamahara's affairs were already dangerous enough to make people feel dangerous. However, the current situation facing Yubihama Kazuya was much worse than the situation she had to face when she asked her.

"Well, that's probably it," he seemed to be a little thirsty. He also put the habit that the sea had not carefully thrown out of the coffee just now, and took a sip of it naturally. very scary?"

"Ah!" Seeing that the guy opposite seemed to be completely unaware of the ambiguity of her actions, she cried out in surprise.

"Yeah, it's terrible!" He seemed to regard his shouting as approval, and he nodded heavily, and took another sip of coffee-as if he had treated this drink as alcohol.

Hai Wei understands the state of Yubihama Kazunari a little bit. He does not seem to care too much about this kind of detail-if she takes the initiative to point out this matter, whether it is to order another drink for the other party or take out the straw, It will only make them more embarrassed.

Therefore, she can only continue to follow the other party's words. Of course, the other party's words are correct. This matter is indeed beyond her understanding.

"So in fact, I'm very helpless," Kazuya spread his hands and continued, "I'm also very tired, and I want to end it all quickly, Isshiki this idiot, don't put it on so easily, if Hold on for a while, she can get her very satisfied ending, and the result—"

"——Because Senior Isshiki can't stick to it, right?"


"I mean," she didn't even know why, she just continued speaking suddenly, somewhat unclearly, but very clearly, "At that time, she was seeing everything clearly. When things go, Senior Isshiki is actually very tired, so there is no way to persist. Everyone is the same, right?"

——Just like Senior Sugiura, she thought so.

Yubihama also looked at her with interest, as if he had never seen her like this.

"It seems that I did underestimate you before. What I said was pretty good, Sonoda-san." He said with a chuckle.

This should be the first time she has been praised by Yubihama Kazuya.

This is just what Sugiura-senpai said, I just listened to what she said-maybe you don't even know what she knows about you?

——But, this is how Senior Sugiura knows about you, she is in such pain, do you know?

——Well, of course you know, you will tell me with the kind of regretful but helpless eyes you showed me before, you have no room to intervene in this matter.That's right, Yubihama-senpai thought so. Sugura-senpai, although more gentle, actually implies that.

——You don’t allow me to intervene, so do you all have to suffer so much?

Then, a dangerous thought came up in her mind.

"By the way, Yubihama-senior, I have a proposal." She fixedly looked at Yubihama Kazuya, and tried to show a confident smile from the corner of her mouth.

——This is a gamble.

"If you are still thinking about disguising your girlfriend's object—"

——But in fact, the way that Yoshihama-senpai solves the problem, is it gambling if you look carefully?If the winning rate is not high, it is called gambling. If the winning rate is high, it is called creative problem solving.

"——I think I should be a good target?"

——Then, just use my own choice, for the sake of seniors than Hama, and even more for seniors Sugura, take a gamble!

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Chapter Thirty-One: Charge without considering the consequences

At the first moment when the so-called “proposal” was put forward, I understood Sonoda’s intentions. After all, her previous ideas were too obvious and the logic was too consistent, which made her uttering this sentence seem abrupt, but Not too surprising.

The feelings between girls are mostly deceptive. Compared with the dialogues between boys, girls are more likely to fall into hypocrisy and hypocrisy. People who you think are your brothers rarely speak ill of you behind their backs. But people you think are your best friends are more likely to slander you when you are not present.Therefore, the friendship between girls should obviously be more questionable.But what if this friendship is sincere?What if the admiration of the younger generation for the older generation is sincere enough?So, to what level can the effort for this kind of affection rise?I haven't considered this.