My youth love story does not need a white album

My Youth Love Story Doesn't Need A White Album Chapter 327

The girl with dark hair, beautiful hazel eyes, and a slightly shy Yamato Nadeshiko temperament all over her body, with a style different from her usual speech, confident but calmly continued to talk: "Yubi The biggest reason for Hama-senpai rejecting Isshiki-senpai is not because you are convinced that Isshiki-senpai likes you — you can rest assured, because I don’t have such feelings for seniors, and even the purpose of my proposal. Senior should be able to tell it quickly, right?"

I looked into her eyes and nodded silently.

Sonoda, who got my affirmation, was obviously encouraged: "Of course, I believe that my goal may be contrary to the ideas of predecessors, but as far as this matter itself is concerned, we are not in conflict, are we? And, If the senior knows my purpose, you only need to be careful not to let me achieve my purpose."

"On the other hand, for seniors, one of the important reasons why you can’t find other people to help you is that this girl is likely to have to bear a certain amount of pressure, especially from senior Xiao Muzhen, then, here I am. There is a big advantage. I am not a student of Zongwu Gao. This kind of pressure is internal pressure in the school. It will not affect me, but will only affect the seniors alone-but you must have done it. Well prepared to bear this kind of criticism, isn't it?"

"Finally, I understand the feelings of seniors. Although I don't like them, I still understand them. That's why I can make such accurate judgments about the facts faced by seniors. Such an understanding will not let myself fall into a deadlock and can fully It’s not so easy to find objects of tension from school, is it?"

Vice-chairman Sonoda looked at me with some pride. At the beginning, her thoughts were not clear, and she felt a sense of temporary intention. However, as the conversation progressed, she felt a sense of clarity and clarity. When I finally asked me a rhetorical question, it was obvious that even she herself was immersed in this wonderful logical inference.

——If you follow her train of thought, the problem seems to be solved.However, I know that in these words of Sonoda, the biggest problem is omitted.

"It's a wonderful analysis. You have considered almost all the reasons that suit you, but Sonoda-san, if I want to refute you, I only need a little bit."

"What is missing?"

"It's very simple. How can I make Senior Xiao Muzhen believe that the two of us are dating?"

——Yes, this is Sonoda Kaimi’s biggest problem.

"You should be clear that Senior Xiao Muzhen knows me quite well, not only understands my character, but also understands my social relationships. And so far, your contacts with me, even friends, are not even considered as friends. Why doesn't a person come into contact with me? There are many, and the younger generation who is always arguing will like me. Why do I like such a younger generation again? Can you explain it clearly to Senior Xiao Muzhen?"

This is not the kind of scenario in a TV drama where a person is temporarily invited to enter into a contract to make an agreement between a man and a woman in the absence of his parents. In that case, the parents do not know their own situation, but what I want to deceive now is , Senior Xiao Muzhen who has been watching me, this situation cannot be resolved by this kind of temporary agreement.

Sonoda couldn't give me this answer-although she would definitely work hard to do it.

There was a moment of panic in her eyes, but, obviously, she did not give in.

"I can do it, I can explain why I like seniors, and I can even give a reason why seniors accept my feelings."

"The key to the explanation is not whether others believe or not. The key is whether Senior Xiao Muyu believes it. Do you think you can do this?"

"I can do it."

"You promised too quickly, Sonoda-san," I shook my head, "You are now a little girl who is trying to prove herself desperately, without considering the process, without considering the result, just arrogantly taking her own romance to this world The feeling of doctrine was imposed on me. In this regard, you and Xiaochun are exactly the same."

When he heard Xiaochun's name, Sonoda froze like an electric shock.

"You admire your predecessors, and you are complaining about why I made your predecessors what they are now, but in fact, if I say something cruel, now Xiaochun has abandoned that idealism. Xiaochun of fantasy, isn’t it? You are using your idealism to ask me to believe that you can do it. What's the difference between using your idealism to ask Xiaochun and me to return to the past? You are creating a fiction Yes, the role you have perfected, nothing more."

In all fairness, Sonoda is a good girl, and it’s not wrong to pursue idealism. This is just a different value orientation. The problem lies in the fact that she is working hard to shape the world in the direction of her idealism. Trying to make a kind of "correction" to everyone-this is the same direction as I used to dominate other people's behavior in the name of reason.

This is dangerous, so, at least out of predecessor's etiquette, I need to correct her-that is, use the strictest words to combat her fantasy.

"You keep telling me that you can convince the seniors to believe you, but do you really have an accurate plan? Or are you ready to start work only with passion and a temporary plan? Having high goals is not a bad thing, but It’s important to do what you can."

"Take a step back and say, even if I gave you this opportunity, if you fail, do you think this is just your personal failure? This will directly affect the predecessor’s trust in me in this matter, and furthermore, it may affect the predecessor. My opinion of my whole person—if you knew my true feelings, do you think I would entrust this task to a little girl who is far from mature in my opinion?"

"Little girl--?"

"Yes, Sonoda-san, although you have just improved your speaking level for a while, judging from the state of most things you do, you are still just a very simple little girl. You cannot do it. I deceived Senior Xiao Muzhen. That's why I can't believe you."

"But can Yubihama-senpai find other people who are willing to help you?" Sonoda raised his voice and asked rhetorically.

"Threat at this time is another very bad choice. Do you really think you know me enough-do you really think I can't find anyone else who can help me?"

The girl finally fell silent.

I waited patiently for her final response, and according to my usual experience, it was time for the other party to admit defeat.

After a long time, Sonoda finally raised his head again: "Yuhihama-senpai, when you rejected Isshiki-senpai, or, earlier, when you rejected Sugura-senpai, did you use this expression to talk to them? ?"

"what do you mean?"

"When I first met you, what I saw, your sadness, your sadness, were all deceitful?"

"I chose to take the initiative to talk to you because, I saw, seniors at that time, you are really sad, do you know?" She said softly.

"Although I don’t like you, and although I hate you, I think at that time, anyone who knew you would want to care about you—and the way you talk to me now is like, I’m now The seniors I met were the same as the seniors I saw dozens of minutes ago. Why do you still use this kind of machine that is almost forcing yourself at this time, and only considers feasible thinking? Come and talk to me?"

When I was forced to a dead end with reason, this was a response from Sonoda Umi.

Completely unreasonable, with pure emotion to decide the outcome of the response.

"It is true that, as the seniors said, I may not be able to convince senior Xiao Muzhen in fact, but is the so-called logic, the so-called facts, and the so-called reasons of this problem really so important? Seniors have been considering the gains and losses of other people. , Considering the seemingly magnificent and larger overall interests of the measurement, has been doing the work of a God who arranges the world. However, seniors, you are not a God who overlooks everyone from above, you are one of them. Personal, isn’t it? Your analysis includes other people’s emotions, but have you considered your own emotions?"

"I considered my feelings."

"If it's just the so-called feelings of'Like Senior Xiaomuzhu', it is no different from every consideration. The feelings I am talking about are more specific and more immediate feelings. For example, I know that the current seniors are tired, then you You can find someone to rely on, you can find someone to help—don’t think about so many follow-up results!"

"Senior Isshiki, too, and I was just the same. Discussing the so-called rational analysis problem with the seniors, the final loser must be ourselves-this is from the standpoint of the seniors, but the seniors themselves may not be a real victory. Right? The Yubihama-san just now rejected the Isshiki-san, what else did you get other than'correct'?"

The logic is confused, the train of thought is unclear, and the answer is not what I asked—I don’t know what this girl is talking about. This is my judgment on what I said before.

But is this statement wrong?

Maybe not.

"You are very tired, so you need someone to rely on, Sonoda-san, do you know? The last person who said this to me was Yi Shiyu."

"I don't want seniors to rely on me or something. I don't have the same thoughts as seniors. I don't want seniors to do anything. In the final analysis, these words are only to express dissatisfaction with seniors." Obviously realized that this sentence is somewhat Ambiguous, Sonoda turned his head blushing.

However, at least I will not misunderstand her thoughts.

A careful analysis of synonyms is actually looking forward and backward.

I suddenly remembered that a long time ago, that sister Yui who had made a temporary intention to apply for the examination of Chief Takeshi, at that time, she should be the age of Vice President Sonoda.

I don’t know when I started, maybe because of my thinking style. Everyone around me began to persuade me with "rationality". Over time, they no longer like impulsiveness—even if it’s knotty. The same is true for sister Yi.

And now, there is a girl who just puts the "don't be sensible" solution that seems stupid enough in front of me, and tries to convince me with this method.

If you think about it normally, she must be crazy-she doesn't understand me too much.

However, because of this lack of understanding, she may have achieved the effect she wanted.

Sometimes, letting girls who don't consider the consequences and only look forward to the future ahead to charge, may not be a way to break the game, is it?

"That, Yubihama-senpai, don't misunderstand, don't misunderstand--" Vice Chairman Sonoda was still explaining in a panic.

However, I interrupted her.

"Sonoda-san, you are right, you are a little tired, so when you don't want to think about it perfectly, relying on someone who doesn't have so many scruples and just considers charging, maybe there will be unexpected surprises, right?"

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